by Ati Petrov, natural healer and person, living in the Sane World

Double mastectomies are on the news lately. Celebrities, young women, healthy women are removing their breasts surgically out of fear of contracting cancer sometime in the future. The new theory is that a gene in your body determines if you will get breast cancer or not.

This wave of frightened women who choose to have a serious surgery and to remove their breasts, shows the extent to which we have become separated from the reality of life and how much we reside today in our heads, in fear and in a world of theory and illusion.

There is no need to poke around the genes and use medical jargon to impress us. It is not hard to detect the state of mind of a person who is vulnerable to cancer. An experienced holistic doctor will even give you details of what in your life is the problem and can help you resolve it without crippling your body in the process.

Cutting off the breasts is a dangerous solution created by a science that has no answers for us, and never will if it keeps looking in the same place all the time. Why trust a system that has found no cause or cure for cancer for the past 100 years?

The belief that a gene causes a tumor to appear is as grounded in science as any is a theory and a dangerous one at that.

For those interested in a totally new view on genes and their role in our body, read Dr. Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” or watch his presentation on YouTube.


Fear blinds us. If we remove the fear of pain and death that enshrouds cancer, we may be able to see the answers we need to heal from it and never get it again.

To avoid fear we need to understand. Alternative science has new knowledge about what causes cancer and how to get rid of a tumor. But you don’t know about them, because they operate in a different world, so to speak, one where chemo and radiation are failed therapies of the past. I live in that world.

It took me a while to build up my knowledge base, a lot of studying, research and clinical experience and observation. And I am still at it. But I can share what I know:

GERMAN NEW MEDICINE. I would start with a serious exploration of the newest and most scientific research on the causes cancer: German New Medicine, developed by the German doctor Dr. Hamer. You can start by visiting their website and reading the explanation of this revolutionary view on health and disease:

There is a whole article on breast cancer and a video presentation of its causes, prevention and treatment it without harm or loss to the woman.

Dr. Hamer discovered that the most common cause for cancer, breast cancer included, is a traumatic life event: a sudden loss of a loved one or a sudden crisis at home or at work that causes her inner conflict. A tumor as a natural biological response meant to help us resolve the crisis. It is not just a bunch of evil cells out to eat up the body.

My work with women with breast cancer has confirmed this every single time. If you ask about events in her life, preceding the diagnosis, you will hear the story – marriage problems, loss of a loved one, worries or conflicts at work or at home.

Once you understand the biological process of cancer, you need tools to resolve the conflict and heal the body, including getting rid of the tumor as fast as possible.

DYNAMIC MEDICINE. It provides us with remedies that we can use to alleviate the emotional and mental pain while we seek to resolve the conflict. Not only that but dynamic medicine can also speed up the shrinking and dissolution of a tumor, it can ease discomfort and help support the elimination of toxicity  – one of the main problems in cancer. It is a little known fact that most cancer patients die of toxicity and malnutrition and not from the tumors or cancer cells.

SEQUENTIAL THERAPY. Not only do we have remedies that work faster than herbs and foods alone and can be used in so many complex and versatile ways, but we can also use remedies to eradicate emotional trauma completely.

In other words, sequential therapy can solve the main problem in cancer, the root cause of its appearance – it can remove the impact and effects of the initial conflict that set it all in motion. And this can be done swiftly and effectively with just oral, non-chemical, non-toxic and … non-material remedies.

BIOFEEDBACK. In addition to these advanced modern methods of treatment, we are now stepping into the age of energy and informational medicine, where we can stimulate changes through pure informational fields and also by tuning into the energy field of the person. There are many such methods used widely today and every year we see innovations in the field as we understand it better. For most, this is still an unknown area, little understood and little trusted.

But – and this is a big BUT, unless you open up your mind and have more faith and trust in new methods, you can’t reap the benefits of using them.

With biofeedback, for example, we can tune into the informational and energy field of a person and we can identify very accurately certain disturbances either of the organs and physical body, or shifts and blocks in the energy flow, or even themes and issues on a mental or emotional level, with precise formulation of the exact topic and nature of the feelings.

Imagine how amazing it is to be able to get feedback from the Unconscious field where information is encoded and acted upon, completely out of sight of our conscious mind. While the conscious mind is busy worrying and seeking answers, the unconscious has already devised a plan and is putting it in motion!

By finding out what that plan is and also uncovering some of the information that otherwise would remain hidden from sight, we can alter the direction  of the disease, attend to important problems in a timely manner, usually even before they manifest in their fully developed physical form (tumor, inflammation, discharge, etc.).

