Counselling is an integral part of my work, no matter which service I offer.
Ignorance breeds disease. Understanding speeds up healing and helps prevent relapses. My aim is to empower you to avoid future problems and learn to fix them on your own.

Our beliefs and feelings can make us sick. Whenever there seems to be no reason for your symptoms; whenever you feel anxiety or malaise and your doctor says it is all in our head, he is probably right. Your thoughts and impressions can make you physically ill. Witness the reaction to a violent event – a person can feel nauseated or we vomit. Or consider the colloquial “My heart stopped”, “so-and-so is a pain in the neck”, “I can’t stomach this”, “I am so p***ed off”, etc.

Stress is a general term we apply freely for all kinds of emotional tension…a lot.

Define your stress. You may be surprised how many people have only a vague idea of what is causing them stress. Yes, we know it is the boss, partner, mother-in-law or our own procrastination, but what IS the real cause for us to take it to heart and suffer?
Most of the time we can’t fix other people. But you can change how you react. I can help you see clearly what is the real issue. And then fix it.

What you don’t know can harm you. Your upbringing, cultural and national values, and the impact of family and social group form your character and belief systems and have an enormous influence on how your views and feelings. And yet, these influences have become invisible.

Our work together involves an ongoing dialogue, a process of investigation and identification of core beliefs, emotional and mental patterns that keep you in pain.

Eckhart Tolle calls it the “Pain Body” – this part of every person that holds on to false beliefs, delusions and habitual negative thinking patterns and will not accept life as it is.

What do you say “no” to? Like everyone else, you have deep biases and patterns of reacting that restrict the the real you and your true life interests.

This suppression of true desires and the constant negativity of the mind, can lead to serious mental-emotional stress and ultimately to life crises, depression, panic disorders, and other a-symptomatic conditions that are hard to resolve with psychotherapy or medication alone.

Cancer and The Life Not Lived. The most feared disease of our time is a typical expression of a person at war with oneself. Cancer tumors are the physical manifestation of chronic inner conflict and self-denial. To cure or prevent cancer, this inner war needs to end. Your body can only thrive in times of peace.

I offer to guide you each step of the way through your inner labyrinth.