3 Dinosaurs Near Extinction: What the Vaccine, Cancer and Food Industries have in common with the Holocaust 

We live in the era when finally the 3 major dinosaurs left over from the past century are dying. It may not seem so at first glance because appearances tend to persevere longer, especially if a fake front can be maintained long after a collapse is imminent (witness the collapse of world markets – this is no different).

There is a need to name them and the damage they are doing:

Dinosaur #1: Vaccine Industry
Dinosaur #2: Cancer Industry
Dinosaur #3: Franken-Food Industry

People were mostly ignorant of what went on in concentration camps until one day they found out…and are still  horrified, to this day! But even at the time when it was all happening, there were those who tried to bring out the truth, and they were ridiculed and shut down.

Are our heads still in the sand? My article is one of many coming out every day in an attempt to make people aware of the real situation. Very soon you will discover with horror the extent of the damage that has been done to humanity by the 3 major industries that claim to save and nurture life.

Dinosaur #1
The Vaccine Industry

 With mounting proof about the falsified science about vaccine toxicity and the lack of proof of vaccine effectiveness, we see a last desperate push from Big Pharma to keep its favorite child in the playground, through legislation protecting them from any legal responsibility for the damage they cause. A case of take the money and run, by the time we wake up to the horror of their legacy, they will be long gone. Lets just hope this happens soon so no more babies and children have to be damaged for the rest of their life, leaving the world to be populated by sickly and mentally unstable people for the next few decades.

One day we will look back on this free experimentation on humans as a legacy of the experiments done in concentration camps.


This may be already happening! Read article here:

Article: What is the flu? Do I need protection?

Article: A comprehensive review of 12,000 vaccine studies reveals that vaccine claims are wildly exaggerated. It turns out they simply don’t work on most people:
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Dynosaur #2
The Cancer industry

Cancer rates worldwide have been declining for a number of years now. But you would not know about it. Why? Because the Cancer Industry is still making rocket high profits from an antiquated therapy offered for the past 100 years. The sweetest business is the one where you need not innovate at all, so all you do is rake in the money. But it is now grasping at straws!

  • “The Early Detection Game” – Straw #1. Due to the decline in real cancers, we are seeing now the concoction of fake ones! “Early Detection” gets more people into the Cancer Ward and keeps the profits coming – from dangerous tests, unnecessary procedures and dubious “preventive” toxic treatments or surgeries.
  • “We found your cancer” – Straw #2. After this kind of toxic assault and the fear of death instilled in people, even the healthiest body will produce something that can finally be called a “real cancer”. Fear of a cancer diagnosis, invasive biopsies and tests using radiation are the major culprits here.
  • It is actually quite the ingenious plot, if it were not so deadly: first you look for a cancer, then you invade the body until it produces one and then you say your prevention worked.
  • “Treatment Didn’t work, we could not stop the disease” – Straw #3. This has always been the favorite way to blow smoke in your eyes. Every doctor knows that chemo and radiation cure nothing. But they can’t tell you that and get you to use them. Since they are instructed to use those treatments by the Cancer Industry, all they can do is blame the failures on YOU and your cancer. So, here is what happens: chemo and radiation destroy your body and start new cancers in other organs. This is blamed on your body and not on the poisons. An elegant slight of hand you never really notice. After all, you trust your doctor.
  • “Pink Ribbon Campaigns” – Straw #4.  This is a desperate and manipulative way to cover up the ugly reality that people are being destroyed in the name of medical arrogance and profiteering! We all want to help and end suffering, it is human nature. But supporting the very source of that suffering just because people are not informed is not going to work for long, because it is based on a deception.

The PROOF. The proof that the Cancer Industry is obsolete is right before your eyes, you just have to look at the obvious. With so many natural means to sustain life – good food, soothing massage and herbs to boost the body, hydration and all kinds of gentle therapies, why don’t hospitals adopt any of them?

Why the rejection of anything that can reduce the suffering of a patient? Because there is no profit in natural cures for cancer! The Cancer Industry is not well meaning, nor humane. It is a face-less entity that feeds on sick people and its appetite is insatiable. And we are all complicit in this as long as we support it.

VIDEO: How did chemotherapy become a first option for treating cancer? Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez discusses the history of the drug, and you won’t believe how it became the first option for many patients.

VIDEO: Dr. Michael Farley and medical researcher Ty Bollinger discuss oncologists and their use of traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Find out why most are stuck treating patients the way they do.
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Dynosaur #3
The Franken-Food Industry

And how desperate is this dinosaur of an industry? In times when industrial farming has proven to be short-sighted and devastating to the sustainability of life, when animals are tortured with unheard of cruelty just to make a quick buck and when we no longer know what exactly we are eating, how long do you think this can continue? Well, as long as we choose to bury our heads in the sand…

Fake organic. Organic and local food is popular now as never before. As more people choose to drink raw organic milk, eat local produce and avoid factory meats and junk foods, the Franken-Food Industry is scrambling to create its own versionof “green” and “organic”, to hide from view the poisons and strange genetic concoctions we are being fed today.

Keep it hidden. Witness the fierce fight against labeling of foods so we can choose what we eat. The Food Industry has a lot of MUSCLE with the government, which it has infiltrated and subjected to its interests. Laws continue to be manipulated to protect Industry and allow its slow genocide to continue.

Symptoms of its death throes:

–       Persecution of the opposition – raids on farmers and organic producers to destroy their business and deter others

–       Ban on collecting rainwater in the US (seems foolish, but is real!)

–       Financing laws in support of hiding genetically modified ingredients from your eyes. (If they are so safe, why keep them hidden?)

–       Changing the names of ingredients to hide fillers and toxic additives

Large companies like Monsanto are attempting to create a monopoly on food and water in order to control supply and profits. A side benefit to them is the creation of disease and a larger market for the Drug Industry as more people succumb to disease due to poor nutrition and toxic overload.

Surely karma will catch up with those who dare stifle a basic need of humanity – to be nurtured with REAL food, with real love?

Gary Null short film on GMO’s, in a nutshell:

Article: Progressives, conservatives, libertarians… everybody wants to stop foods from being secretly formulated with deadly GMO:

The battle to label GMO’s in food is but the most recent cause that has brought together people from around the world, from all continents. To me, just the fact that people chose to inform themselves and take action in support of their own interests is a ray of light in a world full of misinformation, deception and coercion.

Remember, most of what goes on unpunished does so by hiding in the dark and masking its true identity. You just need to choose to shed some light and see for yourselves. So, take a step, take a look, make up your own mind.
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