Not only can we peek into the hidden repository of accurate information about our body and psyche, we can also use feedback to treat it and direct it toward healing. In the hands of a trained and wise therapist, this tool can perform miracles in the fraction of the time it would take if one were to rely on herbs and teas and medication.


Because this is the medicine of a different world, a world where fear and mistrust and ignorance are treated with care and gently transformed into knowledge and grounded in real life. So to access these new therapies and restore health swiftly and completely, one has to at least visit this world, or reside in it.

The rest of the world is not interested. It is driven by materialistic and limited concepts, where greed, egotism, ignorance and inertia are believed to be what life is about. In that world nobody has the time, energy or interest to discover anything that lies beyond the accepted dogma.


Not only can one release the conflict that leads to tumors in the body, but one can prevent this from ever happening in the first place – genes or not.

There is a better way to know if you will get breast cancer or not.

First of all, a woman knows. If allowed to use her intuition and think for herself, a woman can easily identify the deep conflicts that drive her to despair and to getting sick at the end. I have talked to so many women, friends and patients and general public and once we get going it is so easy, so obvious, so empowering.

Once you identify your life conflicts and identity issues, you can work on those in advance so as to not end up sick due to suppression or denial. Years of living in conflict and stress and denying our real needs, makes us weak and indifferent to life.

With BIOFEEDBACK you can check for active life conflicts, some of which may be deep and life-long. You can also find out your current triggers, the response in your body and the best of many solutions, just for you. Biofeedback eliminates the guesswork by matching you to the most useful treatments.

With SEQUENTIAL THERAPY you can diffuse all those traumatic events that create life conflicts and can trigger a cancer. After all, life is never smooth and we have several defining moments, especially in childhood and in our main relationships. Hanging on to those can be harmful, even when you have buried them deep into the unconscious. Remember, it is the unconscious that decides to act based on such buried information. Do not let yourself be surprised by a lump in the breast one day.

NATURAL MEDICINE offers tons of advice on how to eat better, detoxify, get the physical support our body needs to function well. Organic food, good water, movement and clean air, protection from toxins and EMF, there is so much today you can use to improve your life easily and the inventions continue to appear…you just won’t hear of them because they exist in a different place than what we believe is the ‘real world’.

There is a lot out there you can use to live a full and healthy life. You just need to step into the real where it is available and where all possibilities are manifesting.


It is too late to learn and work on change once you have found out you have a lump.

Do your investigation early on, take a look at your life, learn the themes that are typical for women with breast cancer, change what you can to prevent it. There are tools to do so and it is not that complicated at all.

What IS complicated is to scramble to find solutions once you are faced with a diagnosis. If you have never learned much about new therapies by that point, chances are you will be too panicked and frightened to dare try anything but conventional methods.

Removing the breasts preventively or due to a cancer diagnosis does not help. The reality is that if you have unresolved issues and remove the location where your body has created a tumor (your breasts), soon after your body will create the tumor elsewhere – perhaps on the ribs or lymph glands in the same area.

Chemo is carcinogenic and so is radiotherapy. So the solution they offer can kill cells in the body but it also causes other cells to turn cancerous. Most women take a long time to recover from such devastating treatments.

Fear is also a major factor leading to death in cancer. It is so demoralizing that many people just give up due to pain and suffering caused by the treatments (and not by the cancer!). A cancer diagnosis is considered a death sentence and this is further confirmed by doctors who even tell you how long you have to live.

Let me tell you about the world where I live – over here, women live for years with a tumor in the breast, but in good health. They also heal from those tumors, detoxify their body and restore not only physical balance but also a renewed sense of purpose, once they have also identified and solved the problem that caused the cancer in the first place – usually something to do with our sense of self and our attitude to life and our loved ones.


Have you wondered about hospital food, overworked doctors, nasty nurses, bacterial infections at hospitals…I often think about that. Why is it so hard to create nutritious food for patients and make the environment more comfortable and healthy. After all, we are not at war and yet the hospitals I have been to are like war zones. Everything is done efficiently, but quite mechanically.

Healing is so important! During the healing phase of disease we GET MOST OF OUR SYMPTOMS! Inflammation, fever, discharges, swellings, pain and irritation of tissues, tiredness, heaviness and all kinds of crises due to sudden spikes in blood pressure or blood sugar – all of this is part of a normal healing phase of the body.


