Treatment consists of one or all of the following components:

  • Liquid remedies and/or distance treatment
  • Biofeedback analysis and treatment with the CoRE system
  • German New Medicine evaluation of a particular condition
  • Counseling and coaching as required
  • Research on toxicity and adverse reactions of medical drugs
  • Research of the best therapies for your condition and referrals to other practitioners


  • Full therapy program (initial session and monthly follow-up sessions)
  • Single acute consultation with remedies
  • Remedies (or remote treatment) only ordered through email or phone


For those of you looking for some help with a simple issue and not interested in long-term therapy, there are several options to choose from. In general, I still need to book a session to discuss things, after which that may be all you require or we may need to upgrade remedies a few times until the problem is completely solved. In some cases, we can do so without booking an appointment and after a quick email update.

Learning to Heal

In our times disease and healing are oftentimes confused. Symptoms are considered bad when they may actually be a sign of restoration. Part of the treatment process is to learn to accept some necessary suffering and to let go of the fear of symptoms. Without that, there is a risk of getting stuck in the healing phase without resolution.