OHIP: Our services are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

All insurance issues: Some people in Canada have an extended insurance plan from work that may allow for natural therapies. I have the forms (ANN) that can be submitted to your insurance company if you have such a health plan. However, policies vary from company to company and from year to year and we cannot guarantee coverage as it can be very individual and basically it depends on what your employer has chosen to be covered.

Even when treatment is not covered, please note that the benefits from true health and resolution of your problems are worth the out-of-pocket cost for the consultations. And the savings on drugs and corrective and palliative care are also reduced and eliminated – for further benefit to you and your budget.

Compared to most single therapies, this comprehensive approach has proven to be speedy and lasting – a true modern-day approach tour health and worth every cent of its value.