Trauma has a way of accumulating over a lifetime. Some events are purely physical (illness, injury, surgery), while others are emotional (loss, heartache, betrayal).  Sometimes a single trauma can shatter our life. In other cases, as one thing adds to another, we slowly start feeling weaker and more unstable in life.

Some trauma can lead over time to a serious disease like autism, cancer, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma. Trauma reversal can prevent this from happening before a crisis occurs. Knowing the type of trauma you have suffered and how you responded to it, can help us identify the possible disease symptoms you may see over time.

How it works

Step 1: Creating a Timeline. First we list all the important physical and emotional trauma in your life. Then we organize them in chronological order. This is called creating a Timeline.

Treatment: We start with the most recent trauma and work backwards. Each event is treated with carefully selected remedies specific to that experience. The treatment is administered directly to the client via biofeedback with the CoRe Inergetix system. Each event can take up to 3 weeks of healing from beginning to end. Immediately after that the next event or trauma is worked on.

Results: The old trauma is cleared from the body’s memory. This puts an end to the symptoms stemming from this original trauma, allowing the body to restore itself quickly, without danger of complications. The mind will also let go of mental patterns and reactions that were triggered by the past experience, allowing for new thoughts and attitudes to develop.

Healing support: Throughout the process you will be supported with continuous biofeedback treatment consisting of a liquid formula or healing frequencies selected to match your needs. Each time new timeline events are set up to be cleared, this healing treatment is also adjusted to match your various needs (for physical elimination or mental stability). You have the option to receive a liquid formula to take at home if you wish.

$99.00/mo. or $799.00 for 1 year
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Clearing Upcoming Interventions

Trauma reversal is the most effective when used IMMEDIATELY after an impact. By not allowing any after effects to take hold of the body you will avoid complications. For example, clearing the effects of a fracture and x-rays right away will help your bones heal faster and your body will eliminate chemical toxins, radiation exposure and also the emotional shock of the event so quickly that no new symptoms will have time to form.

When you know in advance. Sometimes we actually know the date we will be undergoing a traumatic procedure. We have an appointment for dental work or surgery or perhaps for CT scan or MRI. All after-effects of such procedures can be avoided if you take certain precautions and de-activate the impact immediately. This can be done with Trauma Reversal.

For expected events, you will receive a treatment to prepare your body for the impact, the day before. The on the day of the actual procedure, you will receive treatment to begin the healing. Then another 4-5 treatments right after the procedure is done. All treatments are administered to you remotely. (Of course, if you prefer to obtain the equivalent set of remedies to use at home, this is always an option as well).

Supporting treatment. Every trauma reversal includes also a 30-day healing treatment to promote faster recovery and to prevent any complications typical for the procedure.
Cost: $60.00
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Examples of Traumata

DENTAL:  Speed up recovery from dental work and reduce the toxicity from dental materials (especially mercury) and the anesthetics or pain-relief drugs. A remedy is given before any procedure and right after and up to 2-3 days later for recovery and pain relief. Avoid the use of painkillers, antibiotis or future problems with a tooth that did not heal well.

SURGERY: (with or without full anesthetic) In addition to the specific surgery remedies, you also get a remedy for long-term recovery. The body does not like to be cut and will react violently to surgery. With a few remedies taken after surgery, this reaction is avoided, inflammation is minimal and healing is painless. This category includes also biopsies, stitches, and minor interventions.

MEDICAL TESTS:involving drugs, x-rays, chemical substances and/or intrusive manipulation of the body (colonoscopy, laporoscopy, CT scans, X-rays ,etc.) Remove the effects of the physical irritation of tissues and organs and to detoxify the system from chemicals and radiation. A single treatment is all that is necessary.

VACCINATIONS: For those still sitting on the fence about the damage caused by vaccinations, especially to infants and small children with undeveloped immune systems, you can at least reduce the undesirable effects from the mercury,  solvents, preservatives, and genetic material used on vaccines. The fear and shock of the needle – especially in cases when multiple shots are used are also important to offset right after shots are administered.

Remedies can be given before and after each shot to avoid the potential traumatic effect of the event and the toxins involved.

Immunity is not only retained, but enhanced – we use the same dynamic remedies to create natural immunity to disease for those patients who prefer to not take the risk of a chemical vaccination. For more information on replacing regular vaccines with holistic immunization, please call us.

HEAD AND SPINE TRAUMA: Reduce healing of fractures and bruising, restore tissues, avoid long-term mis-alignment of the spine or the effects of whiplash. When taken soon after an injury, the remedies speed up healing so much that often there is no need for any follow-up therapy. Also important is to treat the emotional shock of an accident.

EMOTIONAL SHOCKS: An unexpected life event, confrontation, loss, fright or other traumatic experience can affect us deeply and then take years of therapy to deal with. A few remedies taken soon after such a situation happens, can stop it in its tracks, restore some clarity and emotional calm and give us the space to figure out what to do. All emotional trauma puts us in a fight or flight state, overstimulates our body and causes eventually physical harm. To avoid all this and to maintain our integrity, all we need is a few remedies that will help us keep moving through the situation without getting stuck in it.

TOXICITY: In our day and age where it is impossible to avoid some amount of toxicity, it still happens that we may have a bigger exposure to radiation (EMF), pesticides, toxic building materials, mold or something else that causes us to feel poisoned. There are very specific remedies to help in such situations, including with exposure to parasites or bacteria.

PREGNANCY AND BIRTH: It is best for baby if expectant moms to avoid having amniocentesis or ultrasounds. There are remedies to offset the possible damage to the baby from such procedures. Ultrasounds have been implicated in earaches and developmental problems for children. After birth remedies can be used to help heal faster from natural birth, episiotomy, cesarean surgery and other possible difficulties that may have arisen for mom.

BABIES: Birth is always a traumatic process, even when it is natural. Squeezing through the birth canal applies a lot of pressure on the head, neck and spine. Induced and cesarean birth pose their own problems, also treatable. Eyedrops, vaccines, blood draw and other procedures are best cleared right away, to allow for proper thriving of the child.

For a full list of what can be cleared if you have had it happen, read more here»

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The trauma reversal worked really well. Before the treatment whenever I spoke about the past or if it were even just on my mind I would get tearful but now I don’t. I am glad that I went for it.   Kayla C., UK

I have had many interesting things happen during this process. They seem to be related to the trauma that is being cleared. A symptom will appear near an old surgery. Or a person from the past will appear suddenly as I work through some old emotional stuff. It is uncanny!  A.P., Ottawa