Monday – Friday:  10 am – 5 pm EST
Saturdays: by special appointment

To book an appointment: 

e-mail: Ati@RealMedicineClinic.com   Phone: 613-820-3234 and leave a message.

24 hr. Cancellation policy: 

Please give me 24 hrs. advance notice if you can’t keep your appointment. A fee of $50 applies to all missed sessions. Remember, when I book your appointment, I prepare for our session and this time is set aside exclusively for you. 


Please seek emergency medical care if you feel you are in serious health danger. My private practice consists of monthly sessions and occasional in-between support. Due to my high volume of clients each day, I am not always able to provide ongoing care on an as-needed basis.


INITIAL ASSESSMENT For All New Clients: $599.00 

This is a 3 part assessment spread over 3 monthly sessions.
It is r
equired for all new clients who want to continue with the full Sequential Therapy, German New Medicine and remedies program.
Included in this package (a minimum value of $969.00): 

  • ~ 3 monthly sessions, each 90 minutes long; remedies included. (reg.$150 ea.)
  • ~ Toxicity evaluation and detox/drainage treatment (reg.$120)
  • ~ Full scan with the Inergetix-CoRe system, with written report. (reg.$150 ea.)
  • ~ Body-Mind analysis of your symptoms
  • ~ German New Medicine assessment and report (reg. 120)
  • ~ Sequential Therapy Personal Timeline preparation (reg.$99)
  • ~ 30-Day remote treatment after each session (reg.$10 ea.)

Regular sessions: $150.00/hr.

  • ~ All sessions are 60 min. long and include the selection and preparation of remedies and remote treatments for that session.
  • ~ You can also have a live CoRe analysis done during the session

3-Session Option (follow-ups only): $360.00

If you are considering ongoing treatment for more than 1-2 sessions, then I will offer you a discount on the fees when paid in advance and booked monthly. This gives regular clients a break and saves me time.

  •  ~ 60 minute session and treatment or remedies (shipping extra)
  • ~ Optional live CoRE analysis during session (written report is $50 extra)
  • ~ If three session option is chosen, must be booked monthly

Single (acute) consultations: $150.00/hr.

  • ~ 60 min. session and remedies for a specific issue.
  • ~ German New Medicine evaluation of symptoms
  • ~ Free upgrade of remedies during the month if needed

Treatment only (no session) : $120.00

Sometimes clients do not need a full consultation, but only a renewal of remedies to continue therapy on a regular basis. This option is also excellent for clients who want to try a few remedies and see the results before choosing more serious treatment.

  • ~ Includes 2-5 remedies, chosen after a brief email update of your needs.
  • Bio-resonance assessment and report not included.

Single remedy (no session): $60.00

For the relief of simple conditions when no consultation is required. For the treatment of recent medical procedures or injuries, including emotional trauma. For the prevention of complications from planned medical procedures (dental, x-rays, surgery, vaccines, for example)

  • ~ Selection and preparation of 1 remedy
  • ~ No session – just a quick email order
  • ~ Option of physical remedy or distance treatment (30 days) 



Inergetix-CoRE is a system for biofeedback analysis and treatment and it is used regularly with all consultations and for distance treatment. Read more here>>

FULL CoRe analysis: $150.00

  • ~ A full scan of your physical, emotional and energetic health
  • ~ Add 30-day remote treatment: $30.00
  • ~ Add 1 hr. session to discuss the results: $100.00 and get the  30-day treatment for free

Short CoRe Reading with written report: $99.00

These are short readings on a specific theme. You can choose from the following themes: Detox, Weight problems, Relationship, Immunity, Allergies, Skin problems, Hormonal Problems, Life Purpose, Business, Spiritual / Energy Flow, Karmic ties.

  • ~ Each reading comes with a written report.
  • ~ Add a 30-day remote treatment with the results: $30.00
  • ~ Add 1hr. session to discuss the results: $100.00 and get the 30-day treatment for free

For a full list of all Short CoRe Readings, click here>
Check the Special Offers for additional savings.



Daily remote biofeedback treatment with the Inergetix-CoRE system.
For the past 10 years this has been a regular treatment option and the results are exceptional. One treatment is equivalent to a dose of a remedy usually taken at home. A series of treatments are set up based on your needs.

NEW!  24/7  Frequency Treatment for Crisis Control: $300.00

  • ~ 24/7 remote treatment with client-specific frequencies for 30 days
  • ~ Adjustment of frequencies every day to match your needs
  • ~ Keeps your system in optimal shape with constant monitoring
  • ~ Excellent for tough symptoms or when continuous support is needed

30-day single treatment: $30.00

  • ~ Daily treatment with a pre-selected remedy or frequency
  • ~ Daily treatment with the results of your CoRE reading


Miscellaneous Fees

Organ balancing with the CoRe frequencies: $60.00

Rebalancing of up to 3 major organs or systems in the body. Only distance treatment with the CoRE – for detoxification, strengthening or balancing.

Supplement Evaluation: $30.00 (for up to 10 supplements)

If you want to know how beneficial your supplements are for you, they can be evaluated to see how well they match your needs at any given time. Excellent for people who take many supplements or who are choosing the best option or manufacturer. 

NOTE: This is not an evaluation of your nutritional needs.

Additional remedies between regular appointments: $20.00



  • At this time all remedies are delivered remotely and created and used at home by the client. No shipping of remedies.



  • ~ PayPal link will be provided
  • ~ e-Transfer (in Canada only)
  • ~ Cheques are also great – payable to: Ati Petrov
  • ~ Cash is the best currency, so I happily accept it when it is offered!