This is where natural medicine is at its best nowadays! Most of what is offered will help boost the immune system, compensate for deficiencies and remove toxins. There is no need to suppress symptoms with medication – this is an old and antiquated method to restore health – it actually does not restore anything, it just causes even more harm to the body.

There are plenty of natural and healthy methods to alleviate healing and help it proceed faster and in a more gentle way.

Nutrition, a quiet environment, massage, reflexology, essential oils, juicing, baths and soaks, acupuncture – the list goes on! So much has been developed already and is available to those who know it exists, you just have to reach out.

German New Medicine has much to offer in describing the healing process for different diseases, cancer included. Knowing what to expect helps you choose the best therapy to make healing happen easily and painlessly. Knowing that a symptom is a sign of healing also takes the fear away, so you can relax and let your body do its magic, instead of living in tension and angst about what else “can go wrong”.

Dynamic medicine can help address all stages in healing with remedies that are fast acting and totally non-toxic, so that they do not interfere with any of the beneficial body activities, but just facilitate and enhance them.

Biofeedback can be used to supply an additional form of 24/7 support with frequency treatments, monitoring of the process and using a variety of methods to enhance healing similar to what can be done with medicine. It can also be used to test for the best supplements or therapies for each person based on what the body actually needs and not based on random selection of one thing or another.


There are yet more advanced methods that have existed since the mid-1900’s and are used only by those who know about them. They are mind boggling with their simplicity of use and how easy they are to build by anyone who wants to own one.

For example, the ORGONE ACCUMULATOR of Wilhelm Reich, which really looks like a small wardrobe in which a person can sit on a chair. The generator attracts and accumulates orgone energy also known as prana, chi, life energy. This energy is all around us and inside us and when we have the right amount and it flows freely through us, we are healthy and alive.

When a person is sick, they have a deficit of orgone energy and need some help. This is when sitting in the orgone accumulator for 20-30 minutes a day can give a significant boost. At the time, Reich healed terminally ill cancer patients just by them sitting every day in the accumulator.

We have the only therapeutic grade orgone accumulator in Ontario, maybe even Canada, right here inOttawa. I have seen it heal skin cancer, torn muscles, deep cuts and injuries and much more. I have used it to treat people who can’t tolerate any form of intervention as because they are too sensitive.

You can also use an orgone blanket in the same way, but its effect is more gentle, not as powerful as the accumulator where you are surrounded by life energy that just builds up as you sit there and renews your blood cells, gives you energy and relaxes nervous tension.

Just 20 minnutes in the orgone accumulator boosts the quality of your blood in such a significant way that you can see the change immediately if you use a microscope and examine the live blood before and after. A course of several such treatments can restore tissue damage anywhere in the body and help organs cleanse and regenerate.


The main problem with cancer is that it generates a lot of toxicity. Once a tumore starts decomposing, during the healing phase, there are many dead cells and bacteria that is actually doing the job of breaking down the tumor. All that has to be eliminated from the body.

One of the main reasons why cancer patients get into a crisis and die is due to excessive toxicity and an inability of the inner organs to eliminate it in a timeline manner. A second reason is the debilitation and malnutrition that can set in when a case is not handled properly.

With natural therapies this can be avoided altogether. Holistic medicine focuses on good nutrition, knows what supplements to use and how to help detoxification while making sure the organs or elimination work properly and are not blocked. There are literally tens of therapies that can be used to manage the healing process from beginning to end.

One has to wonder why western medicine is so averse to incorporating any of this into hospital care and medical programs. But then, it is a different world, that of allopathy – there, drugs and surgery rule and all else is pushed aside.


For those who know that cancer runs in the family and may be worried about the possibility of contracting breast cancer at some point, I highly recommend prevention. But not cutting off the breast, rather – change your susceptibility to contracting cancer by understanding the triggers and predispositions and using holistic medicine to change the odds without doing harm to your body.

The whole idea about a gene causing cancer is a theory. A gene may be present in most women who get cancer, that does not mean it CAUSED it. So to assume that removing the breast is protecting you from breast cancer is correct, BUT ONLY BECAUSE THERE IS NO BREAST TO PLACE A CANCER. Instead, your body, should it need to create cancer, will just place it somewhere else.

If you want to get a totally different idea about genes and hereditary disease, watch on YouTube Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” where he clearly explains how genes are created and why. At the end you will realize that genes can be created in the body that never existed before IF YOUR BODY NEEDS TO ACTIVATE A CERTAIN ACTIVITY, like cancer…

This discovery of Dr. Lipton;s actually fits in perfectly with the discovery of so many other alternative scientists, including the founders of GNM, Sequential Therapy, and many other disciplines.

