Full CoRE Reading

A full CoRE reading is a biofeedback scan of your energy field, to find out the main causes for a problem with your health or life. What else is involved in a complex or baffling problem? Which solutions are the most useful ones for you and at this time? We identify all PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL issues related to your question.

Prediction of the future. Although I like to joke that a CoRE reading is better than any psychic reading, it is in many ways true. You can discover processes that are just arising and in a way this allows you a peek into your future as it is developing and before it has manifested physically. You will have proof of its accuracy when it actually does come to happen, confirming the advance notice you got with the CoRe reading.

Accuracy. As with any CoRe reading, the full reading is always accurate. Performing the analysis does not involve any interference from me (the operator). There are no probes or any form of physical measuring or input from your body or mine (all such manipulation can alter the results, one of the imperfections of all systems that rely on them). All results are specific to you and do not include the bias of the practitioner ( in this case, my bias).

Main issues

The full analysis can be focused on a specific issue / symptom or it can be all inclusive – about your general state of health and wellbeing.

Some popular questions people ask during a full CoRE reading are:

  • – What is my life purpose at this time?
  • – What are the main issues about my health?
  • – What is causing me health problems?

Most clients need an analysis to check for health problems. But it can also be used for an exploration of any problem that needs more clarity. For example, examining a decision in life or work from a few different angles, deciding on relocating or starting a new job/business, comparing certain options in life.

Advantages of a full reading

The main advantage of the full reading is that you receive more detailed and richer information about your questions. Several different angles are explored, compared and a pattern emerges that helps clarify the matter and in most cases, helps you make a decision for action.

Here are some of the issues we can look at:

OVERALL FOCUS. This is the theme most resonant with your overall life situation at this time. It tells us what forces or processes have been set in motion already. It is the central theme around which all other results will revolve and come together.

MAIN AREA OF CONCERN. In this first part of the analysis the complete CoRe database containing 100, 000 items, is scanned for the themes that are highly significant for you. The nature of the results will help us direct the rest of our investigation deeper and deeper into further detail.

PHYSICAL FACTORS. We check for physical symptoms or problems that you are already aware of… or not. It is good to know in advance if an organ is weakened already. Some old physical problems may still be causing you problems too. We check for toxicity, pathogens, hormones, supplements or nutrients you may need, immunity strength, and much more).

EMOTIONAL FACTORS. These may be the cause for current concerns or they may be an effect of present problems. Some are hidden beliefs or behavioral patterns you may not be conscious of. (Negative beliefs, dominant feelings, nature of life conflicts, emotions causing blockages or stagnation, reasons for certain mental and emotional issues like depression, lack of confidence and how to overcome them, etc.)

BELIEFS OR STATE OF MIND. Sometimes we have unconscious thoughts or beliefs that can cause us to be quite unrealistic about our life situation. This leads to poor decisions. Changing a negative state of mind can make it seem that life changed when all along it was just your perception that shifted.

MAIN SOURCE OF STRESS AT THIS TIME. Tells you which are in life is causing you the most stress (family, work, friends, health, etc)

LIFE PATH. We can also peek into a variety of issues related to life and work. For example, is it best to put more effort into family life or into work? What are some causes for our procrastination? What is blocking our progress in healing or life?

Solutions and Treatment

The reading itself will list some good solutions that are particularly in sync with you. This is a major benefit from biofeedback work, the opportunity to test a variety of possible solutions and see which one is actually the best one for you (as opposed to guessing or picking one that is too general.)

Here are some practical ways of transforming a reading into treatment:

  • ~ I can select for you remedies for heath improvement or emotional issues
  • ~ Or we can administer treatment through a series of biofeedback transmissions either with the results of the reading itself or with a set of selected affirmations, frequencies or other data that will create  positive change
  • ~ When the full reading is part of the Initial Consultation package, remedies and remote treatments with the CoRe are both offered.

Follow-up readings

After some time has passed, a second reading can be done to monitor progress or to identify new issues. It is good to compare it with the previous reading and in fact, the same parameters can be used to check and see if old issues were resolved.

Most clients are already in treatments so we do a quick analysis during a regular session and not a full analysis. You can always choose to have a quick follow-up analysis with your session or you can order one separately. For simple issues or questions, you can choose to have one of our short readings as a follow-up.

Cost: $150.00 for FULL CoRe analysis with written report

  • ~ Includes an overview of the main issue with all physical and emotional issues
  • ~ Optional 30-day remote treatment: $30.00
  • ~ Optional private session: add $100.00

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Each reading is on a specific topic including: Weight, Immunity, Relationships, Cosmic Love, Detox, Skin Problems, Allergies, Life Purpose, Business, Hormone Balance, Check out a Person or Venture.