Q: I am always tense because I can’t decide what to do – I focus on what can go wrong and then I feel paralyzed and anxious about it.


This is part of the bigger problem of negative self-talk.

The expectation is that things may go wrong. There are many causes for this. The fundamental cause is fear and lack of trust in life. As a result we feel the need to control every outcome. Change is seen as dangerous and upsetting. It is to be avoided at all cost. The mind is hyper vigilant, trying to keep tabs of everything and anything. As a result, there is little energy left to do much else.

Some solutions:

1. Learn ways to postpone your negative expectations. Replace anxious thoughts with, “Does this really matter? I can wait a bit and see”. Or ,” Something better may come up instead of what I had planned”  Or, “I will pause and see how I feel about doing this a bit later.” Try to give yourself a little bit of time and space to be more objective about the problem.

2. Check in with yourself. Do you really want this? Many times tension about future events masks a lack of desire to do something. We confuse the feelings.  The anxiety is actually a sign that we are not aligned with our real needs or desires.

3. Learn the language of your intuition. Tension may be a sign that you are not aligned with the broad flow of our life at that moment. Your mind tells you to go with your PLAN, your gut is telling you not do do so…and it will be right.

Example: you planned to bake a cake, but can’t seem to get around to it, so you are now anxious. Instead of pushing forward with your plan drop the baking for now, do something you like instead – like surfing the net or doing your nails or getting a nap. You will feel resistance and doubt, but give it a try. You may find that after doing your nails, a knock comes on the door and a visitor comes and brings a coffee cake.

Your learning curve is to discover how your intuition speaks, its language. So that you can TRUST your intuition. Your intuition knows things your mind has not learned yet. The mind processes data and sensory information. Intuition is linked to a broad field of information, like invisible sensors spread far and wide and picking up on REAL DATA and not just the superficial and deceptive physical feedback your mind gets.

All forms of anxiety come from our thinking, when we are not grounded in reality.

Learn to be in present time. Learn to interpret the messages of your inner knowing. Rely on your mind only to carry out decisions made on the basis of intuition and rational observation. The result will be a calm and solid inner experience and a magical unfolding of life – each event at the right time, no unnecessary tasks, lots of room for feeling and creating from your own heart.


Q: My babies are sniffling all the time – what can I do?

Welcome to the world of motherhood and all the typical worries it brings into your life!

First of all, it is normal for babies to sniffle, to have rashes, to spit up and have colic and other alarming symptoms.

Did you know that babies are born before they are fully developed? Ideally, a baby should be in the womb for 12 months. Instead, a baby is born after 9 months and spends the first 3 months in life still developing its body. Colics at this time of life are an indication of a still unsettled stomach. Breast milk is the best tolerated food at that time of life. Formula may be harder to digest.

Sniffles can be an indication of poor digestion and the buildup of phlegm in the body, until such time as the little one has fully grown inner organs and set them in proper motion. Breast milk is the best solution when possible.

Sniffles can be a sign of poor air quality. Indoors air even in a clean house, is not the best – baby needs the fresh air outdoors. Open the window a crack if you can’t go out for a walk.

If your baby was vaccinated, sniffles can be a sign of toxicity and emerging allergies. After all, the many components of vaccines are all known toxins that are meant to create an immune reaction. But your little one has no immunity to speak of, so no real way to protect itself from the shock and no way to eliminate the cocktail of toxicity that has been introduced into its little body in such a short amount of time.

A whistleblower recently exposed the faking of vaccine safety results. You can expect your child to be affected by toxic chemicals in vaccines. You can read more on this here>>

When it is a cold, for real.

Colds and rashes are a natural process of maturation for babies’ immune system. They help it adapt to the environment – each cold is a training session, so to speak, for the immune system to learn to deal with illness or poisons. There are many types of viruses and bacteria in our environment and children tend to try them all out.

The more you let a child develop natural defences, the fewer colds and flu’s it will have in the future! There is a good reason why children catch so many colds in day care, kindergarten and school. I am tempted to say it is because their maturing immune system is “learning” (which is true), but there is another factor that is also a major problem. Actually, there are two:1. Separation anxiety. Babies and small children thrive at home. They do not really like to socialize much and have very little interest in other little children.

Early separation causes stress that a child cannot resolve at such a tender age, it has no tools to deal with the emotional pain. Eventually children will adapt by shutting down their emotions, by becoming indifferent to the trauma, by suppressing it. In most cases, this will be expressed externally as allergies, colds, etc.2. Vaccinations. Most kids are vaccinated since birth nowadays. Most of the time they sniffle not because of a cold, but due to toxicity that is not being addressed. Poor food, deficiencies, exposure to computers and tv, poor sleeping habits – all of this, combined with repeated toxic shock from frequent vaccines, causes a deep destabilization of the health of a child.

Medicating is not the answer

Most kids start taking medication very early – for fevers and rashes and colds.

