Drug Side Effects

As part of your treatment program, you will receive remedies
to reduce the side effects of your medication

All chemical drugs have side effects. Read carefully ALL of the possible adverse reactions listed in your medication insert. Drug companies make enormous profits from selling drugs. For that reason, even though by law they are forced to list all side effects, they will try at to minimize their importance.

We suggest that you highlight those side effects that match current symptoms. Take that list to your doctor if you suspect you may be having adverse reactions to your medication. Beware! Usually doctors prescribe more drugs to deal with the side effects of the previous one. If you take more than one medication, next time ask your pharmacist about possible interactions. Pharmacists know more about drugs than your doctor – it is their job.

Nutrient Depletion

As part of your treatment, you will receive advice on nutrient depletion
and how to best supplement your diet

In addition to nasty side effects and cellular damage, chemical drugs can also create severe nutrient deficiencies by blocking the absorption of nutrients or causing your body to dump nutrients.

Chemical drugs cause an imbalance in the functioning of your body and in its chemical makeup. This is partly what they are meant for – to suppress (and mask!) symptoms that were causing discomfort (pain, inflammation, swelling). This can only happen at the cost of diverting your body’s natural defensive mechanisms. As a result your body no longer functions as usual and it may begin having difficulties absorbing nutrients from food or transporting those nutrients to the desired organ where they are needed.

Drugs trigger excessive loss of nutrients as well, so that you lose more than you can replace. These adverse processes lead to nutrient depletion in the body with its own symptoms of fatigue, mental confusion, weakness and many more depending on the nutrients you are lacking.

Doctors are not trained in nutrition at medical school, so you will not be offered advice on how to correct this problem. It is up to you to inform yourself and buy supplements to help your body stay healthy in spite of chemical drugs.

Taking supplements to balance your nutritional needs is essential. It may be just a temporary measure until the depletion is over, you are healthy again and your body can take its nutrition from food.