Making a Remedy Through Imprinting

This way of making remedies has been used by many people for many years and it works as well as the physical remedies I prepare for you. If you find it useful, it can save you money and time on shipping!

To see the new scientific discoveries about water and how it records information, watch this video: Water

The remedy. When time is of the essence and you want to take a remedy at once for an existing symptom, you can create a remedy at home by information transference or imprinting. I will select a remedy and its potency and I will send you that information so that you can prepare it at home. The remedy works as well as any other remedy I send you.
There are two ways to do this:

    1. Paper remedy. Write the remedy name and potency on a piece of paper, exactly as it is written above, fold and carry in a pocket or on your person. That gives you a constant exposure to the remedy. To stop its action, take it off and leave somewhere else.

    2. Liquid remedy. If you want to take it orally, then place a cup of water on top of the paper with the remedy name and potency written on it exactly as I wrote them down. Or write it on a label and affix it on a dropper bottle or other container. In 3 hrs the remedy will be imprinted into the water. The contents will be full strength and the equivalent to getting a dropper bottle from me.

: It is best to use a disposable cup or bottle, as the remedy imprint will linger in it even when you wash it. You can also use an old dropper bottle from an old remedy. If you use an old remedy bottle, is important to boil it for 15 minutes before reusing, to remove traces of the previous remedy from it.

Dosage:  1 drop or one small sip is one dose. If you want to sip the remedy throughout the day, dilute it in water by putting 3 drops or 1/3 tsp. (if you have it in a jar) in a water bottle or glass of water, shake well and sip.

Attention: Do not sip your principal remedy! It is easy to forget when you have prepared it yourself, that it is a concentrated full strength remedy exactly like the ones I prepare for you.

Contact me if you want to try preparing all your remedies at home. Some clients prefer it to waiting for the mail especially in countries where mail often does not arrive.