For those serious about detoxification

For a full detox program, these 3 liquid formulas will be created for you based on your specific needs. Each formula is taken for 7-10 days to facilitate a 3-step detoxification program.


Custom created

All three formulas are created to match your very specific needs, not only by body type, but also based on how well your organs are working at this time in particular.

If you really like to do things properly, this option is a must since it will eliminate all the guesswork of which detoxification system to choose and you will get maximum effect, especially if you decide to follow a specific diet plan and take it easy for a few weeks.


Take a drop of each formula for 7 to 10 days each, starting with the colon for the first 10 days, then switch to the kidneys and end the last 10 days with the liver formula. You can increase the effects of the formulas by doing a dietary cleanse at the same time. Focus on the colon when using the colon formula, then on the kidneys and end with the liver.

1. Colon Formula Start by opening up the colon to make sure it can eliminate properly. In addition to that this formula has an anti-candida and pro-biotic effect.

2. Kidney Formula Next, you want to make sure that toxins don’t get stuck inside your body due to slow or compromised kidney function. By optimizing kidney function this formula protects you from the usual aggravation during an active detoxification process.

3. Liver Formula  Since your liver takes such a beating year-round, this formula is really worth the whole effort. Once the colon and kidneys are stimulated and ready for action, we can give the liver the go-ahead and then we are really talking – this is where major detox can happen.

This is an excellent option for those who really like to focus on diet and detoxification in a more organized fashion. Instead of buying generic formulas from the store, you can have them prepared for you to match your needs EXACTLY. Each person has different needs and capability to release toxicity and sometimes a general drainage formula can cause too much aggravation or, on the other hand, may have little to no effect at all.
Cost: $50.00  To order>>