Relationship Reading

The Reading
This is a peek into your relationship to a loved one. Although usually it is meant to look into the dynamics of your love life and the resonance to a partner, it is equally useful in cases of discord with a family member, work colleague or other significant relationship.

When you are stressed, your relationships to others are the first to suffer. Conflicts that drag on can show up in your body physically. Depending on what is going on, your body will react with a specific body part and symptom.

The Report
The results of the reading will help you see the dynamic in the relationship and what can change to improve the situation.

  • – You will discover where in your body the conflict with a loved one is showing up or threatening to appear.
  • – Which emotions and thoughts tend to cause or result from relationship stress?
  • – Which core beliefs about relationships are you acting upon without realizing it?
  • – Which chakra is affected by conflicts in your love life.
  • – The CoRe can also pick for you the best solutions out of all possibilities!

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