To help you get a feeling of how my approach has worked for clients, I will be sharing here highlights from a variety of interesting cases over the years. I never cease to be amazed by the possibilities and it is successes and failures like these that have kept my interest in the healing arts alive.

I hope to be able to convey to you part of my excitement and also to inspire you to have faith and never lose hope.

(For privacy considerations, all names have been changed.)

Brain tumor and hydrocephalus in a newborn baby»
Leukemia in woman in her 40’s»
Baby with brain tumor, treated fully with conventional medicine»

Brain tumor and hydrocephalus in a newborn baby.

Bella had been born with an enormous tumor covering half of her brain, and as a result she also suffered from hydrocephalus. It was deemed inoperable and she was sent home with her parents. By chance, they heard of a local  woman who practiced holistic medicine and they decided to try it out, even though they had never used natural medicine before. There were no other known treatments for Bella’s condition. 

Treatment began with dynamic medicine and with the Inergetix-CoRE system, focusing on the brain tumor and hydrocephalus. Bella was thriving and the tumor was shrinking. The doctors were amazed at her progress.

Bella was subjected to repetitive MRI’s that I kept clearing with dynamic remedies, to avoid the heavy magnetic impact and the effect of sedatives and contrast dyes. As soon as she was better, an operation was performed to remove the tumors. The surgeon was again amazed at the findings – the tumors were very small and no longer attached to any tissues, they just popped easily out. Since then no new tumors have grown.

Meanwhile, a shunt was inserted into her skull to drain spinal fluid from her brain into the abdomen. The shunt kept getting plugged up, so surgeries were performed repeatedly to re-position it and clean it up. Both her other therapist and I were of the view that there was no need for so many scans and MRIs. We were also concerned that too many surgeries could compromise her health severely. They were so frequent that I did not have time to counter one procedure before another was performed. I felt this was now jeopardizing our work and positive results.

Her main therapy consisted of daily treatments (remotely, with the CORe) for brain healing, fluid build-up, and skull reduction and the protocols were updated every 20-30 days.

To deal with the blockage of the shunt and prevent frequent surgeries I started a constant 24/7 broadcasting of healing frequencies, created specifically for her symptoms. Every 2 days the frequencies were tested and adjusted to match her needs and to accelerate the healing in the brain.

By then Bella’s parents had decided to have the shunt removed. After all, she obviously was OK even when the shunt had been blocked for weeks, so what was the purpose to keep it?

After a month of 24/7 remote treatments, an MRI was performed again.

And then not one, but several miracles were discovered!  1) Bella’s brain was repairing itself – new pathways were developing, as well as new tissue.  2) Her skull had shrunk in size 3 cm, which was unseen before ever.  3) The fluid in the brain had diminished.  4) And to top it all, the shunt had cleaned up all by itself without any medical intervention. The doctors did not know what to think about all of this, they did not know of such a thing ever happening.

Bella’s parents were asked to speak at a local cancer fundraiser about what methods they had used to achieve such spectacular results. [And it is great that they will inform others of this success, but it will be interesting to see how that will fit into the objective of a cancer fundraiser that is meant to gather money for chemo and such solutions).

Currently, the outlook is very encouraging and we continue to stabilize her and work toward normalizing her brain and skull size. She has been a happy and smiling baby throughout this, with no obvious functional problems at all, which is also amazing.

I had never worked with a newborn baby with brain tumor. But I have experience with brain cysts and tumors and I knew that brain tumors are part of a HEALING process of the brain and not a disease. (I knew this from German New Medicine, where brain tumors are explained in much detail). I realized I had to find a way to shrink the tumor and stabilize the body in a situation where constant scans were performed and frequent surgeries to the brain and abdomen.

I knew that it is possible to shrink a tumor with dynamic medicine and the CoRe treatments. But the medical procedures did worry me. Especially since I did not know how necessary or not they were. On the one hand you want to see what is going on and take measures. On the other hand – how much torture can a little body endure (sedation, needles, cutting into her skull and tiny body…). We had to respond to all the interventions with adequate restorative treatment to make sure she came through OK.

Bella celebrated her 1 year birthday in excellent health, her brain continues to restore itself, she is now officially cancer-free (she never really had cancer, of course) and we are all celebrating her beautiful recovery! So far, all our efforts, mine and those of her local therapist who also uses the CoRe on her, have paid off! I will add more details as this case progresses.

Update Jan.2014: Bella is 2 years old now and she continues to thrive. MRI shows NO TUMORS at all and a stable condition. The shunt is still in and I hope not for long as my sense is that there may not be a need for it. Unfortunately, its presence may cause changes in the skull and brain that we can’t predict now.  She has had a hard time with coordination and muscle strength, but she is crawling well and starting to try to lift herself up. Not walking yet. We are working also on improving speech and vision, but things seem to improve all the time! Top↑

Leukemia in woman in her 40’s

Laura had been diagnosed with leukemia during a regular medical exam for other problems. Her medical treatment consisted of several rounds of chemotherapy, including with a drug taken off the market (lots of damage was done by that one, she almost died). Repeated x-rays were taken, bone biopsies done (that caused her pelvis to crack later on). as well as many rounds of antibiotics for fever and bacterial infections contracted at the hospital. IV’s and pic lines caused trauma to the arms and groin.

