Karmic Ties Reading

The Reading

Karma is the universal law of cause and effect that directs the soul’s life. Through our actions and decisions we create harmony or disharmony in our lives. Karma is the passing on of consequences from our actions in past lives into our future life.

There are people in our lives with whom we have been many lifetimes. Perhaps some of what happened between us back then colors the present relationship. Find out what those issues are. Bring in clarity into your present relationships in order to resolve past karma and move forward in harmony with your destiny.

The Report

This biofeedback reading will help you understand your connection to another person – your partner, parents, children, friend or anyone else:

  • – The nature of your relationship with them
  • – What will you gain from your involvement with this person?
  • – What are the lessons here for you – what needs to go?
  • – What is the conflict standing in the way of karma resolution?
  • – Solutions to the present situation so you can move forward

Most of the people we meet we share karma with. We are drawn to each other unconsciously and by the laws of destiny. Our soul evolves through its many lifetimes and experiences. We learn to play different roles and we help each other grow by providing both challenges and  support to each other as we meet time and again over the centuries.

It is crucial to know also that what we cultivate in this lifetime will give fruit in future ones. So even difficult situations that seem to have no solution in the present, will improve the next time around if we put all our effort into love and forgiveness now, in the present.