General Information

Most of the information about the therapies and services offered you can find on this website. If you are still not yet sure what will work best for you, feel free to contact me and I will gladly answer your specific questions.

Outline of the Treatment Process

Initial assessment. There are many different services and options to choose from, but an initial consultation is required for all new clients who seek help with chronic conditions, breast cancer prevention, treatment or recovery.

Single (acute) sessions. All others, who are interested in one-time help, a few remedies or advice on first aid or simple conditions, can book a single appointment with remedies.

Follow-up sessions. At monthly sessions all your remedies are renewed and progress is assessed. Your body develops its own healing rhythm. It is best to not wait too long between appointments if you want to see better results.

3-session packages. The most popular choice for all clients is to group sessions into packages of three follow-up sessions with a specific goal chosen as a focus. By session #3 that goal is reached.

A complete treatment program consists of the healing of past trauma and removing hereditary miasms from your system. This is achieved by treating the traumatic timeline. Once that is done you will be ready to clear all hereditary disease – the miasms. For more on miasms read here»
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Remedies are always part of your treatment and are offered free of charge. They are put together manually and upgraded regularly. All formulas are chosen individually to match the patient’s very specific needs at any given time. This is an important distinction of my services.

You can choose to receive all your remedies in dropper bottles or to have daily remote treatments with the CoRE system or a combination of both. The effect is the same, the choice is one of convenience mostly.

By receiving all remedies as part of my service, I offer you significant savings. It would be prohibitively expensive for a person to buy all the remedies necessary for a course of treatment.

Lost or additional remedies: $20.00

All remedies are provided free of charge with a booked consultation. Lost remedies or those required between booked appointments will be provided at an additional fee.
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Missed appointments: $50.00

The time set aside for each client is dedicated to that person and I prepare for our sessions in advance. Also, a missed appointment could have been used by somebody else who is waiting to see me.

Please provide me with 24 hr advance notice in order to give me a chance to use that time.
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Simple Issues – Remedies only Options

For those of you looking for some help with a simple issue and not interested in long-term therapy, there are several options to choose from. Most acute conditions need one session with remedies. Some do not even require a session, as for example, the clearing of a recent physical or emotional injury or a short CoRe analysis.

Acute/Simple conditions. In general, I need to book a session to discuss your symptoms and to check for any complicating matters or more serious problems. That helps me select the best remedies to help you out. And that may be all you require. In some cases, I may need to upgrade the remedies a few times until the problem is completely solved, without booking an appointment and after a quick email update. If your problem is not solved with a remedy or two, then it may not be as simple as we thought.

Short CoRe Readings do not require booking a session. They can be ordered online, with or without treatment.

Single remedies are also useful for everyday first aid situations, for the clearing of recent trauma (e.g. injuries, vaccines, dental work) To learn more about simple services, read here»

Call in advance if you are planning to have dental work, x-rays, surgery, etc. There are excellent remedies to help the body deal with the extra toxicity and for faster healing. In the case of surgery or dental work a remedy will help with pain relief and inflammation making it unnecessary to take medical drugs.
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Calling or emailing between consultations

I try to reply as soon as I can to emails and phone messages. But my time is limited due to the volume of  my practice. When you call I may be on the line with a client, so leave a message or email me for a faster response

If you have a general inquiry, you can search  this site for answers (e.g. about remedies, healing reactions, or the different therapies I use). There is a lot here already.  Back to top↑


In a case of a medical emergency where help is required immediately, please call the hospital and get immediate help. 

As a rule I don’t have the capacity to respond to emergencies. If I can, I do, but my schedule can make that tricky.
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