At the end, nothing had worked and Laura was sent home with no hope for a cure. 

It is at this point that we met, over the phone. As she was explaining her situation, I was listening to her voice and thinking, “This is not the voice of a dying woman. It is strong and vibrant and healthy.” Of course, the many aggressive treatments had left her weak an in pain, especially in the groin and hip area, where pain in the bones was excruciating. (One of the main effects of chemo is to cause bone cancer, among many others).

Laura and I spent many months together, working through the pain, dealing with the constant interventions, rounds of antibiotics, bone scans and biopsies that threatened to completely drain her resources. To me, it is a sad fact in situations like this that as soon as a patient is feeling stronger, the medical system resumes the same treatments that were previously unsuccessful, thus increasing the damage to the physical body.

It was an up and down process, but little by little, Laura stabilized, blood transfusions ceased, her blood counts  improved, and she finally let go of the antibiotics and allowed her body to create a healing fever.

The day came when her oncologist ventured to say that perhaps she no longer had leukemia. Of course, in western medicine, once you have cancer nobody will ever really consider you cured, so she was given amazingly good news, packaged in a nasty dose of doubt.

It is funny because when Laura called me with the good news, I was not at all surprised. You see, in holistic medicine, leukemia is actually a process the body undertakes to cure itself from a previous and undetected bone cancer.

From the very start, my view on her case was that she had already started to heal from bone cancer when the leukemia diagnosis was pronounced. And all her chemo and radiation and suppressive treatments after that had only slowed down healing. Without such poisonous interventions, she would have long since restored her strength and health, non the wiser.

In any case, it took me a little time to realize how enormous the news was to Laura. She was overwhelmed with joy and happy to continue her healing process. Our main focus all along had been the groin pain and bone fragility in the pelvic and hip area, plus all the usual post-chemo digestive issues, mouth cankers, fevers and bladder problems and so on. It is not easy for the body to recover from chemo, even with the best of measures.

Nevertheless, the day came when she reported no more bone pain. I sighed with relief. Now healing would be faster, with the debilitating pain out of the way!

And just then, when success was so close, things took a sudden turn for the worse.

I got a call one day that a boil had appeared in the groin area and was causing pain and pressure. To me, this made sense, since now that the bones were restored, some of the dead tissue and bacteria from the groin area were being pushed out of the body.

Unfortunately, the pain increased and she had to go to the hospital to get help. There the boil was lanced, but this did not help at all. She was given several IVs with antibiotics and other medication to no avail. When finally she had no more veins to be used for the IV’s , Laura was sent home again…to die. The family gathered to pray, they called me to help and I began 24/7 constant treatment with my CoRe to help her get through the crisis, which she did.

We talked once more on the next day. I was confounded as to why the nurses or doctors did not apply a local anesthetic or one of many possible salves to draw out the boil’s pus. Instead, they gave her antibiotics. That only made it all worse, since now she had no bacteria to convert the boil tissue into pus (one of the main roles of bacteria is to liquify cysts and growths so they can be expelled as pus) and the boil could not ripen and heal.

Without any solution for the pain, with her arms and veins destroyed and her spirits sinking quickly, I was really concerned for her this time. Her speech was slurred and she had no energy anymore. A few days later I received the sad news of her passing. It was only then that I was told that she had been given morphine to deal with the pain and the family helped her take as much as she needed.

At the end, medicine failed her. A hospital is equipped and should be able to deal with a simple boil. Instead, they resorted to IVs and chemicals only and when they ran out of veins to stick the needles, they left her to die, instead of offering any other solution (I would have used local anesthetics and poultices to draw out the boil).

This poor woman had been sent home to die 3 times and she survived each one of them. At the end, she died from a boil and paralysis of her vital organs caused by morphine. One should not have to die of this in our day and age.

An important note on morphine: I truly believe it has become a modern-day method of euthanasia. A way to suppress the suffering of critically ill people when all other medications have not helped. Morphine causes a slow paralysis of all organs and systems in the body until everything eventually stops and life is extinguished. If taken in increased doses and constantly, it does not allow the patient to reach consciousness and cope with the situation. It is used to subdue the patients and slowly drain them of their life, seemingly reducing suffering.

Needless to say that the loved ones have no idea and they truly believe they are protecting the person from suffering.

