Treatment of existing disease conditions consists of  3 parts: 

1. Assessment of the extent of the problem, including the history, the treatments or diagnosis already done before, any medication still used. The purpose of this step is to make sure we cover all the bases of what you need right away and also to outline a plan of treatment that can give you results quickly. For details on the assessment process read here»

2. Remedy selection is always part of the treatment process. At each session (usually monthly) I will select and prepare for you a series of formulas, all of which are individual to your case. At the same time you will have the option to be supported by remote energy treatments with the CoRE system to increase the pace and effectiveness of the process.

3. Removal of past trauma effects (physical or emotional trauma, recent medical interventions or drugs, etc.). More on this issue here»

Case Investigation

To help us understand what is going on, I use many forms of case analysis:

German New Medicine tells us if you are developing a condition or healing from it, and what your symptoms actually mean. It is not what you think! Many surprises here.

– If you take medication, I can check to make sure part of your symptoms are not a side effect. I also check for drug interactions and nutrient depletions (those are the norm when on medical drugs). This helps us create a detoxification protocol and also to choose the right supplements you need at any step of your treatment.

– Supplement assessment. For those on many supplements, they can also be assessed with the CoRe system to give you an indication of how beneficial or resonant they are for you at any given time.

– Mind-body connections. Many physical symptoms are a result of deeper mental and emotional stress patterns. If you are stressed out long enough, your body will produce a symptom. There are ways to find out what type of stress is causing your health problems. Without resolving such inner conflicts, chronic disease cannot be healed.

The Treatment Process

All full programs are structured in the same way. Although you have the option to book single sessions at a time of your choice, it is highly advisable to book them three at a time. Not only do you get a discount on the total cost that way, but more importantly, a group of three sessions forms an elegant and simple mini-treatment where you can plan a goal, work toward it and achieve it by the third session.

3-Session Package

As explained elsewhere, at the first session we identify an immediate goal (elimination of a symptom, for example) and you receive treatment for a month. At the second session we assess progress, remedies are upgraded accordingly and you have one more moth of treatment. By the third session, results are noticeable and many times this is a session where results are solidified. In cases where success is partial, at this session new remedies are chosen to finalize success.

Usually 3 sessions alone are not enough to deal with deeper and more serious chronic disease, especially in cases where the person is dependent on long-term medical drugs or treatments. In those cases, more time is necessary to strengthen the body, reduce symptoms and eventually be able to stop medication.

Treatable conditions

Basically, my approach is applicable to any existing disease condition. I have had success with so-called “incurable” conditions like cancer, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma and optic nerve regeneration, ADD, and much more.

If your body is strong enough to be able to restore itself and if there is no permanent damage or missing organs, therapy will give you excellent results.

If you have already tried many things and none of them helped, do not get discouraged. In my experience, everything you have already done has contributed to improving your health in ways you may not have noticed. Many times, my input is enough to make that final difference. In so many cases my work seems to achieve miracles, but not because I did magic. Rather, you had already reached the point where just a little extra push was all you needed. Or that extra element missing from other therapies and which I can provide, was the missing piece of the puzzle.

When it is not a real disease. We think of symptoms as signs of disease and we don’t want to have them. Believe it or not, the majority of symptoms in the body are a sign of its efforts to restore health! So when you have a diagnosis of “arthritis” or “colitis” or even a tooth abscess to deal with… you are already on the road to recovery. So this type of conditions, because they are not real diseases, are easy to treat. All you need is some help to finish with the healing.