Multiple Sclerosis

What Is MS?

Dynamic medicine does not consider Multiple Sclerosis a disease, but a condition resulting from deep and long-standing disturbances to our systems. These disturbances can be brought on by emotional and physical trauma from the past, or long-term exposure to toxic substances like mercury, fluoride, aluminum (found in deodorants and anti-perspirants), aspartame, etc. The causes and triggers for this autoimmune disorder, one of so many in our time, can vary greatly among individuals, so treatment is tailored specifically to every patient.

According to the observations and clinical experience of dynamic medicine for the past 200 years, and also based on our much newer findings in the areas of health, disease and the process of healing, many of today’s medical conditions are not true disease – hence the difficulty in finding a single cure.

There can be different triggers and root causes for the immune system to start acting in a self-destructive way. Part of it is based on the hereditary predisposition to such disorders, part of it is the accumulation of stress and trauma in life, part of it is a weak constitution easily impacted by the events in the person’s life.

Dynamic medicine addresses all of these areas. Our approach includes all the dietary recommendations and issues pertaining to lifestyle and regimen, and it takes a look at possible therapies to to promote healing and alleviate symptoms. Our aim is to not only strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself, but to cure in depth to remove the disease in its totality. If the body had that ability, we would never get sick. As it is, our body/immune system can make us sick with its natural attempts to remove disturbances (in an allergic reaction, for example).

The cause of the autoimmune disorder MS is much deeper and multi-faceted than can be covered by any single therapy or remedy – it needs to be addressed on all levels and over an extended period of time. As with any illness, the sooner MS is caught and treated, the better the results.

There is a rapidly progressive form of MS leading to paralysis and death in just a few years. The primary goal for treatment for this form of MS is to halt its development in order to buy time for a deeper approach to real long-lasting cure.

There is a more intermittent form of MS, which is characterized by periodic relapses with periods of complete normality in between. In these cases, the symptoms often occur at times of great emotional stress and reverse when the life stress abates. In some cases, there is progressive deterioration with each relapse. This form of MS is easier to treat due to the psycho-somatic link which is successfully addressed with dynamic medicine treatment.

There is also a sensory form of MS, which manifests mainly with sensory disturbances, especially numbness, of various parts of the body. Burning pains, tingling and swollen sensations are also common. Optic neuritis is a common herald of this form of MS. This form of MS is often wrongly diagnosed and may be just an early indication of an underlying disturbance whose cause dynamic medicibe can explore through its diagnostic techniques.

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MS Management

Dynamic Medicine

One of the first things to take into account is the stage of advancement of the disease in each individual. The more chronic the case, the longer treatment may take. In general, neurological deficits that have existed for one year or more will not easily resolve with treatment. In very advanced cases where the disease has invaded the physical body and permanent cell damage has resulted, the goal should be containment or a slowing of the progress of the disease.

Dynamic medicine applies therapy in 3 areas:

  • Regimen – nutrition/lifestyle
  • Mental/emotional blockages
  • Physical disturbances brought on by past trauma to the system, and iatrogenic diseases

Within the area of regimen we look at possible factors in the diet and lifestyle of the patient including removal of toxicity and/or building up the immune system and general physical health in order to allow the body’s own healing.

Dynamic medicine works best when the body is balanced and strong. Using our sequential approach for the removal of emotional and physical blockages created by past trauma, we address possible triggers, or causes, for this condition. This process may take up to a year or more of treatment as it involves a series of remedies given over a period of time, but improvement is experienced increasingly throughout this period of time.

Other therapies

There have been reports in both the popular and medical literature of cases of multiple sclerosis disappearing after removal of mercury amalgam fillings. However, the majority of multiple sclerosis patients will not notice significant improvement after such removals as not every person reacts to mercury with the same sensitivity.

Dietary recommendations include low fat diets, vegan diets and elimination of ingested toxins such as pesticides, aspartame, processed foods (MSG) and alcohol.

Supplements should include:

  • Coenzyme Q10 (90 mg. per day)
  • Primrose or flax seed oil (1 tsp. BID) or gamma-linoleic acid
  • Vitamin B complex (100 mg. complex including choline and inositol)
  • Vitamin A (up to 25,000 units per day)

Patients should exercise moderately, but it is best to avoid overheating. Thus, swimming is an excellent choice of exercise. Some new focus on the benefit of sunlight and vitamin D in the improvement of MS symptoms.

