Single (Acute) Treatments

  • NEW! 30 days for $30.00  Get immediate help to deal with a symptom. You will receive either a remedy to use at home or 30-days distance treatment for $30.00. Most useful in cases when you want to try a remedy for a while, without booking a full session. One free remedy adjustment is included if the treatment does not work quickly enough.
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Quick solutions to everyday problems. Colds and flu, rashes, bumps and bruises, stress and toxicity – all of these can be dealt with after just one consultation. A remedy selected specifically for you will work faster and better when home remedies did not help. And it is certainly better than using chemical drugs. The following options are great for a single session with remedies:

  1. 1. For help with existing symptoms and want some relief.
  2. 2. To analyze a current problem to find out more about the it.
  3. 3. To recover faster after an accident or medical intervention.
  4. 4. To protect yourself from effects of future medical procedures.

Acute Consultation

For help with existing symptoms. If you have a medical diagnosis and you want to try natural therapy first or if other treatment has not helped you and you want to see what else can be done, this a good option to try.
You will receive a remedy for your symptoms and advice on how to best recover.
Usually simple conditions resolve in a few days or weeks.

Sometimes a symptom is a sign of a more complex condition that has developed over time and has become complicated. In that case, by the end of our session you will have a better idea of what the treatment options are and what to expect from my methods of therapy.
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CoRE Analysis

A biofeedback analysis of your symptom or condition gives you more insight into what is going on. It can confirm suspected problems or bring out more information that was not known before. It is very accurate.

A CoRe analysis is great for health problems and even more so for life problems. A CoRE evaluation is a biofeedback scan of your system to detect hidden issues related to your physical or emotional conflict. This will help you see what is involved – usually issues that are not immediately apparent and may be causing problems on an unconscious level.

Popular questions that clients ask are related to relationships, business plans or lack of progress, about the variables that may affect their plans or work, as well as about finding out which of two or more options would work out the best, related to any life situation.

The CoRe-Inergetix work is invaluable in times of confusion, when life decisions must be made, when a person needs more clarity to choose one or another direction in life. It gives insight into spiritual issues, questions about our soul path and best path in life to take, about vocation and personal development.

A full evaluation can be performed to check all possible variables, physical, emotional and spiritual.

A simple short evaluation can be performed on a variety of common issues.
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Trauma Reversal

Trauma Reversal is also known to some as Sequential Therapy. In the context of the single treatments, it focuses on the reversal or elimination of a single trauma – a physical injury or toxic shock or an emotional trauma. The purpose is to release the locked energy from the body and thus facilitate faster and complete healing.

Neutralizing recent trauma or medical procedures. Sometimes we suffer as the result of a recent emotional or physical trauma and we can’t shake it off. Trauma Reversal is the use of dynamic remedies to eliminate the effects of recently experienced trauma,including medical procedures.

During the session we establish the possible traumatic impact of events preceding your symptoms and they are eliminated by canceling out the impact of the trauma on your body, with the use of specific dynamic remedies or biofeedback treatment done remotely.
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Preventing complications from planned procedures. Trauma reversal is useful in the deactivation of past traumatic experiences, to avoid future disease and also for immediate or expected exposure to trauma as in medical procedures or tough emotional encounters.

It consists of the administration of a few carefully selected dynamic remedies soon after an injury or other traumatic event. The remedies in effect cancel out the impact of the trauma, allowing the body to restore itself quickly, without danger of complications or of dragging on the healing. Read more>>
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List of common traumas that can be eliminated

Dental work:  Speed up recovery from dental work and reduce the toxicity from dental materials (especially mercury) and the anesthetics or pain-relief drugs. A remedy is given before any procedure and right after and up to 2-3 days later for recovery and pain relief. Avoid the use of painkillers, antibiotis or future problems with a tooth that did not heal well.

Surgical procedures: (with or without full anesthetic) In addition to the specific surgery remedies, you also get a remedy for long-term recovery. The body does not like to be cut and will react violently to surgery. With a few remedies taken after surgery, this reaction is avoided, inflammation is minimal and healing is painless. This category includes also biopsies, stitches, and minor interventions.

Medical tests and procedures involving drugs, x-rays, chemical substances and/or intrusive manipulation of the body (colonoscopy, laporoscopy, CT scans, X-rays ,etc.) Remove the effects of the physical irritation of tissues and organs and to detoxify the system from chemicals and radiation. A single treatment is all that is necessary.

Vaccinations: for those still sitting on the fence about the damage caused by vaccinations, especially to infants and small children with undeveloped immune systems, you can at least reduce the undesirable effects from the mercury,  solvents, preservatives, and genetic material used on vaccines. The fear and shock of the needle – especially in cases when multiple shots are used are also important to offset right after shots are administered.

Remedies can be given before and after each shot to avoid the potential traumatic effect of the event and the toxins involved.

Immunity is not only retained, but enhanced – we use the same dynamic remedies to create natural immunity to disease for those patients who prefer to not take the risk of a chemical vaccination. For more information on replacing regular vaccines with dynamic immunization, please call us.

Injuries to the head or spine. Reduce healing of fractures and bruising, restore tissues, avoid long-term mis-alignment of the spine or the effects of whiplash. When taken soon after an injury, the remedies speed up healing so much that often there is no need for any follow-up therapy. Also important is to treat the emotional shock of an accident.

Emotional trauma. An unexpected life event, confrontation, loss, fright or other traumatic experience can affect us deeply and then take years of therapy to deal with. A few remedies taken soon after such a situation happens, can stop it in its tracks, restore some clarity and emotional calm and give us the space to figure out what to do. All emotional trauma puts us in a fight or flight state, overstimulates our body and causes eventually physical harm. To avoid all this and to maintain our integrity, all we need is a few remedies that will help us keep moving through the situation without getting stuck in it.

Toxic shock . In our day and age where it is impossible to avoid some amount of toxicity, it still happens that we may have a bigger exposure to radiation (EMF), pesticides, toxic building materials, mold or something else that causes us to feel poisoned. There are very specific remedies to help in such situations, including with exposure to parasites or bacteria.

Pregnancy and birth. It is best for baby if expectant moms to avoid having amniocentesis or ultrasounds. There are remedies to offset the possible damage to the baby from such procedures. Ultrasounds have been implicated in earaches and developmental problems for children.

For baby: Birth is always a traumatic process, even when it is natural. Squeezing through the birth canal applies a lot of pressure on the head, neck and spine. Induced and cesarean birth pose their own problems, also treatable. Eyedrops, vaccines, blood draw and other procedures are best cleared right away, to allow for proper thriving of the child.

For mom: After birth remedies can be used to help heal faster from natural birth, episiotomy, cesarean surgery and other possible difficulties that may have arisen for mom.

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