Nutrition and Physical Health

NUTRITION is essential to maintaining our body alive. In addition to food, we also need WATER, EXERCISE, SLEEP, AND INTIMACY in our lives.

Please note that although imbalances occur when disease is present, it is in very rare cases that diet or nutrition causes disease. True disease has other causes and will not be cured with the means listed here.

When balancing is useful. A severe imbalance in any of the above areas can lead to nasty symptoms that are easily resolved when balance is restored. Taking vitamins to cover a deficiency, changing our diet to digest better and lose weight, sleeping better to restore alertness. stress is gone. If we have not been drinking enough water, we can adjust that and we can see miraculous changes in conditions that mimicked a long list of disease states..

Water by itself can be a “miracle cure” (and cheap too!) for many known conditions caused by dehydration.

When balancing is not enough. Most of today’s alternative medicine tries to cure disease with supplements, dietary changes, and physical adjustments. The claim to success of such approaches is based on the fact that the body needed some rebalancing to get back to normal. But the symptoms were not a real disease.

In all other cases, when real disease is present, we need medicine. Just trying to strengthen the body will not do the trick.

Medicine.  Dynamic medicine has provided a better understanding of what disease really is within a system identifying the many diseases and matching them to remedies that are known to cancel them out. To read more about DISEASE and the ways to deal with it, read about dynamic medicine or the 5 therapies.

Real Medicine and the Use of Nutrition

The ideal would be for clients to fix all the problems created by an imbalanced lifestyle before tackling chronic health conditions. Why? Because it will resolve a lot of symptoms that seem to be part of a disease process. In fact, probably 30% or more of what people suffer has to do with improper (for them) lifestyle and not real disease.

The reality is that time is of the essence. Some people will NOT make changes even when they know they have to. Some people CANNOT make the necessary changes because of various obstacles like physical weakness or lack of resources. So we work on all fronts simultaneously until conditions improve.

2 Cases when balancing is of the essence

There are three situations when focus on diet and lifestyle is crucial:

  1. In healing. At a time when our body needs a lot of resources to restore tissues and rebuild physically, it needs more fuel than usual. It is important then to provide the support and relief that will help you heal faster and better.
  2. For support during illness. When your illness prevents your body from working properly, supplementation and other therapies can help the body function until the disease is cured and normal functions restored.
  3. Long-term weakness.  When a person is too old or feeble to heal completely. When an organ is missing or it is not realistic to expect major improvements, then balancing and supplementation can make you more comfortable by providing what is missing.

Therapies. There are many wonderful therapies to choose from in order to bring balance. And it you don’t need to buy tons of supplements or go on drastic diets and exercise programs. They work best when you are in optimal health. But with a little help from dynamic remedies or CoRe therapy, their effects are enhanced significantly.

No matter which therapy you choose to use, I can help you reap even greater benefits by selecting a remedy to get you the desired results faster. How? By enhancing the way your body responds to the therapy and dissolving any blockages preventing improvement from holding long-term.

With the help of a remedy, I can help you avoid the resistance that usually is the biggest stumbling block when we attempt to do “healthy things”.

Real life and common sense

In my opinion, the best solutions are all around you and cost little. Nature is wise and it provides the best tools for you. They are usually found close to where you live and as those are the best suited to your nature, most of the time. So look around and help yourself to free natural support!

  • Nutrition. Eating fresh, in-season food may be all you need in order to feel more energized. Organic and unsprayed produce is best. Meat without hormones and antibiotics, raw milk (goat’s milk is best), free-run eggs. Try to buy local and find trusted sources. Let go of processed, junk food. Anything that can live too long on a shelf and does not perish is…suspect!
  • Common herbs and condiments. Read up on all the amazing benefits of pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, milk thistle, stinging nettle and even dandelions! You have at your fingertips the substances from which supplements and medication are made. And best of all, they are packaged as nature meant them to be taken and best absorbed, a full mini-treatment in your yard or kitchen cupboard.
  • Water. Drinking a cup or two more water and a cup or two less coffee can help you with a long list of discomforts that you would not attribute to dehydration. Filter your water or place some crystals in the jug. Let tap water stand for a while so chlorine will evaporate. Sipping water helps with its absorption.
  • Air and exercise. Going out on a 30 min walk, parking further from work, taking the steps once or twice a day is a start. And get double the benefit doing it outdoors. Did you know that even polluted outdoor air is better than stale indoor air? Learn simple breathing techniques to maximize oxygen absorbtion.
  • Sunlight. It is so beneficial that we would wilt and die if kept in the dark too long. Sunlight triggers immune action, mood balance, and hormone regulation and provides us with vitamin D. It is an excellent cure for depression. Sun gazing is gaining momentum as we have found the benefits of introducing sunlight directly and actively in our system through the eyes at sunset or sunrise.
  • Sleep. Go to bed ½ hr earlier and avoid computer or TV at bedtime, as well as that midnight snack and see your face get smoother and eyes brighter, in addition to helping you start the day in a better mood. Try some melatonin or yogurt or garlic at bedtime to help you relax and sleep. It is healthy too!
  • Sexual life. We are beings of flesh and energy. Sex activates your energy and it flows in a balanced way throughout your body. A happy sexual relationship gives you the love you need, but also a much needed energy boost, without which parts of your body can stagnate, lose energy or build up negative energy. These in the long term can become focal points of disease symptoms.


Drainage and organ support. Waste matter and toxins are eliminated through the colon, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and other channels of elimination. Liver toxicity is one of the main complaints nowadays, along with gallbladder and kidney problems.

Drainage is the use of dynamic remedies and herbal preparations to help the organs eliminate toxins. This is always part of Real Medicine therapy.


Toxicity is either environmental or internal, caused inside the body when it does not work properly, especially when we are ill.

Toxicity is also a major part of the healing cycle when dead tissue and bacteria are flushed out of the system through a variety of discharges and through the bowel. This is a major problem with many diseases where the patient has severe symptoms as part of a toxic overload and not caused by illness.

Dynamic remedies, herbs and therapeutic methods like colonics, chelation, electrolysis, zappers, can be used to assist natural detoxification and to make it less stressful for the body. A spring and fall cleanse/detox is conducted as part of the treatment, for all patients.