Allergies Reading

The Reading
This reading will tell you which substances evoke a response in your bio-field. It is not a physical allergy test and you may not find here some of the allergens you believe you have. Your actual reaction to them may not be the typical allergic reaction you have come to associate with “allergies” in the usual way they are identified. The whole realm of allergies is highly controversial. We pose the question of WHY are some people sensitive to some substances and others – not? These are some of the issues you may want to know about, and which will not show on any allergy test! For more about this read on.

The Report
Your report will give you information about the following:

– How sensitive are you (on the scale 0-100%)?
– Where in your body do you react to allergens.
– Your main cause for irritation (chemical, food, environmental, emotional)
– Which foods you are sensitive to and what that may mean.
– Which of the many solutions to reduce allergies is best for you?

Cost $99.00 

If you have a known allergy and the results of this analysis do not confirm your sensitivity to that substance what does this mean?

This can occur for the following reasons:

1) Tests. Allergy testing can give false results. The same test performed at different times on a person may give different results. Depending on the nature of the test performed you may or may not show a reaction to certain substances. You may react to the testing of that substance, but you may not really be sensitive to the substance itself.  Tests measure only your body’s physical reaction to an irritant and none of the deeper triggers that can cause us to respond to our environment. With the Inergetix-CoRe™, we check out all the physical, emotional, mental and traumatic triggers that give rise to sensitivities.

2) Objectivity. With the Inergetix-CoRe™, we avoid all interference in the results, caused by the operator or the system. We do not touch you or on any way affect your energy with ours as is the case in muscle testing or radionic allergy testing. Our results are always accurate. The reasons why and how you respond to certain substances need to be interpreted in the context of your particular situation. We offer extra services if you decide to investigate further or if you want to look closer at a known allergy.

3) Timing. The results always show present time sensitivity even if it started many years ago. They can also indicate a budding sensitivity that has yet to show up in symptoms but may already be affecting your emotions or energy. This, again, needs to be assessed further through more investigation, which is not the focus of this short analysis.

4) If you do have known allergies and they did not appear here, ask for a full CoRe scan to look into the specific issues related to your allergies. You can  find out the deeper cause of your allergies, the trauma that triggered them and the best remedies and solutions to release them from your system.

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Cost $99.00 

Once you know your main issues, why not transform a problem into an improvement? Use the results of your reading to set up a 30-day energy balancing with the CoRE to act on this right away.

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