Making a Liquid Remedy

The remedy. All of the remedies used at Real Medicine clinic are in liquid form. In order to mail you a single dose, I put a drop of remedy onto lactose powder or edible rice paper and fold it into the paper. You will receive a letter with several single doses. They will be used to prepare a liquid remedy for daily use, in a container of your choice.

The container. You can use a dropper bottle from past remedies you no longer use or any other small bottle or jar with a cap, of up to 2 oz or 50ml. size.

NOTE: If you will be using an old dropper bottle that used to contain a remedy, please wash it before use and boil it in water 15-20 min, bottle and dropper, to sterilize it. Otherwise the old remedy remains imprinted in the bottle and will get mixed with the new one when you make it.

Preparation. Take the folded paper packet, open and place the dose into a bottle or jar. Fill with pure water (bottled, filtered, spring or distilled are all fine.)

Shake 50 times by tapping bottle on the palm of your hand vigorously, to mix dose well.

If you are making more than one remedy, do not mix them in the same bottle. Mixing remedies can alter their action or cancel it.


Droppers. Take dropper and hold above your mouth, squeeze rubber top until one drop comes out. One drop is one dose. If more drops come out, that is fine too. Shake bottle before use.

Larger bottle or jar. Make sure you take a small sip, preferably by pouring a little of the remedy into a tsp. Do not sip from the bottle directly and do not sip too often as each dose is of concentrated strength.

Important: When taking doses on a daily basis, tap the bottle or jar against the palm of your hand firmly 4-5 times before each dose. This gives the remedy a good shake and increases its efficacy each time.

Sipping remedies. Sipping is a way of taking remedy that allows a lot of repetition without the danger of aggravation. To prepare a sipping solution:

From a dropper: Place 2 drops of remedy into a larger glass or water bottle, stir, sip.

From a larger bottle or jar: Place a few drops from the solution into a larger glass or bottle of water, stir and sip.

Attention: Do not sip your principal remedy; it is easy to forget when you have prepared it in a larger bottle than a dropper bottle.