5 Therapies

Eliminate the hassle of figuring out what to do and when. I will help you cover all your bases with what works best for youI am not only trained in all five of them, but I have tried them out myself.


Trauma Reversal
A program for the removal of old trauma from your energy body. Physical and emotional trauma can cause lasting effects in our body: changed functions, organ damage, toxicity, changes in personality and the way feel about ourselves and life. PTSD is an extreme example of the effects of trauma.
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Sequential Therapy
A method of de-activating or clearing the traces of past physical and emotional trauma through the application of dynamic remedies. They are given in a particular sequence and at a specific time.
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]Healing Frequencies
Energy therapy is used mostly to provide constant 24hr treatment in critical situations or for very sensitive clients. Specific healing frequencies are used to address a problem until it is resolved. It is also a popular form of support when use of remedies is not enough.
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German New Medicine
If you signed up for my full services, they include a detailed analysis of your symptoms based on German New Medicine. The report will tell you what kind of physical or emotional life shock is causing your health problem.
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Inergetix-CoRe Biofeedback
The Inergetix CoRe System is an amazing new technology that I use to scan your energy field for points of imbalance. I also use it for Therapy – a series of corrections and re-sets that restore your natural balance.
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5 Therapies – How Are They Used?

Each one of the 5 therapies I use will give you a piece of the puzzle and increase the chance of discovering what is the root cause of your problems. All 5 therapies are also used as a form of treatment.

  • Biofeedback (with the Inergetix-CoRe system). Used to scan your energy field to see what is happening on the subconscious level and to find the best solutions to fix it. The technology is used to treat in person or remotely by programming into it your personal healing frequencies, setting up individual or repetitive treatments or imprinting healing formulas onto water, to prepare a remedy you can take at home.


  • Trauma Reversal. When our past holds us back from achieving our goals, we can apply this simple but highly effective approach. It helps de-activate the effects of past traumatic, toxic or emotional experiences, so that they stop holding us back in our life. A popular choice by clients who are already working with other therapies and want to add this element as a form of clearing the way and speeding up their progress.


  • Healing Frequencies. I use healing frequencies to help clients who need an extra push or some extra support to get through a rough patch. The frequencies are checked and upgraded every day or two in order to match the slightest changes in the needs of the client as we move forward. Treatment is administered through biofeedback with the CoRe system. I use this approach when I want to enhance the effect of other treatments in cases that feel stuck or that need constant monitoring.


  • German New Medicine tells you if you are sick or if you are already healing. How you experience a traumatic event will determine where in your body it will affect you and with what symptoms. Your symptoms are a meaningful biological response to trauma. Discover the nature of the inner conflict that is triggering your symptoms. Are you still in danger or are you already on the way to healing?


  • Sequential Therapy. The use of dynamic remedies to remove of the effects of old trauma, no matter how long ago it happened. Physical injuries and emotional shock can leave a permanent trace behind, one that triggers unexpected reactions in the body. Includes the treatment and prevention of hereditary disease. It is part of all my healing programs and is the backbone of Dynamic Medicine.


Additional therapies.

There are other useful holistic therapies I can suggest to you in the process of treatment. Acupuncture, massage, energy work, osteopathy, grounding exercises and much more. Since I do not practice them, I can refer you to a good practitioner and I can tell you when is the best time to try one or another. I can also give you an opinion about the usefulness of therapies you are currently doing or supplements you are taking.