I wish to thank the many people who entrusted me with their health.
Thank you for offering to share some of your success stories here!

Glaucoma and Optic Nerve regeneration – A Medical Miracle

“I have wonderful news. I will not call it unbelievable, because it is reality. I went for my regular eye examination to a specialized hospital in Lausanne. I was seen by a world renowned eye specialist in glaucoma. After a 2 hr. examination he invited  a colleague of his to consult and they both gave me their unanimous expertise – my glaucoma is gone!

The ocular pressure is finally normal and the NERVE HAS REGENERATED – A MEDICAL MIRACLE. He asked me in detail about the treatment and I told him I have only been using dynamic medicine and nothing else. I told him also about our conversations and our work together to improve my psychological state. He came to the conclusion that the dynamic treatment was successful and should continue. 

Such cases should be made known to people, so that others will know this is possible and so they can trust your treatment. I can document my whole improvement process with records from my three doctors, although I do not need any more proof myself. For me this is not just a treatment but a way of life, philosophy of living. But since the world functions based on its own rules of the times, we may want to provide tangible proof for the miracle.” ~ Julia K., Switzerland

Emergency CoRE analysis and treatment

“You haven’t asked if I have noticed improvement but I’ll tell you anyway! I have great energy. I can fulfill the needs of my busy days. The first day I felt sort of a caffeine buzz, which I was delighted with because at least I was moving! Today, my back pain is down to about ten percent of what it was. 

Also, the past couple of days have been so productive. I feel very compassionate, able to see what needs to be done, and DO it! That is priceless.Your work sure is fascinating.You are a treasure.

Today I got a four thousand dollar bill for tests that revealed nothing and offered no solution. I like you bills and cures better.”  H.E. 

MRSA, burnout crisis solved in 2 days

“I am a regular, hardworking, single mom who was suffering from burn-out and was diagnosed with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). It caused terrible, painful skin eruptions and fevers. Antibiotics were of no use, and I soon discovered unrelated symptoms that conventional doctors could give me no relief from…severe hives, and pain in my hands and feet.

I went on medical leave from work. All I could do was stare at the ceiling and go to more and more fruitless doctor’s appointments.  My sister recommended Ati’s remedies, and one dose stopped a MRSA eruption in its tracks, never to return again. I had one more bout with hives after taking the remedy, and have not had another. My joint pain was slower to heal, but after finishing the course of remedies, I feel like a million bucks. I don’t know how it works, but I won’t lose Ati’s phone number for the world!

I also appreciated the professional, courteous, and patient demeanor that Ati showed me. I immediately felt at ease with her, and am very grateful for the good work that she does.”  Hilary

Restored tooth – cavity gone!

“In a desperate effort to avoid having another filling, I tried Ati’s remedy for cavities.  At my next dentist appointment, I expected the dentist to remind me about the filling I hadn’t taken care. However after inspecting my teeth, he told me that everything was fine!  I was so surprised and happy! I saved myself from more dental work and expenses and strengthened my tooth! “~ Bernadette, Ottawa

Weight loss with Diet and Remedies

“I meant to tell you that I’ve been trying to follow Dr. Abravanel’s diet and together with the remedy, it seems to be working!!!  I’m definitely losing weight and my frantic-food-focus is almost gone.  It’s truly amazing.  I’m not following it 100%, but I’m trying.  And because of the gradual weight loss that I’m seeing, I’m definitely continuing.  Even if it takes a year, I’m really happy with finding the “cure.”  So thank you so much for recommending it. 
You’re truly changing lives”. ~ J.M., USA

From a colleague: CoRE bio-resonance confirms diagnosis

“One of my regular clients had a CoRe bio-resonance assessment performed by Ati Petrov. My client wanted me to read the report and then comment on the findings. As I read, I was quite amazed by the accuracy of the results in the context of what my client was going through. All her major themes were confirmed. I was truly impressed with its capabilities to zone into a person’s field and bring in so much accurate information about their state of physical and mental health. It really helped me deal with my client more efficiently.” Jan Jones, Ottawa

My 6 Year Healing Experience

“For the last 6 and 1/2 years, I’ve been fortunate to utilize the support and healing energy of dynamic medicine, through the guidance of Ati Petrov.  I’ve used dynamic remedies to release current and past traumas, emotional/mental shock, illness and health imbalances. As well to lessen the possibility of experiencing hereditary health issues and to clear the path to greater health for my children.  In cases when I’ve needed to take antibiotics, I’ve used remedies instead to avoid getting candida and other nasty side effects.”~ Angela T., Vancouver

Emotional Healing – My Results

“My own results have included a wide spectrum of experiences – from very subtle changes to dramatic responses to remedies. With Ati’s help I was able to address some of my daily life challenges:  dealing with angry people or personal feelings of anger, situations where I felt violated, feeling depressed, overwhelmed, rushed, and/or stressed, feelings of insecurity, thoughts of self-judgment, digestive issues, constipation, even  assisting with the process of letting go of drug addiction. Dynamic remedies have often been the ‘kick in the butt’ to get me going again, helping me to reconnect with flow in my life…to be lighter, clearer and freer.  As a result, I am more able to accept and to experience my life more fully, and to make the most of it… “~ Angela T., Vancouver

Relationship Reading with CoRE Inergetix

“I was actively engaged in unlocking 2nd chakra and the mysteries of why I couldn’t be intimate …even to the point of getting up in the night to test my 2nd Chakra and my 5th Chakra — I needed to be able to communicate about love  … Then your report confirmed what I already suspected.  Reading the CoRE analysis report, I was brutally honest with myself about the parts about relationship problems and wanting to control my partner … it is so subtle … and I released it and by the next morning my otherwise fearful guts were  freer and the tension in my whole body relaxed.  Can feel a softening in my throat and my chest and my heart is opening ready to receive …many thanks, Ati for your gift.” ~ L.H., Alberta

Recovery From Crohn’s

“I wanted to make sure that you realize you must include yourself among the important women in Jeff’s life since you are responsible for his  incredible health transformation. I heard about dynamic medicine thru Mme. T. who suggested Jeff seek your help. Feeling like there was nothing to lose since each surgery was getting more difficult to recover from he agreed to follow a different road and our whole family is forever grateful for the caring support you provided for him while working at getting his health and life back!  He has been healthy ever since. Thanks again.” ~ Cindy, Ottawa.

