Breast Problems Reading

How Does Life Drama Affect Your Breasts?

Worried about breast cancer? Having “trouble in the nest”? Has someone been “torn from your breast”?

This is a biofeedback reading of the conflicts affecting your breasts.
Which is the main source of breast stress for you?
What is blocking you from letting this go?
Find out your best solutions to turn the situation around. 

 Price:  $99.00 

Sometimes we have fibrous breasts. Some of us fear getting breast cancer. Others can feel how stress hits the breast each time. A woman does not need to have a cancer diagnosis to know that something is troubling her in life, to feel a heaviness in her breasts, a swelling with each period or a tenderness during times of stress, drama and unhappiness. As a woman, I know this all too well. We talk about it, we share, we try to unload our worries.

The Reading

This is a reading of your energy field and not a physical test. It will show themes related to your breast issues, including how much stress you put on your breasts and what exactly is the theme of your main worries that may trigger a physical symptom in the breast. All findings are based on the response of your bio-field to the scan performed with the Inergetix-CoRe™ system.

Worry and distress. A woman’s breasts represent her feminine territory and the source of love and nurturance. When a woman feels troubled or in danger in “her nest” or intimate territory, she can develop a response in the breast. This is a hard-wired biological reaction meant to enhance milk production so the “trouble in the nest” can be resolved. Like it or not, biology will kick in when we spend too much time in anxiety and stress.

Separation stress. Our breasts are also the source of nurturance for those we love. In nature, those are the babies that have to be protected and nourished. Is it then a surprise that a woman may exhibit acute breast symptoms when this mechanism is blocked somehow? Witness the mastitis in breast feeding mothers. In women, such a reaction can occur at any age, but only if a “torn from my breast” separation conflict occurs. Long-term grief over the loss of a child, parent or partner can affect the breast ducts, leading to alarming symptoms.

This short scan of your breasts aims at providing you with some insight on these themes.

The Report

– Are your breast affected by stress at this time?
– What is your main risk for breast problems?
– What exactly is the main problem: worry or separation and loss?
– What  is blocking you from resolving the conflict?

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