It is best to not give medication for fevers or colds. Suppressing them leaves a child vulnerable to future illness because their body was never allowed to complete the process of “infection-response-healing”, with “healing” being a major component in this process. Our body creates strong defences and healthy organs by fighting illness. If a disease process can’t conclude naturally, the new defences are never put in place, leaving a child vulnerable and always a little bit sick.

Parents’ feelings – both irritant and cure

Parents of young children suffer from major changes in life: from a life of independence to one of confusion and increased demand on their time and new responsibilities, adjustments and daily irritants. It can be really overwhelming.

A tired and stressed mother emits a discordant energetic field, invisible to the eye, but directly felt by the children. All children to the age of 7-8 are living in the emotional atmosphere of the parents, and especially the mom. Regulating our emotions will give results that no medication can offer.

We all know the saying “Soaks it all up like a sponge”. Well, children do soak it all up. When we hide our true feelings, our babies not only feel what we feel but they are also confused by the appearance of calm, by the mis-match between our soothing words and our inner irritation.

Do not get discouraged or feel guilty. Instead, use this knowledge to help yourself and your child. Find ways to calm down and approach your child with open heart and with love, as often as you can. The sensation of inner peace, love and acceptance strengthens a baby’s inner balance, allowing for more resilience to temporary storms at home.

And remember – nobody knows how to be a parent until the baby comes. And then we all learn by trial and error. It is a humbling process, one that chips away at our ego – that ego that we developed by being children ourselves! Think back to your own childhood – what did you most yearn for? What did you most suffer from? Chances are your child is going through the same steps right now.

Dynamic Medicine. Flower Essences. Meditation. Supplements

Do not disregard natural methods that can help – nobody ever fixed their problems without a little help from outside!

There are many good dynamic remedies, flower essences, balms, baths, supplements and stress relief techniques that you can use for yourself mostly, but also for baby. A calm and serene environment creates a solid foundation for the future of your relationship with your child and for your baby’s adult emotional life.


Q: Every winter I suffer of S.A.D. and I feel tired and depressed. Is it the lack of sunlight?

Lack of sunlight is part of it, but mostly it is what it represents – a withdrawal of the forces of nature into the earth and the awakening of our soul.

In the summertime nature creates a cocoon of warmth and distraction for us. We let ourselves be carried by the strong energies available at that time, we live outwardly, carried by the rhythms of life, we can relax and coast and allow the universe to breathe us in and out, so to speak, with little effort on our part.

Contrary to what we usually believe, summer is a time when our consciousness is “asleep”. It is in winter that we awaken to the world and take a look around and … inside ourselves.

In autumn, when the juicy forces of nature start ebbing, when the lively colours, warmth and activity of summer withdraws and the sun seems to be far away, we suddenly wake up from the summer dream. We become more conscious of of our inner life. It is as if after spending summer outdoors, we come back home to find our house in a bit of disarray. We notice our feelings and thoughts. Questions like “What am I doing with my life?” arise.

Autumn and winter mark the switch from extroversion to introversion. It is a time to go inward, an introspective time. We feel the withdrawal of nature, the toning down of light and colours.

S.A.D. points to  painful awakening of our Self in winter, when we are alarmed by what we perceive. Deficiencies and failures loom in sharp contrast. We react with a desire to withdraw back into sleep. But because Nature’s energy has withdrawn into the earth our summer buffer is gone. So we look for ways to re-create the summer bubble of comfort: full spectrum lights, vitamin D, summer foods. We even try medication – anything to get rid of the winter blues. But when our soul needs nourishing, feeding the body is not enough.

To be in sync with the requirements of winter, we need to tune into our inner light, boost the spiritual in us, that which is hungry for growth and understanding, that which we had shelved during the summer.

When a person is well balanced and has a rich inner life the quiet time spent in contemplation, is very rewarding. Such a person is invigorated by the coming of fall and winter.

When there are issues that are still unresolved, the darkness is a burden, it causes depression and fatigue. It is not so much due to lack of light, but because we become more conscious of who we are and what is going on with us.

Use the winter months to feed your soul, to work with the wisdom of the universe and of spiritual life, to which we are all so much closer at this time of the year. Time spent in meditation, inner reflection and soul nourishment will dispel the pall of S.A.D. with the inner light that it generates – a light much stronger than any outer sunlight we crave for!

This is the time to awaken and bring down into our physical life the starry wisdom of the heavens.





Vaccine Scandal

Fraud at CDC Uncovered

Finally the truth is starting to trickle out, with the recent confession of W. Thompson about vaccines causing autism. Free scientists and activists have known this for decades. When smallpox immunization was first developed many people died from it.

Then many people got infected with polio from the polio vaccine. Then we heard that vaccine materials were contaminated with the SV40 virus that causes cancer – a virus found in the monkey tissue cells used to manufacture vaccines. Now we contribute to the cancer society – we pay to find a cure for a disease that may have been caused by a dirty vaccine.

Today everyone knows that when you get the flu shot, you could come down with horrible flu symptoms.

