Prevention Therapy

We all believe in prevention, yet most of us put it off for later. It is human nature to believe that disease befalls only other people and that misfortune will somehow miss knocking on our door. In many ways, this is a good attitude to have in life, provided you are fully sold on the idea and have no worries about your future health.

But for all those who worry about health, toxicity, allergies, genetic disease and for those that see in every symptom a sign of impending doom – those of you I encourage to consider prevention.

When to consider prevention

1. You worry that you may get the disease that runs in your family. If your family members suffer from the same condition and you fear you may also succumb to it, prevention will help you understand the condition and check to see if you are a candidate for it. You can also make sure you remove the factors that make you susceptible to this ailment. 

2. You are sensitive and you get every bug around. Sensitive people tend to weaken over time due to worry and the constant plague of symptoms and the worry and fight to not get them. People with allergies have a restricted way of life that also causes weariness over time. The exhaustion of keeping up with constant health issues can open the way to more serious disease. Prevention can not only provide protection but will also resolve existing problems!

3. You are health conscious and want to make sure you stay healthy all your life. Many people today change their diet and habits to ensure they stay healthy in the future. My prevention program can increase your chances to stay disease-free by clearing up the effects of past insults to your system and make sure they do not pop up one day and surprise you with complications. Also, very importantly, what you will learn about health and disease, you won’t learn anywhere else – and that is how to differentiate between symptoms of healing and symptoms of concern. Many people believe they are sick while in actual fact, their body is healing and rejuvenating itself, especially later in life.

4. You are at an age where you want to make sure you don’t get the usual symptoms of wear and tear. There is no such thing as typical old age disease! People get problems later in life due to a lack of understanding about proper disease prevention and due to neglect earlier in life. Bad habits can be eliminated, body functions enhanced and emerging conditions nipped in the bud, before they have a chance to blossom and ruin the next half of your life!

5. Our children’s future. And although the people reading this are mostly adult, an important point to make is that early in life we set ourselves up for later problems. Children can be harmed by vaccines, antibiotics, early life trauma and other shocks that hit us really hard at that innocent age when we are unable to react properly. This program is especially useful for children – to clear up a few things and strengthen some weaknesses and make sure they have a healthy start to life!

How it works

The Prevention Program is really very simple. There are 3 areas of focus.

1. Resolution of existing symptoms. If you already have symptoms (allergies, chronic problems, weight problems), we focus on those until they are resolved and you can move on without them constantly interfering with your life.

2. Clearing the effects of past trauma. This is an amazing tool for prevention. Past shocks to your system (physical or emotional alike) can continue to weaken your system even when your mind has forgotten about them. And then one day suddenly they have grown so much that they flare-up in an actual disease condition. At that point you need help to heal from the disease, which can be complicated. Eradicating such hidden disease agents is easy while they are dormant. And this immediately gives an amazing boost to your immune system. You then realize how much you were under-functioning due to constant unresolved irritation to your system.

The removal of past trauma effects is explained in the Sequential Therapy section. For a list of typical shocks to the system, take a look at the Timeline Guidelines.

 3. Eliminating inherited diseases (miasms). We all inherit at birth a tendency to acquire certain diseases, based on diseases that our ancestors passed on to their descendants. One has to know what to look for to recognize the signs of inherited disease. Today, a method of eliminating the known hereditary diseases has been developed and you no longer have to succumb to their weakening influence. Dynamic remedies are used for this process.

Finding out what you need

Central to the Prevention Program is to ascertain what specifically you need to watch out for. We can find out easily by taking a look at your health history and that of your family. Some things are obvious and most people come with a good idea of what they want to prevent (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.).

In addition to that, I use biofeedback technology to dig deeper and see what else there may be that you and I do not know about. I really like this part of the process because there is just too much we do not know about the hidden patterns and latent influences that may be lurking in the shadows unseen and unnoticed.

The CoRE system, which I use is amazingly accurate. It scans your energy field and brings up areas of activity or suppression that we need to know about. That way, nothing is missed just because you forgot to mention about it or purely because we did not know it existed. With this tool, the Prevention Program becomes not just a process of protection from future disease, but also a journey of discovery of what makes you tick, so to speak.

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