CoRE: Seeking an Alternative

“I was referred to Ati because she had the CoRe system and I was told it is highly accurate and could guide me on a more accurate path vs being muscle tested by a practitioner.  I have also been interested in healing past emotional traumas with dynamic medicine.   I am impressed with Ati’s ability to listen and validate and to come up with amazing combinations of remedies but also, the CoRe program really gives an excellent blueprint as to what is really going on with the body. 

I had a copper IUD and wasn’t sure if my body was still reacting to the copper.  Not only did the copper show up on the CoRe analysis but it also showed that I need manganese which ironically chelates copper out of the liver.  Also, when she runs the program to see what supplements resonate for me at that time, it also reveals something deeper as to what is going on.  I have found this to be much more helpful than relying on somebody’s opinion on what supplements I should take which has at times caused severe reactions.  

In the end, this is a huge money saver as the program shows me just what I need on a physical level and Ati assists me on what I need on the emotional level. ”  ~ Jodi, San Diego

Stroke Recovery

“I have been feeling absoutletely wonderful this past week and was out three evenings in a row, which is a first in I don’t how long.  I can’t remember when I last was able to do that without crashing after.  

Last Tuesday I ended up at the emergency.  This time I rode it out and had many insights, then felt almost blissful after.  Was awake many times during the night, yet was able to teach the meditation and yoga class the next day and out again that same evening” ~ M.K., Ottawa.

Feeling the CoRe Working

“Thank you Ati!  I can tell when you work on me.  One night  – can’t remember what nite or time but I awoke and felt extremely relaxed and thought  “Oh, I can do Reike on myself”… It is usually hard to do.  (But I know I am DOING it when I see the colors.) Then I had this little feeling deep within me which I recognize as just pure happiness… All this happened and then I fell back asleep…. I can remember the feeling when I get quiet – inside as well as outside….”
~ Thee House, Virginia

Allergies and Asthma

“When I started therapy with Ati Petrov, I was using two prescription medications daily, as well as over the counter drugs  for my allergies and asthma.  I was 28 years old, and I had struggled with allergies and asthma for 23 years.  Within months of beginning, I was no longer dependent on prescription medicines; within the year, I could go a month, full of exercise, without using my inhaler.  Now I feel healthier than I ever remember – I just started life as a Town Councilwoman, and I’ve been traveling a lot recently.  But despite stress, travel, and cold weather, I haven’t gotten sick, haven’t needed to use my inhaler.  Thank you Ati!” ~ Melissa Turley ~ Jackson Town Councilwoman ~ Jackson, Wyoming

Enjoying the Healing Process

“Ati’s warmth, intuitive abilities, and no-nonsense approach to treatment  initially attracted me to her practice. But it is the undeniable results and relief (!) that have kept me returning, year after year. An appointment with Ati is not only a special occasion to focus on your own wellbeing, it’s a purely pleasurable indulgence. Even better than dessert, the effects are all long-lasting and positive. “~ Heather Dana Munroe

Life Path CoRE Reading

“Thank you very much for this Life Path Reading.  I started to read it on the screen while it was printing and I can’t believe how bang on it is. There were things about my past and present life path experiences that this Report helped me clarify and put into perspective.  It’s definitely a handy Report to keep on hand to refer back to time and time again.” ~ Noreen Renaud, Rockland, ON

Miracle Remedy Works

“Hi Ati, I’m Thankful for your work…that formula worked right away it was so interesting ….if I didn’t feel the difference I wouldn’t have believed it! But all the while I kept meditating and asking the universe to heal.

Before your remedy came, I had to have one oxygen Ventolin, the cough was terrible – it was interesting for everyone at our new clinic who tried to help me with Acupuncture, ear candling and foot detox bath… and nothing worked until the remedy you sent me turned off the switch!  What a learning curve for us all. “~ Laara Harlingten, Alberta

CoRE Report Was Bang-On!

“Anyway, something came up that I had to share.  One time when we were doing the CoRe, cranial-sacral therapy was recommended.  We talked about it really being beneficial but I didn’t know anyone.  Well, the universe finally brought someone to me just three weeks ago.  Now get this…..this woman does other body therapies like visceral manipulation.  My liver and gallbladder weren’t moving at all as well as other organs which makes eating difficult. 

I went back to my CoRe Report from you and everything was right there!  Holy smokes!!!!!  This woman asked me not to take any supplements as my body can not process…And again, the CoRE showed I didnt’ score very high on most of them anyway.  Can you believe this?! 

I’m hopeful and more ready to get on it with it than you could ever imagine!!!!”  ~Julia M., USA

Cataract Surgery Cancelled

“I went to my pre-surgery appointment and my eye doctor was amazed. He said I no longer require surgery and asked me if I had done any treatments. I explained about your dynamic formulas and he wrote it all down into my case file. He said I should continue with dynamic medicine, even if other more dogmatic doctors may not understand it.”
~ Julia K., Switzerland