Modern times require therapies that are in sync with our dynamic pace of life. We suffer of ailments typical of our times. The fast pace of life, the increasing toxicity in the environment, our constant fear and worry, and the increase in medical interventions and drug prescriptions are driving everybody crazy.

At Real Medicine I put into practice what I have found useful during the years and it has taken years of study and experience to nail it down. My interest has always been in the newly emerging concepts and techniques. So you will not find here what is traditional or widely offered. There are many good therapies to choose from in the field of natural medicine, but here you will find that which is new, emerging, a step ahead of the game.

The therapies I use are complex and take years of training, so they are not practiced by many and certainly not in this combination. Of course, what matters to you are the results you get. I can guarantee that if improvement is possible, then you will see it happen. In the process you will also learn a lot about yourself. After all, disease and healing are an important part of our life lessons.

My goal for all my clients is to help you be independent of medicines, that you be your own healer. By the end of our journey together, I hope to empower you to find meaning in your life and the freedom to choose how to live it.

On disease. It is my view that disease is both mental/emotional and physical in nature. For healing to be complete, we need to heal on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual. We inherit not just genes, but physical and mental patterns that determine the kind of illness we get. If you want to be healthy, there are 3 main areas that need a full overhaul: restoration of balance in the physical body, removal of the effects of life trauma (physical or emotional) and de-activating the hereditary weaknesses that predispose us to disease (also called “miasms“). This approach covers all three.

Prophylaxis. It is best to apply this therapy before the appearance of disease symptoms. Once a person is in pain and is weak, it is hard to focus, learn and have the presence of mind to try alternative methods. With this method you can avoid serious degenerative disease later in life.  Of course, when we are well, we put off the care for our health. Once serious illness strikes, though, we lose our grip for a while and we can only function based on what we already know and trust. It is hard at this point to figure out what to do or to focus on new therapies and concepts. So I try to educate and teach people more about the possibilities in alternative medicine knowing very well that when a person is convinced about the value of holistic therapy, they will not succumb to the fear of disease. In fact, with proper prophylaxis you need not get sick at all!

Treatment.  Real Medicine offers only individualized treatment. Each client is guaranteed a unique choice of remedies and the timing of their administration will also be set individually. The framework of the approach is the same for all, but the context for each client is very different. In this sense, this approach is highly specialized and you will not find such fine-tuned solutions anywhere else. I have been fortunate to be able to develop this method and to have the tools that allow me to select remedies in great detail.

Spirituality. The fulfillment of our soul mission in life requires a healthy mind and body. Corruption in the physical body leads to confusion and lack of clarity. On the other hand, an unharnessed emotional life causes stress and ultimately damage to the body. It is not possible to connect to your higher Self or your intuition under those circumstances. This therapy is most useful to people who are striving toward higher spiritual evolution as it clears the path to real discernment, relieves karmic load and leads to a deep understanding of the meaning of our life.

Past, present and future. We believe that in the past we  have been damaged, especially in childhood. I believe that we are born with potential and it unravels throughout our lives. What transpires early in life is indicative of who we are and what our tendencies will be. I do not believe that we can be permanently damaged by past experiences  – we can only be victimized by the way we interpret them and what we choose to believe about ourselves and the world, as a result.

Past trauma is interesting. If you examine it without the sting of emotions, you will find a treasure of meaning about yourself, your present situation and your potential for the future. When working on the resolution of past traumatic experiences, my interest is always on the positive meaning we can now extract from it. Of course, not every experience is meaningful, but you would be surprised how many are.

The present time is the most elusive of the three. We easily dwell on the past and constantly obsess about the future, but we don’t really spend a lot of time in the present. My whole approach is geared toward helping you live more in the present, learn to ground yourself and take action. After all, you can’t act in the past or the future. A significant part of this process is to learn to notice when you are not in present time, so that your actions are not the product of old issues or anxieties about events that have not even happened yet (and may never happen).

The future. The goal of therapy is to improve the future and much of what we do is because we don’t like the present and we constantly crave things that can happen only in the future. To move into the future in a new way, we must have faith and trust. Without faith in our abilities and trust that the world will accommodate our needs, we constantly falter, postpone change, and fear the future. The point of this type of therapy is to help people look at the future with the confidence that no matter what comes your way, you will find a way to address it. It is how I live my life – in trust and faith and with no fear of the future. I spend enough time in the present to notice how my problems dissipate when I stay grounded and don’t give in to panic and negative expectations.

Co-operation. My ideal is to be able to work with a team of professionals and to offer a variety of therapies to each client based on what the needs may be at any given time. Nutrition, body work, energy work, spiritual healing and acupuncture – these are just a few of the systems I usually advice my clients to try. At this time, I frequently refer to qualified practitioners when the need arises. I also find that when working with a team, the brainstorming and exchange of impressions by several people, enriches my own experience, but most of all is of invaluable benefit to the client.

At this time I collaborate with other therapists who use my services to enhance the results from their own treatments. This is a particularly rewarding aspect of my work, to join forces with others and help them improve their work. For clients who are already undergoing other therapy, there are ways to increase the benefits through some additional help with an individualized remedy.

Referrals. In our age of specialization and fragmentation of everything, it can be particularly confusing to choose what to do, especially in the field of natural healing. Part of my training is to know what best to do and what is the best time to apply it. I offer this type of advice to all my clients. It is important to know what you can do in addition to my services, to enhance your healing and to have a referral to a good professional.

Results. You will always have results. For some, miracles will happen.For others, baby steps may be all you can do right now. Timing is of the essence in the nature of the results you get. Sometimes the body does not have the capability to restore itself until it has had time to get stronger. Sometimes our psyche needs time to test new concepts and to develop trust and confidence. Change is never easy, even when we think we desire it. Every person is different – some stride boldly forward, others need time to adjust. In all cases, results are a combination of good work on my part and on the ability to heal or change on yours.

Engaged vs. passive healing. I have observed in my own practice that people who are committed to their healing process and those who are interested or at least who pay attention to the process, move forward faster than those who want me to solve their problem, as if by magic. They are not very interested in how it will happen. In cases of simple symptoms, it does not really matter  because simple symptoms disappear quickly. But in cases of deeper disease conditions, chronic problems or psychological conflicts, a personal participation is really of great benefit.

Those who take responsibility for their own healing tend to have amazing results. Those who rely on doctors and healers to “fix them” seem to have a harder time noticing improvements. They tend to have a passive role in their therapy and blame the lack of results on the practitioner, on an ineffective therapy, or they choose to believe that in their case, nothing helps. Of course, everyone needs help and support, but my goal is always to empower and to help a person develop self-reliance and confidence.