Example of a Timeline

Pre-birth: Expected child, 3rd. Mother was healthy and happy. Some use of pain killers during pregnancy and occasional smoking. Both parents were smokers, dad had a drinking problem and anger outbursts. Ultrasounds during the last months of pregnancy.

1959: birth, induced, mom had epidural. Use of forceps at the end.

1960-65: regular immunizations – smallpox, polio, not sure of others.

1965: tonsillectomy, general anesthetic, fear. My parents were not allowed in the hospital and I felt lonely and scared. Before that I suffered a lot from sore throats and was given penicillin often.

1981-1986: on birth control pill. Had a bad reaction – nausea, cramps.

1983 Break-up with boyfriend, he cheated, heartbreaking, but also I was very angry. Two years later met my husband and married in 1985.

1988: September: immunizations for trip to Africa: yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A, malaria

1990: January 24th: birth of first child: epidural, Caesarian section fear/anxiety. The pregnancy was Ok but has a lot of morning sickness. Wanted a natural birth but the doctor insisted on c-section due to the slow progress of the birth – disappointment, anger at being disregarded, fear of the procedure. Surgery went well, but I took a long time to recover.

1990: April: husband’s job loss and move to a new city: loss, sadness, fear, anxiety, anger

1988: December: beloved grandmother died, wasn’t able to show grief, couldn’t attend funeral: loss, sadness

1991-1995: many colds with fevers and headaches, typically triggered by stress, alone at home with child, alone in new city, depression – started on anti-depressants: Prozac, and also pain medication – Ibuprofen.

2000: Winter: diagnosed with pneumonia, ended up in hospital – Cipro antibiotic for 10 days

2000: Summer: bicycle accident: head injury/concussion – xray, painkillers

2001: November: flu vaccine, bad reaction, was very sick with flu.

2005: Diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 3 years of constant pain and fatigue. Had a CT scan before that and multiple blood tests.