Business Reading


This particular reading is a most useful tool if you are working on your business or professional plans and wanting to check out what you may be missing. Sometimes we want to improve performance and results. Other times we want to move into a new direction. In any case, this scan into the situation can provide many useful ideas.

This is also a good reading for organizations, groups of people working on a common project. Some use it to analyze and get an inside look into a business they plan to invest into or into a job they plan to take.


In the report you will find the answers to most of the questions that come up when managing a business. From finding clients to dealing with procrastination, all the results will be very specific to your business.

– How to attract clients? How to build a foundation and market yourself?
– Marketing tips.
– Common mistakes you want to avoid.
– How to improve your business
– Time management and organization advice
– Why do you procrastinate and what to do about it?
– How to increase productivity in your work

The advice you will receive is both practical and it also takes into account the human side of business. After all, a business is as good as those who manage it, so most of what transpires is also rooted in human frailty or strength.

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Add a 30 day biofeedback treatment for $30 extra! When you are able to see the patterns and influences that apply to your business life, consider using the CoRe to set up a series of energy boosting transmissions to help solidify the positive and move you forward in the desired direction. Price: $129.00