All services offered include all 5 therapies used at Real Medicine: dynamic remedies, sequential therapy, German New Medicine, dynamic medicine and CoRE Biofeedback.

Full Programs – The Full Programs offer the complete range of services, a lot of one-on-one time during personal sessions, in-between session support, complete assessment of health repeated periodically. All remedies and remote energy treatment is part of the service as well. The full programs are also a longer process dedicated to deeper healing.

All Prevention and Recovery programs are part of the full services.

Treatment programs are applicable both for long-term treatment of chronic disease or for simple acute conditions.

Simple services – These services focus on a simple health problem, an inquiry into one issue, getting remedies for a symptom that is not part of a chronic illness, clearing of recent traumatic event (physical or emotional). They also include short CoRe readings.

Many of the simple services are focused around remedy selection and delivery and may not include a full session. Most short CoRe readings can be ordered online also, without a booked appointment.

A choice of remedies or remote treatment is included in all services. You pay for my time in selecting them and preparing them for you or for setting up remote treatment over a period of time. An additional $10 fee will get you both options.