Life Purpose Reading


The Reading

If you are attracted to this reading, then you may be at a crossroads, evaluating your life and pondering in what direction to move next. This reading will help you see the top issues to focus on, your best options, hidden information and trends that may confirm what you already know or may point to an interesting angle you did not consider.

The Report

The results of the biofeedback scan will tell you how in sync you are right now with your life purpose.

  • – What area in your life is open for action? Family life? Career? Health? Work in that are will give the most rewards at this time.
  •  – What is blocking you from living your life purpose and reaching your goals?
  • – Setting goals: do’s and don’ts. Our life purpose is composed of a series of moves in different directions and at any single time we need to set our goals and make sure we achieve them, in order to move forward.
  • – Core beliefs to consider when feeling stuck.
  • – How can you improve your ability to stay on course: The CoRe will give you the solutions most relevant to your circumstances at this time.

To order click here.  $99.00

Add a 30 day biofeedback treatment for $30 extra! When you are able to see the patterns and influences that apply to your life, consider using the CoRe to set up a series of energy boosting transmissions to help solidify the positive and move you forward in the desired direction. Reading and treatment: $129.00