Skin Health Reading

The Reading

This is a reading of your energy field and not a physical test. It will show themes related to your skin issues, including sensitivity to substances, based on the response of your bio-field to the scan by our CoRe™ system.

Skin is about contact and protection. We exhibit skin symptoms when we have conflicts about how we connect to others. When we feel attacked either physically or figuratively, we can also manifest skin problems.

Our skin is our largest detoxification organ, so if our body needs to eliminate toxins, the skin is one of the places this will show up.

The Report

– What is your main risk for skin problems? The environment? Your emotions? Toxicity?
– What exactly is the main trigger for skin sensitivity or symptoms?
– What in the environment should you watch out for?
– The type of conflict causing the skin problem
– Which part of your skin is sensitive and which body part? The skin has many components and one or more may be sensitized at this time. Find out also where in your body skin problems exist or may soon appear.
– The best solutions for your skin

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Add a 30 day biofeedback treatment for $30 extra! When you are able to see the patterns and influences that apply to your life, consider using the CoRe to set up a series of energy boosting transmissions to help solidify the positive and move you forward in the desired direction. Price: $129.00