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“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
— Victor Frankl
A Place for Healing and Transformation

This is Ati –  the owner of Real Medicine. My clients come from many countries around the globe. Join us and explore new ways to improve your life and health!
You can read all about my work and the services I offer on this site and you can read more about me here:
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Main Services

Trauma Reversal The effects of physical or emotional trauma can have lasting and unpredictable effects that can appear even years later in the form of an illness. Reversing the effects of trauma not only prevents us from getting sick, but it can also resolve existing illness when it is the result from post-trauma damage.
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Biofeedback Analysis and Treatment Your mind and body hold information about all levels of your being: physical, energetic, intellectual and spiritual. When your life or health is a puzzle and you can’t figure it out, biofeedback analysis can help you dig deeper and retrieve some of the wisdom that lies beneath.
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Recovery from Illness For those recovering from cancer, surgery, physical injury. A special program created for those who are recovering from serious illness and need to detoxify the body, boost the immune system, restore normal functions of the organs, and deal with the after-effects of medical drugs and procedures.
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About Real Medicine

Real Medicine Clinic was created in 2004 and is located in Ottawa, Canada. Ati Petrov is the owner and main practitioner . Services are offered locally and also internationally. This website contains a lot of information meant to answer most questions people usually have. It is all there if you have the time or curiosity to read. For personal or more specific questions, just contact me directly by email.
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