The new information about the suppressed studies showing that MMR causes autism are being hidden and dismissed in mainstream media as just another conspiracy theory. This time though, parents are taking to their keyboards and cameras and flooding the net with personal testimonies of how their baby became autistic after vaccination.

We need to start trusting our own eyes and not the official lies we have been told for so long. The price to pay is the life of our children. Each time we close our eyes and follow like sheep without questioning, we put our children in danger.

I started by vaccinating my kids then stopped. I saw them react intensely to the shots. It did not feel right. Then I discovered there was a lot written against vaccines. Then I met parents who did not vaccinate and had healthy grown children. And I made up my mind to not vaccinate anymore.  My kids are grown and healthy today.

I did not rely on someone else to tell me what to put into my babies’ bodies or not. The decision was all mine. I hope parents who read this will have the courage to make theirs – after careful research of both sides of the debate.


Biofeedback Therapy: Imprinting healing energy on your Body of… Water 

Biofeedback uses technology to scan your body for sources of stress (physical or mental) and applying corrective treatment. It works by imprinting information onto your system. Since your body is 80% and water records information, with biofeedback therapy corrections can be made to fit exactly your current needs.

Q: ” Does this mean that our environment also affects us?”

A: Yes, everything around you makes an impression! You are affected by the moon, barometric pressure, elevation and especially by mental impressions. But your body has controlling mechanisms, which under normal circumstances counter these strong impacts and maintain balance.





Sage Advice: Sleep

From time to time I come across great pieces of advice and here is one, from the Bulgarian mystic and spiritual leader Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov:

« ‘I am so tired!’ How often you hear these words! Wherever you go, you come across people who are tired but still running this way and that without a moment’s break. It is good to want to be active. But to be able to remain active at all times, you need to know how to relax. There are many methods for this, and here are a few:[break]

Stroke your face with your fingers just under your eyes, which should be barely open. Mind you do this movement from the sides of the face towards the centre, and not the reverse.[break]

Lying on a bed, lift one arm and let it drop, then do the same with the other arm. Do the same with your legs. Do this three times; that is enough.[break]

You can also slowly turn your head alternately right and left while breathing deeply. »





Angelina’s Breasts

A beautiful, but troubled woman has mutilated her body in a desperate act of cancer prevention.

Putting her trust in dubious cancer theories, Angelina Jolie has made a statement to the world and to the many women who emulate and admire her – remove the breast and you will be cancer free! Be brave, cut them off – what do you need them for anyway? It could save your life.

Removing the breasts does NOT prevent cancer



Finally we have this amazing life-saving device in our city! There are very few orgone accumulators in Canada and one of them is in Ottawa. Up to now only a small group of people have been able to use it therapeutically, but now for the first time everyone can have access to this rare healing tool.

“I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about the existence of a universal energy related to life for many ages. However the basic task of natural science consisted in making this energy usable.[break]This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge.”

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) 

What is orgone energy?

 Orgone is the name given by Wilhelm Reich to life energy also known as “Ch’i”, “Prana”, “Ether”. Orgone energy has three main expressions: neutral (OR), positive (POR) or negative (DOR). POR manifests, for example as clouds. Clouds are a concentration of positive orgone, as well as all water bodies. Lightning is a discharge of accumulated orgone energy in the atmosphere.

Disease, chemtrails, electro-magnetic fields, micro-waves are all examples of negative orgone (DOR) “at work”. Negative emotions create a deficit in orgone energy causing the energy body to shrink and leading to muscular tension called also “armoring”. Orgone therapy and bioenergetics are methods to deal with this “shrinking” biopathy, the worst example of which is modern day cancer.


Recently Health Canada suspended the distribution of the flu vaccines to research a suspicious white substance in them, causing the vaccine matter to clump. Other European countries had already stopped flu shot sales for the same reason. Now this problem is considered resolved and flu shots..”safe”.

I did not hear about any of this. While this was going on, flu shot advertising on TV and in the media continued in full force. So, do we happily go get the jab now?

Why NOT to get the flu shot

1. For those who are not convinced it is bad for you, no matter what anyone says, here is a common sense argument: perhaps one should wait and see. By the time a second recall is made, millions will be harmed by the toxic cocktail in these flu shots. Do you want to take the chance?

2. For those who use common sense to make decisions: the flu strains used in vaccines can only protect you from that particular flu strain and OFFER NO PROTECTION WHATSOEVER against any other flu virus. Nobody knows which flu virus we will get, it is pure speculation and is often the wrong one!


Why men don’t understand breast cancer and what women can do about it.

Breast cancer is an intimately feminine disease. It is a sign of a woman’s disempowerment and disconnect from life and not of “faulty” breasts.
Breasts are about giving, nurturing and sustaining a new life. They are also a symbol of femininity. When facing a life crisis, a woman can respond with symptoms in the breasts. In some cases, this response is extreme and is diagnosed as “cancer”.

Traditional cancer treatment follows a male model based on a philosophy of war: tumors are destroyed, breasts are cut out, the body is poisoned with deadly toxins and radiation, and our female hormones are suppressed.