Who is Afraid of the Big, Bad Cancer?

Many of us are – why is that so?

People who have cancer, of course – it is their life at stake, their health and symptoms that are real. They fear causing their loved ones suffering through their choices or the consequences of the disease.

The medical system must be afraid as well. Otherwise, how can we explain the message of hopelessness and grim prognoses of death? After so many years of “battle” with cancer, scientists are still as confused and helpless to deal with it medically as ever.

Some alternative physicians are as scared as everyone else – results here are also inconsistent and it is hard to give guarantees of success when what seems to be a miracle cure for one, fails to evoke much of a response in another patient.

Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there whose life came to a full halt at a crossroads and who took the road to health instead of the one to suffering and death? Is there anyone still living their life after an encounter with cancer? We know that there are many such people. (Partly because they are writing books about it!) In fact, both mainstream medicine and the many alternative therapies boast of cases of success with long-term restoration of health.

Why are some people cured and others – not?

It is because we do not fully understand “cancer” yet.

There is, though, a simple answer here, and that is the whole issue of TRUST – trust in the ultimate wisdom and logic in Nature, and in the wisdom and logic in the way we function as a part of it — trust in our inner ability to heal. A trust based, ultimately and most importantly, in a refusal to succumb to fear and despair.

Simple things tend to be known by all and quickly disregarded as too incongruent with “real life” such as we have defined it for ourselves.

OK, lets talk reality here

Whose reality do you want to talk about? Yours? Mine? Your parents’ or your boss’ reality? That of your doctor offering you 6 months to live if you submit to a battery of invasive procedures? Or of your alternative healer telling you it is all a matter of changing completely the way you feel, think and live? And how do we find the presence of mind to even start contemplating the choices, changes, all the things that need to be done practically? Forget the emotional stress, we can cope with that, but just even the logistics of it all are overwhelming. OUR reality is one of confusion and fear.

Fear is never a good counsel. The best way to get it out of our way is through KNOWLEDGE. Understanding our disease can remove the fear of the unknown and as an extra bonus it can give us an idea of what to expect and what to do about it.

Every disease, cancer included, is a problem with a solution. Some people have certainly solved it.

Every disease has its own inner logic. Its growth and remission are part of a biological program naturally set up to protect the integrity of our body. The progress of this biological program can be affected by various circumstances and it can be managed at its various stages to protect the body from physical damage and help it to restore balance.

To do so we need to penetrate beyond the physical symptoms of the disease and into the deeper spheres of mental/emotional stress, environmental pressures, personal dilemmas and physical imbalances that slowly build up over time and can create a physical disease.

Dynamic medicine approach to cancer

Dynamic medicine is a medical system founded 200 years ago and based on natural laws of healing that have existed as long as humanity has. It employs dynamic remedies which are safe and natural. It also incorporates drainage, detoxification and nutritional and lifestyle advise.

In addition to the main treatment dynamic medicine makes use of a variety of available therapies organizing them in a highly individualized treatment plan for each patient, thus removing the confusion resulting from the many different choices.

With cancer, as with any other disease, we start by identifying the stage at which the disease is in order to select the remedies to best deal with present discomfort, toxicity and emotional stress.

Cancer has deep hereditary roots in the family history and we view the actual physical disease as a flare-up of such susceptibility. It is usually triggered by extreme stress in a person’s life. To identify its source we look for recent emotional or physical events that may have had an immediate impact, and also at past trauma that may be contributing to the weakening of the immune system.

Based on a wealth of research on the mind-body connection, we explore typical issues related to certain cancers. For example lymphatic cancer can relate to issues of self-devaluation, breast cancer – to “worries in the nest”, lung cancer can be triggered by fear of death. Identifying the emotional component of a disease can lead to resolution and healing.

It is very important to note that healing can have as many (and quite dramatic!) symptoms as the active phase of disease – such as inflammation, pain, discharges. If not managed well, the healing process can create problems of its own. Here is where detoxification and drainage come in.

Due to the fear and stress involved, patients need a lot of support – ongoing counseling and dynamic remedies alleviate emotional distress. A piece of advice to caretakers: your own fear of cancer or for your loved one is a burden to the patient who needs all our love and comfort in order to be able to concentrate on the healing.

Dynamic medicine is useful during any stage of disease. It does not interfere with regular medical treatment or other therapies – it is actually highly beneficial in dealing with possible drug side effects and toxicity, as well as with emotional stress.

Our relationship with our patients is one of trust and respect for free choice in all aspects of life of which health is but one.

Resources for alternative approaches to cancer

Web sites

YouTube videos:

“Cancer, The Forbidden Cures”: http://tinyurl.com/ForbidCures
A full movie presenting the history of well-known natural cancer cures and the documented persecution of their inventors.

“The 5 Biological Laws of German New Medicine”: http://tinyurl.com/NewMed5Laws
Watch all 7 parts of the full explanation of how a life shock can create physical disease and what the process of healing looks like. Presented by C. Markolin.

“The Cause and Natural Healing of Breast Cancer”http://tinyurl.com/NewMedBreastCa
Watch all 6 parts of the presentation on breast cancer, its cause and healing.

Natural Therapies:

Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine, very interesting:
http://newmedicine.ca and http://www.learninggnm.com
Follows the connection between a shocking event and the body’s biological adaptive response that can be diagnosed as “cancer”, with a description of the progress, stages and symptoms and how to heal naturally.

Health-Science-Spirit: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/index.html
I highly recommend this site for its many topics and a special section on cancer, its treatments, views on all approaches to cancer treatment, including chemo and radiation and a history of the alternative treatments of cancer from the past 100 years.

Dr. Naessens and the injections of 714X at www.cerbe.com – These were available in Canada, although with difficulty as they require medical prescription. 714X is an agent triggering an immune response that can put cancer into remission.

Dr. Gerson’s juicing therapy at www.gerson.org – an excellent and well-known method of helping the cells become healthy again through juicing and detoxifying.

Dr. Royal Rife treatment which beams certain frequencies specific to the viral/bacterial agent involved in the individual cancer: www.royalrife.com and for diet and detox: http://www.royalrife.com/cancer.html

Alternative info on cancer: http://www.whale.to/cancer.html (good info on many other themes, too)

Also on Essiac tea for cancer: http://www.essiacinfo.org/

Blood type diets: http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~sshapiro/ER4YT/FoodLists_TOC.html – these are helpful if you know your blood type. Eating for your type helps the body by not burdening it further with hard to digest foods and allowing for more energy to be used to restore health.

Dr. Budwig cancer diets: http://www.curezone.com/diseases/cancer/cancer_dr_budwig.html
Many more articles on www.curezone.com

Many natural therapies can put a tumor into remission. To really eradicate the real cancer disease, we want to address the underlying emotional issues and physical challenges that build up over a lifetime and end up in serious break-down of our system. That way we can make sure that the malignancy will not resurface in the future.

Cancer, the real disease, has more to do with a state of mind. It is a complex disease that requires serious treatment.