Detox Reading


The Reading

A bio-feedback reading is a snapshot of the energy and informational patterns in your system. It targets areas in your bio-field that show unusual activity. Finding and fixing these before they develop any further is critical for the maintenance of health in your system.

The Report

The results will show your relative toxic load, your potential for eliminating toxins, and your main source of toxicity.

Toxic emotions and thoughts can also have an impact on our body. Stress is a major cause for acidity and inner toxicity. Which negative feelings cause toxic stress in your body and which are YOUR best solutions for a toxin free life?

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Detox Reading: $99.00


30-Day Detox Treatment ~ $30.00
If you want to begin neutralizing the effects of toxicity and start a workout for your organs right away, you can add this service to your DETOX READING right away. A very individualized set of 30 daily treatments will be set up for you based on the results of the analysis. These are fine-tuned remote frequency treatments to restore the correct vibrations in your organs and tissues to facilitate a gentle and steady detoxification on the cellular level.

Reading + 30-day Treatment: $129.00

For those serious about detoxification

For a full workout you can order 3 liquid formulas to be created for you based on your specific needs. Each formula is taken for 7-10 days to facilitate a 3-step detoxification program.

If you really like to do things properly, this option is a must since it will eliminate all the guesswork of which detoxification system to choose and you will get maximum effect, especially if you decide to follow a specific diet plan and take it easy for a few weeks. That, combined with the 3 Drainage formulas will give you unexpected results!

1. You start with the Colon Formula, to open up the colon and make sure it can eliminate properly. In addition to that it has an anti-candida and pro-biotic effect.

2. The second formula is the Kidney Formula. During detoxification, you want to make that toxins don’t get stuck inside your body due to slow or compromised kidney function. By optimizing kidney function this formula protects you from the usual aggravation during an active detoxification process.

3. Liver Formula: since our liver takes such a beating year-round, this formula is really worth the whole effort. Once the colon and kidneys are stimulated and ready for action, we can give the liver the go-ahead and then we are really talking – this is where major detox can happen.

This is an excellent option for those who really like to focus on diet and detoxification in a more organized fashion. Instead of buying generic formulas from the store, you can have them prepared for you to match your needs EXACTLY. Each person has different needs and capability to release toxicity and sometimes a general drainage formula can cause too much aggravation or, on the other hand, may have little to no effect at all.

Formulas only: $50.00

Reading & Formulas:  $139.00 (save $10)

Full Detox Package of Reading, 30-Day Treatment and 3 Formulas: $159.00 (Save $20)