Initial Assessment

The initial assessment consists of 3 monthly sessions, 90 min. each

Session 1: We discuss the history and details of your present complaints, your diet and lifestyle, and we review any particular symptoms that need immediate help. I use the Inergetix CoRe to do a biofeedback scan of your energy field for hidden or subconscious processes that may also be important to take into account. We begin creating the timeline of past traumatic events.

Your treatment will begin with a set of remedies and treatment for the first 2 timeline events. At the same time, energy balancing treatments will be set to run on biofeedback until your next appointment.

Session 2: We discuss the progress made. What worked? What needs extra help? All remedies are replaced by new, different ones at this time. Since all remedies are unique to your needs, their effect is quick and specific, so each month new progress can be made. We discuss the CoRE report and findings and work on completing your timeline. Another timeline event (or two) is then selected for treatment.

Session 3: At this session we can establish the way remedies affect you and how sensitive you are to them. It is usually easy to know by then if the process will proceed quickly or if we need to be more gentle and if you need to pace yourself. At this session we discuss further treatment and the goals that will be set at each step of the way. By this time you also have a German New Medicine report on your main symptoms, to guide us through your healing process.

Behind the scenes:

A lot of the work at this stage is done by me behind the scenes. It is one of the reasons why I realized that just one initial session is not enough if we want to be thorough and effective. Especially in complex cases, details are important.

1. CoRe analysis and report. This is an evaluation of your physical, mental and emotional needs and issues as they are reflected by your energy body. Our mind and body know way more than our conscious thinking can focus on at one time. This wealth of information can be captured by the CoRE and presented to us to consider. I create for you a written report with comments and interpretation of the results.

2. German New Medicine. This is an in-depth overview of your symptoms or condition to establish if you are in the process of a developing disease or if you have already begun healing. If illness is still a problem, we can then work on turning this around. If healing has already started, then we help the body restore itself. This is crucial in any form of healing, to know if you are still ill or if you are already recovering. You will receive a written report on the situation and an explanation of your symptoms and the mind-body connection related to causes and the meaning of it all.

3. Detoxification. I research your current medications and their adverse effects, the nutrient depletions caused by any long-term drug use. In many cases natural remedies can be as useful as chemical drugs. Organ support is also crucial to healing because detoxification occurs naturally and has to be enhanced and supported.

4. Supplements are checked for resonance to you. e.g., how well do they match your needs. You will receive advice on supplements, diet and lifestyle.

5. Timeline preparation. Usually one of the sessions is dedicated mostly to the listing of significant life events and preparation of a timeline, if you have not already done so beforehand.

By Phone or In Person

All session can be done by phone, Skype or in person here in Ottawa. It makes no difference for the quality of treatment or results if we are able to meet or not. I do not perform physical tests or examination, we just talk.

If  you do use Skype, an additional bonus is that I can show you the CoRE analysis process in real time and you will see the results coming up as we go. All local clients can also see that in the office.

Soon, energy treatments with sound, light or vibration will also be offered in Ottawa. For distance clients, a sound recording of resonant frequencies will be made available to you upon request. Additional fees may apply for this service.