I have spend many years learning about cacner, holistic medicine and the new discoveries in the field. And when you learn different paradigms in depth, you start seeing how the pieces fit together and how it can all be put to use in such a brilliantly simple way!

If a sudden shock can cause cancer (GNM observation), then it makes sense that if you don’t have the cancer gene yet, your body might produce it in order to activate the necessary process to build a tumor (Lipton’s observation) and as a result all activity in the body will run in a new way.

To turn that all around we have to first understand what is happening, so that we reach out to methods that will make a difference and heal us safely. Without our own knowledge about it, we will go to a doctor in panic, the doctor will reinforce our worst fear and set in motion a process that spirals from bad to worse until the sad end. This is not a dramatic statement, it happens to be the truth, as anyone who has witnessed it knows.

What most do not realize is that people die in pain and suffering not from the cancer, but from the chemo, radiation and fear…Those treatments are so aggressive and toxic that they cause major physical shock to the body and combined with repetitive treatments and a lot of fear and a horrible environment in hospitals, the person’s morale suffers and they lose the will to live.


1- Dealing with the fear of cancer. First of all, learn to understand cancer in a way that takes away the hear. Mostly we are afraid of cancer because we don’t understand why it appears and what to do about it. We believe that the causes are unknown and that there is no treatment for it. This is not true.

2- Learning the real causes for breast cancer is prevention enough. There are simple and easy to understand principles explaining the appearance of tumors on the breast. German New Medicine describes in great detail the process of growth and elimination of a tumor. It is a biological process and has a logic to it, as everything in nature does. Finding the triggers in your own life can help you eliminate them before they have been activated to the point of causing a tumor to appear.

3- Weeding out past exposure to carcinogenic trauma. The cancer process itself is the same for every person, but the life events that trigger it, the beliefs that fuel our life crises and the reasons for our reactions in such a way that we create a tumor, those differ from one woman to another. We focus on your individual experience and make sure that all past events that qualify to create future cancer, are eradicated from your body.

4. Neutralizing hereditary disease. If you do have family members who have had cancer and it runs in your family, Sequential therapy offers solutions for that as well. There is a way to neutralize the genetic disposition to disease.


Since I have had years to investigate and learn all I could about cancer and its treatment, I have lost my fear of this disease. It is treatable. It has a purpose and a benefit to it (as attest all survivors who have managed to transform their lives as a result of cancer).

Today, I offer my clients all that I have learned for the prevention, treatment or recovery from breast cancer. To read more about the way I work, read the details here: Breast Cancer Programs.


But to do that the time is BEFORE you actually find a cancer in your body. Once you do get diagnosed, time shrinks, you are in crisis, our mind stops working and everything takes on an urgency that does not allow for any research and learning to happen – it is too late for that.

Knowledge Is Crucial

Many people change their diet, avoid known toxins, live a healthy lifestyle and … still get cancer. So there was something  missing. This yet another reason why people fear cancer  – it is so hard to predict who and when it will strike.

You can learn to care for your physical health better, but you must also learn about and eradicate your own particular triggers for cancer.

Cancer is a significant biological program in nature. There is nothing mysterious about cancer. It is an adaptive or compensatory mechanism in your body, one used to respond to changes in the environment. A tumor is the result of this adaptive mechanism working overtime. And an indication of a deeper inner conflict.

Once the reason for this reaction in the body (the cancer) is addressed, your body has also built-in mechanisms to dismantle and eliminate the tumor mass. In fact, there are many useful therapies that have all successfully destroyed and eliminated tumors from the body. So that is not really the problem when one knows about the therapies – you just choose one you like.

The problem is when we can’t stop stressing out. When our mind continuously sends signals of distress to our body, it forces our body to react physically. One such reaction may produce a tumor. The key then is to stop the signals from coming. In other words, changing your thinking will reduce the stress and stop the alarm bells. And then your body will let go of the tumor.

It is a world grounded in reality and pulsating with the rhythms of nature and the universe. Here, cancer is an expression of our inner struggle to grow and sort ourselves out. It is no different in that respect than any other serious conundrum we are faced with, or serious illness. And it can be resolved.

You too can have that knowledge and so help prevent or cure cancer both in practical terms and also in deeply spiritual ones.