CoRE Readings


A CoRe reading is a scan of your subtle energy field. We use advanced computerized technology and software created by CoRe-Inergetix™. All results appear on a computer screen and are interpreted in easy to understand language.

The CoRe scans your bio-field for reactions by exposing it to various stimuli. Your inner intelligence reacts to those it recognizes and which are significant for you. It helps you see more clearly the causes or solutions to a health issue or symptom. With this knowledge, you can take measures to improve your situation.

You have a choice of a Full Reading or a Short Reading.

What it is NOT.

A CoRe analysis is not a physical test. It cannot substitute for a blood test or other physical examination. You must see a doctor if you need physical confirmation. (On the other hand, a physical test rarely gives you the context of a problem and can only measure its detectable effects.)

A CoRe analysis cannot prescribe a diet or supplements. A common misuse of biofeedback technology today is to give nutritional advice meant to sell products. Although the CoRe can tell you if you are resonant or not to a supplement or food, it cannot substitute the advice of a well trained professional.

The CoRe is not an Oracle. The results are highly accurate and you will make profound discoveries regarding your relationships or spiritual path, but these results are not a form of divination of fortunetelling. 

Benefits from the obtained information from a CoRe reading:

  • – You learn about subconscious issues that you were not aware about
  • – It alerts you to emerging problems, before they become physical.
  • – Find out the deeper causes of chronic disease or life problems.
  • – Check which of many solutions to a problem is the best one for you.

The CoRe can also be used to correct the detected imbalances and bring them back into alignment. Treatment can be done remotely, from the comfort of your phone, no visits to the clinic required!

Using the CoRe for treatment:

  • – Use scan results to set up a powerful energy tune-up treatment
  • – For remote treatment when you need a remedy – fast.
  • – Set it up to enhance the results from other healing work
  • – Treat all your loved ones with automatic energy sessions
  • – Easy to administer therapy to babies and pets

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