Follow-up Sessions

Every 4-6 weeks we book a 45 minute follow-up session to discuss the effect of the remedies, what improved, what is still requiring attention, and what lies ahead. We can use the CoRe during the session for more insight into a symptom or life situation. All remedies are renewed at this session and the previous ones are no longer taken.

Since the body will set its own pace of healing, it is important to book the sessions regularly. A month is a good time for a healing cycle. Any longer than 6 weeks between sessions will interrupt the healing pace, symptoms may begin appearing or stop improving.

My own work for you is easier when we establish a good rhythm. I remember what happened before, I can keep track of the direction in which we want to go so that I can direct the healing process. In that case, you will experience fewer glitches or set-backs and they are easily corrected even when they do happen.

3-Session Option

The human mind likes order and patterns. 3 monthly sessions make it easier to actually see the healing happening. The 3-step process of beginning, middle and end (reaching the goal) is appealing in its simplicity and also because it allows chronic conditions to be broken down into manageable steps.

At the first session we set a particular goal that is at the top of your list. It can be a health problem or it can be a life issue that you want to solve. A month later, during session #2 we assess progress and re-set the course with new remedies. We work together to get it resolved by session #3. In my experience, by the 3rd session there are tangible results, most of the time the goal has been reached. The last session is useful to tweak a few remaining issues and to stabilize the achieved results.

Then we book another set of 3 sessions with a new goal or a new aspect of the initial problem, which in some cases can be quite a complex issue.