4 Programs for Children

Therapy for children is very rewarding. Children respond quickly to dynamic medicine and bioresonance. Their still growing physical body supports healing very well, helping with the reversal of tissue damage and also with the restoration of stunted functions. All is possible in childhood.

1. Vaccine Detoxification Program. I recommend this program for all children who have been vaccinated. Vaccine damage is implicated in many diseases, from allergies, to asthma, to ADD and autism. In most cases, vaccine toxicity can take years to cause harm, that is why it is not easily detected. This simple and effective course of treatment will resolve existing complications from vaccinations and help the body release toxins and repair brain, nervous system and gut. Read more>>

2. Allergies Program. This course of treatment is very useful for children with allergies. In children, allergies have not had a chance to entrench themselves and create a chronic cycle in the body. Using sequential therapy, German New Medicine and biofeedback, this course of treatment will clear up allergies and also their root cause, which can be very different from one child to another. Read more>>

3. Thrive Program. If your child is not thriving, doesn’t eat or sleep well, has problems learning or socializing, this program is for you. It is a complex program developed to help your child rebalance his/her body and mind. The focus of the treatment is strengthening the immune system, nervous system, brain chemistry and physical organs. Growth and maturation are stimulated.  Read more>>

4. ADD & Autism Program. A specially designed course of treatment for children with ADD, ADHD or on the autistic spectrum. A combination of diet and lifestyle advice is incorporated into a treatment program aimed to reverse the main known causes for these problems: hereditary tendencies, vaccination toxicity, pregnancy and birth trauma. If you are already using other therapies, this program will give you that extra edge that will speed up results. Read more>>

Vaccine Detoxification Program for Children

Who is it for? For all vaccinated children. I also vaccinated my children until I found out about the dangers hidden in the multiple chemical components of vaccines, especially their content of mercury. I stopped vaccinating and my children had all their vaccines cleared up with Sequential Therapy. Today, I offer the same course of treatment to your children, so they too can grow up healthy and unmedicated, like mine.

Vaccinations affect all children in a negative way. It may not be immediately obvious and many parents and doctors fail to see the connection, but it is there. A very obvious proof is that once vaccine damage is reversed, ALL children thrive better, are smarter and more energetic, with a strong immune system.

How does it work? A set of 4-5 remedies is administered every 3-4 weeks. Each set targets a particular shot given. The entire course of treatment is mapped out based on the number of immunizations given and the dates they were administered. A drainage remedy is also given every month, to help the child detoxify easily and without aggravation from the toxin outflow.

All remedies are oral, natural and non-toxic. They do not interact with medication or other therapies. In fact, they will enhance all other efforts you may be putting into improving your child’s health. The entire course of treatment can be done at a distance by mailing out the remedies each month or by choosing the distance treatment option with biofeedback methods of administration of the remedies.

What to expect. A strengthening of your child’s immune system, fewer colds and coughs, improvement of digestion and elimination, improved sleep patterns. Skin eczema can clear as well as allergies. On the mental side, more focus and fewer mood swings and acting out; increase in cognitive abilities. If your child suffers from ADD or an autistic spectrum condition, this is a necessary component for full treatment (see the Autism Program for details.  Back to top>>

Allergies Program

Who is it for? This is a wonderful course of treatment for children with all types of allergies: hay fever, food allergies, rashes and hives. Allergies are a combination of physical sensitivity to substances and emotional stress. They are triggered by very specific traumatic events. Finding those and clearing them from the body’s memory helps with the desensitization process. This is an innovative method for the treatment of children’s allergies with a very high rate of success when combined with a good diet and a few supplements.

How does it work? Each treatment plan is very individual. It is based on the severity and number of allergies of the child, the age of the child and the nature of the physical or emotional trauma in his or her life. We start with a careful examination of all past traumatic events in the child’s life in order to find the allergy triggers. Once outlined, they are eliminated one by one through the use of very specific dynamic remedies applied through the method of Sequential Therapy. Desensitization treatments are conducted monthly. All remedies are upgraded with each treatment to increase the effectiveness of their action.

All remedies are oral, natural and non-toxic. They do not interact with medication or other therapies. In fact, they will enhance all other efforts you may be putting into improving your child’s health. The entire course of treatment can be done at a distance by mailing out the remedies each month or by choosing the distance treatment option with biofeedback methods of administration of the remedies.

What to expect. It is typical for allergies to take a while to resolve. Since the symptoms of allergies are actually a sign of the body naturally trying to protect and heal itself, you will see a resurgence of allergic symptoms some of the time. What is typical of this therapy is that gradually, allergies are less acute, reactions happen less often and in the case of food allergies, the child can gradually start eating the foods to which he or she was allergic before. Back to top>>

Thrive Program

Who is it for? This is a gentle program meant to restore children’s ability to grow physically and develop mentally. It so happens that some children, due to early illness or difficult birth or other factors, slow down in their physical or mental development. This program will help restore appetite, increase the body’s ability to grow and strengthen, and will improve learning capability as well as emotional maturity. It is for all children that are not thriving and that are having a problem adjusting to their natural environment at home or at school.

How does it work? After an initial assessment of the main problem and the health history of the child, critical life events are chosen for treatment. For each event a treatment is tailored to address both the physical side (brain chemistry, neurological issues, glands) and the mental aspect (ability to focus and perform tasks, emotional balance, learning capacity). Every month, the treatment is adjusted to match the changes and improvements.

What to expect. You can expect improvement in physical and psychological growth. Symptoms associated with developmental problems will diminish and disappear. In addition, other challenges like asthma or allergies will also disappear. Most importantly, you will be able to deal with health issues naturally and will not require the use of medication. Back to top>>

ADD & Autism Program

Who is it for? This is a program for children struggling with cognition and mental development issues. It is also for children with poor impulse control, lack of focus and any of the symptoms labelled ADD or ADHD.

How does it work? Depending on the severity of the condition, a course of treatment is designed initially to reduce and control behavioral and cognitive problems and to begin restoring brain chemistry and proper gut function. If the child is on medication, a detoxification program is put in place until such time as the child does not need drugs to manage the symptoms anymore. All drugs for ADD are dangerous and ultimately ineffective, leaving serious damage in their wake and actually worsening the overall health of the child.

It is important to identify the dietary triggers for the child, as well as possible causative events based on what we already know about autism and ADD: vaccinations, early life trauma, difficult birth or pregnancy, hereditary components.

For best results, it is highly advisable that the parents also get treated. Dealing with a child on the autistic spectrum is difficult and highly emotional and yet these children require stability from the parents. Effects of the treatment are faster and better when at least the mother or chief caregiver is also given remedies to deal with their own health and psychological balance.

What to expect. Results depend on several factors: the severity of the condition, the nature of the physical damage to the brain or nervous system (if any), hereditary factors, and the age of the child. The younger the child, the better and faster you will see results since the condition has not had time to corrupt the body seriously.

Children with ADD will improve behavior and ability to focus and learn. You will discover a gifted child that can finally handle the impulses that used to rule his or her behavior before. Your child will sleep better, eat better foods and will be able to tolerate the tedium of sitting in class better.

Autism is not an easy condition to tackle, as proven by he many different therapies that offer relief but not complete resolution. This course of treatment will enhance the effects of all other therapies you have tried or are using at present. Your child will improve all functions: cognition, impulse management, ability to articulate feelings and thoughts, stimming will decrease or disappear. The improvements are client-specific, but significant compared to the results achieved with other therapies. Back to top>>