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Fish Oil and Gingko for MS

At last, conventional medicine is turning to nutrition for MS. At a recent meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, researchers presented findings that a very low fat diet (not more than 15 percent of daily calories) along with six capsules of fish oil had a significant reduction in the relapse rate as well as disease progression. Another study presented at the meeting, which was double-blinded and placebo-controlled, showed that gingko biloba (240 mg daily) had significant beneficial effect on memory, attention, and functioning, in addition to significant subjective improvements in the patients’ wellbeing. These fish oil findings, when combined with low dietary fat, are strikingly similar to the Swank diet, which eschewed all saturated fat and promoted intake of beneficial omega fatty acids. Such a diet, along with supplements, would naturally lead to a less inflammatory biochemistry in anyone! Reduced inflammation in the brain would translate to less destruction of the myelin sheath. Gingko has powerful antioxidant properties and circulatory benefits. No doubt, a combination of these would work even better:

  • Stop eating any toxic fats (heated, processed, trans-fatty acids)
  • Limit saturated fats from animal sources
  • Go heavy on food sources of omega-3, such as cold-water fish (consider the source for mercury content), walnuts, flax, green leafy vegetables, and hemp food sources

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Bowel toxicity

In order to restore balance to the bowel, the intestine must first be reorganized therapeutically and changed through nutrition (refer to the Related Readings list below for the Ashton F. Embry link). The toxic loads can be identified using darkfield microscopy and they can be removed through the treatment but also with specific detoxifying remedies.

  • Darkfield microscopy – or live blood analysis – is also offered at our clinic. It is a good diagnostic tool, which enables us to see the state of toxicity or depletion of the body at any given time. It also identifies specific problem areas and indicates how long the imbalance has been there.
  • Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST)
    NST is a technique for pain reduction through gentle touch. For more information, contact Judith Miller who practices NST in Ottawa.
  • Osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, massage and gentle exercise, yoga, etc. are all to be considered to promote relaxation and pain management while deeper treatment is done.

Medical drugs

There are basically three allopathic treatments used for MS: Corticosteroids, Adrenal Corticotropin Hormone (ACTH), and Interferon. All three of these treatments have serious side-effects and consequences.

The use of corticosteroids and ACTH have never been proven effective and many neurologists do not use this type of treatment at all. Interferon is the only clearly effective allopathic treatment for MS. Interferon will not interfere with the use of dynamic remedies (since the remedies are bio-energetic while the Interferon is bio-chemical, and there are no contraindications to using chemical drugs with dynamic medicines). However, it can make it difficult to know if the improvement in the patient is as a result of the remedy or the Interferon.

Dynamic medicine does not endorse the indiscriminate use of medical drugs, because generally they have undesirable disease effects, and they only work to suppress the symptoms and not to cure the cause. Yet we do not advise patients to stop any medication without medical consent due to the sometimes crucial need of medication to stabilize a rapidly progressing condition, or in circumstances where the drug is needed to sustain a person’s life. In such cases, treatment can still proceed along with any medication taken, and the patient can be weaned from the drugs at such a time as the patient is healthy enough to do so, and only under a doctor’s supervision.

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Latest research on possible triggers or causes of MS

  1. Vaccine effects:

    Vaccinations are a major cause/trigger for autoimmune disorders due to the high toxicity and the repeated exposure to toxic heavy metals through multiple immunizations.

    • Polio Vaccine:

      The tremendous reduction of paralysis from polio has seemed to parallel a rise in the incidence of multiple sclerosis in our culture. These epidemiological changes caused George Vithoulkas, one of the world’s most well-known healers, to speculate that the rise in multiple sclerosis is due to the polio vaccine.

    • Hepatitis B Vaccine:

      Bonnie Dunbar is a molecular biologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Her brother experienced multiple sclerosis-like symptoms following Hepatitis B vaccination.

  2. The MS Connection to ASPARTAME, NUTRASWEET© and MSG ingestion

    The following chronic illnesses can be triggered or worsened by ingesting aspartame:

    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Brain tumors
    • Epilepsy
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Alzheimer’s
    • Mental retardation
    • Lymphoma
    • Birth defects
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Diabetes

    “The frequency with which an erroneous diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was made in aspartame reactors deserves special attention. This is particularly true among weight-conscious young women who develop visual and neurologic problems while consuming considerable amounts of aspartame products.”

    H. J. Roberts, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.C.C.P.

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Healing is a voyage of self-discovery

Health is more than the absence of physical symptoms. Health is freedom to pursue our dreams, desires and interests, to become more fully who we are. Health is a balance within, a harmony at al levels of our being.

If we have fewer physical symptoms, but feel worse mentally and emotionally, this is a sign of the dis-ease going deeper. Many drugs simply suppress the symptoms so that we can ignore the body’s message. Symptoms are a sign that something is wrong, that we need to change our way of living, whether in terms of diet, hours and style of work, interests or relationships. We can ignore those symptoms, at the cost of more severe illness later on, or we can learn from them.

Healing is a process. It takes time because it takes us back on a journey through time. It does not mean that we must re-live the past, but only that we need to go back and heal old wounds, remove old blockages to our life force so we can be free to live a life without limitations.

Through this process, as we gain freedom from our dis-ease, we gain a greater appreciation of ourselves and the causes of that disease. We are better able to take steps to change our previous unhealthy style of living into a more healthy one. And our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, benefit from the journey to health.

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