CoRe Report

When you order a CoRE reading you will receive a written report of all findings, plus comments by me explaining what they mean. Of course, the meaning of all results is very specific to you and your question, so it may be different than my own interpretation.

Still, I have found over time,that my own expertise and the many connections I can make, help people see patterns and understand certain items that may otherwise remain confusing when you don’t have a context for them.

Much as a psychic reading presents information filtered through the person reading the cards or tea leaves, so in a CoRe report you will get my interpretation of “what came through”. The big difference is that all the results are objective and are based on your own energy patterns and not on mine. The wording and items listed appear in the same form as the CoRe produced them, so you have the option to interpret them as you feel is correct.

During in-person sessions we do this together. It is very interesting and fun at the same time. During a conversation, much more is uncovered.

Top items

All items are listed in order of priority with the highest values on top.

The results are very accurate. If you do not recognize their meaning right away, that is because people are not conscious of the activity in their bio-field. Like an iceberg that is 80% below the surface, most of what affects us goes unnoticed. So when you are able to peek into this mysterious realm, you may not recognize what you see right away.

Understanding (-) negative values:

Sometimes results come up with a (-) value. This does not  mean something is wrong or that it is a bad result. Here are some explanations:

Shadow. It is in your shadow or blind side and you are not conscious of the issue yet. Do not rush to dismiss it. Now that you have discovered it and it is in your awareness, it will be easier for you to recognize it as an element in your life.

Blockages. The issue cannot resolve at this time. This situation can arise in cases when something is blocking healing or change. Or sometimes it can be related to an old trauma that is still causing disturbance, but cannot yet be resolved adequately.

The un-manifest. It could relate to an emerging process that has not come to happen yet, but is detected by the CoRe on a subtle level. Usually people see the relevance a few days or weeks later and get a surprising confirmation.

Denial. You may be in denial about something, or projecting onto others. If you feel defensive about the theme, it well may be loaded with meaning for you. Sit with it for a while. Let it reveal what is of value for you.

Other meanings. A negative value of a known issue can also mean that there is something in it that is not being interpreted correctly at this time. Look closer and see in what way it can apply to you. Think also figuratively.

Timing. The problem may not be able to be resolved at this time. It should be addressed later when blocks to its resolution are removed. In other words the timing is not right to work on the issue. This is usually true for all (-) values.

Absorbing other people’s problems

A possible, although not too common situation is when you are being affected strongly by people or events related to you in some significant way. You can absorb their problems and they too will come up in this analysis as important to you.

Even when another person’s problems appear in your reading, this still indicates that they are affecting you. Clearing them with a quick biofeedback treatment will release them from your own psyche, stopping any energy loss.

How To Read Your Report

After reading your report, jot down your first impressions, what you agree or disagree with, how it makes you feel and so on. Then put the Report aside and let it sink in.

Pick it up a few days later and read it again. What are your impressions from the second reading? Write them down.  Compare with your first notes. Did anything change?

Wait for a couple of weeks and take notice of any event or new information that may confirm some of these findings. You will be surprised at the results! I have had many clients write or call quite some time after their reading was done, to report that the findings proved to be true and were confirmed after some time. This is because many of the results are not yet manifested physically, but are in a process of development.

This is very useful when we want advance notice, so we can take early measures.