This use of narcotics today is a terrible travesty of western medicine. They weaken the natural strength of the person. And Laura is another unfortunate victim of this unnecessary and cruel palliative method. Top↑

Baby with brain tumor treated fully with conventional medicine

The circumstances of this little girl’s life are completely opposite to those  baby Bella (above). Bella was never treated with chemo, radiation or any medication at all and is today thriving and well and officially cancer-free, little Martha received all possible conventional treatments. Her story is one of confusion and pain, and does not have a happy ending.

Martha was almost 3 years old when her parents contacted me for treatment. By that time she had been in and out of hospitals for a year. When I took her case she was very sick, mostly from the effects of medical interventions. In spite of all our efforts to help her recover, it was too much for such a young body to cope with and a month later she passed away.

Here in short is her story for your consideration. Is it sane to do this to a child?

Martha was born by induced birth, her mother received the H1N1 flu vaccine and baby Martha had all her regular shots. By the age of 1 she had had: 3 shots for multiple diseases administered on the same day at age 2,4,and 6 months, additional shots for pneumonia and chickenpox and the usual 12 mo. old shots for MMR, DPTP, etc. She had ear infections treated with antibiotics, but no other problem until age 15 month.

At 15 months Martha began regressing suddenly from an active chubby baby, to slurred speech, faltering steps. In spite of this, she was given yet more vaccines for a trip abroad. She cried the whole time during the trip.

By the time she returned home, she was dragging her left foot and sleeping too much. A CT scan showed a brain tumor. 2 surgeries were performed and sedation, morphine and dexamethasone were given each time. These are powerful drugs.

A week later she had a pic line inserted – a permanent tube under the clavicle to be used for repeated doses of chemotherapy. Notice the lack of rest period between surgeries and chemo, no detoxification for mega doses of powerful drugs and no whatsoever nutritional or healing therapy done at any time. Martha now has a hole in her body, a tube through it and stitches to hold it in place for the long term.

Right after chemo she was flown to a bigger city to have her stem cells harvested.  A tube was again inserted into her body, this time through the groin through the groin (!) Sedation was used for this procedure and on the next day for the stem cell harvest itself. So far, no rest, no healing for her to soothe pain or detoxify her body.

Right after that anther course of chemo was administered, and soon after 3 cycles of high intensity chemo that lasted 3 more month spent in isolation at a large hospital. She had to be isolated as her immune system had no more strength and she could easily become infected.

Please note that chemotherapy drugs so toxic that all they are handled with protective gloves lest they come in contact with the skin. At the hospital she was fed through IV, no nutritious food, no therapeutic massage or soothing treatments to help with the horrendous side effects of chemo.

The chemo was followed by a CT scan ( now we have exposure to high levels of radiation done under full sedation and followed by more medication). Now Martha cannot breathe and needs an oxygen mask day and night.

For a full year Martha did not return home, but stayed at various hospitals, in isolation. Her immune system was very weak and yet treatments continued relentlessly one after another, following demented protocols.

A series of MRI’s were now done, all under sedation. After a few months the tumor was back again. Did I mention that chemotherapy is carcinogenic? By this point, she probably had little else but chemicals running in her system.

A new surgery was performed, her skull perforated, tubes and cameras inserted, all to no avail. Nothing worked.  She began having seizures and was given more chemical drugs and morphine. Morphine causes paralysis of the organs and systems in the body and its frequent use leads to increased sensitivity to pain and to a slow shutting down of the systems of the body…

This horror was followed by the insertion of a shunt into the brain to drain excess fluid. A shunt is a tube inserted into the skull and brain tissue on one end,  running down the back beneath the skin and inserted through an incision into the abdominal cavity where the fluid drains out. Now, pause and imagine the procedure and how it feels to have this done to you and wake up with it in you, at age 2.

A year had passed since the beginning of Martha’s ordeal and nothing worked. It is hard to make sense of what was being done and why, but it is reasonable to expect that a 2 year old cannot remain healthy or endure such toxic and traumatic treatments for long.

So because nothing really worked, it was decided to conduct radiotherapy directly to the head, in hopes of shrinking the tumor. Radiation is carcinogenic. It burns tissue, as it did in her case – both on the outside of the skull and also on the inside, on both sides of the head. This is painful and does not heal fast as there are no good ointments in the medical system to deal with it.

Now baby Martha had swelling on both sides of the head on the outside and on the inside where the radiation had been applied and abnormal cells appeared in that area. Abnormal or just a last effort of her body to reduce the damage and heal itself? Or a new cancer caused by the radiation overkill?

Baby Martha was sent home with no more hope for recovery. Strong medication was prescribed and the parents were urged to use it, although it was not expected to work (?!). They decided not to use it. Instead, they found out about alternative medicine. Alas, it was too late to reverse the massive damage to this little child’s body. Martha passed away just days after her third birthday. I did not have time to do much for her.

If some of the content of this case presentation sounds a bit biased and emotional…that’s because it is. We have to be emotional and we have to really look and see what is done to our children and our bodies by a system that never worked and is against all rational or natural sense. Top↑