Trauma Reversal


It is a real pity that so few know about this approach to dealing with everyday adverse impacts on our body. One of my big desires has always been to popularize this and inform more people about it.

It consists of the administration of a few carefully selected dynamic remedies soon after an injury or other traumatic event. The remedies in effect cancel out the impact of the trauma, allowing the body to restore itself quickly, without danger of complications or of dragging on the healing.

Vaccination Detox

For those still sitting on the fence about the damage caused by vaccinations, especially to infants and small children with undeveloped immune systems, you can at least reduce the undesirable effects from the mercury,  solvents, preservatives, and genetic material used on vaccines. The fear and shock of the needle – especially in cases when multiple shots are used are also important to offset right after shots are administered.

Remedies can be given before and after each shot to reduce the traumatic effect of the needle and the toxins introduced into the blood stream (and brain).

The immune system. Immunity needs to be developed, maintained and protected. With this approach, the immune system is boosted. Not only do the remedies remove the vaccine trauma, but they enhance immune activity so in the future you are even healthier than before.

Method.  We use  dynamic remedies in ascending potencies to target the vaccination that was administered. Each dose is taken once a day, over 4-5 days usually. Usually, an organ drainage formula is also created, to facilitate the release of toxins during the healing phase.

Effective for the detoxification of: Flu shots, HPV vaccine, childhood vaccines, travel vaccines.

Dynamic medicine immunization.

A method of disease prevention that is safe and non-toxic.

For 2 centuries now dynamic medicine has been used successfully for disease prevention by creating natural immunity to disease for those patients who want to avoid chemical vaccines. This method is proven effective both for infectious disease and for protection during travel (for malaria, yellow fever, etc.)

Read about the biggest and most recent example of mass immunization with the use of this method:

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