Dynamic Remedies

What are they?

Dynamic remedies are made vibrationally with the Inergetix-CoRe biofeedback system. They contain no chemical substance and are usually imprinted on purified water. They can also be transmitted at a distance, without contact to the client with the Inergetix technology.

The imprinting process causes water molecules to cluster in a particular pattern, engrafting the remedy information onto the water. Once taken orally, this particular pattern is passed on to our organism causing a reaction and restructuring there as well. This is a very simplistic explanation of a complex and as yet quite mysterious process.

How do they work?

A remedy transfers its information to our system as soon as we have contact with it. Its effects are observed as a change in the state of mind, emotions and physical body, usually noticed immediately after ingestion or, in the case of chronic disease, in a few days or weeks.

In our day and age, with all its stress and environmental impacts, we need to take the remedies repeatedly to create a stable improvement. Remedies can be taken in ascending potencies over a span of a few weeks or months to make changes permanent.

In chronic disease, a series of remedies will be used to achieve the desired results. This is because the longer we suffer from a disease, the more its effects spread to different organs and functions, making it hard to heal all of them at the same time.

In simple and acute conditions like first aid or infectious disease, remedies work quickly and effectively and seldom need to be taken for more than 5-6 doses.

How remedies are used at Real Medicine Clinic

Dynamic remedies are my tool of preference along with biofeedback and counseling.

I used them for the following:

  • For general balance of body and emotions.
  • To stimulate detoxification and to support the organs of elimination.
  • To prevent drug side effects, complications from medical procedures like x-rays, surgery, dental work or other interventions that debilitate your system.
  • To manage pain and acute symptoms until we heal them completely
  • To deal with emotional distress and boost energy
  • For grounding and too reduce stress
  • To help with sleeping problems


Remedies are absolutely safe for children, the elderly, weak people and even pets. They do not contain chemicals. Since they are entirely energy or informational in essence they can do no physical harm.

How To Take Your Remedies

Liquid dose

I prepare remedies for repeated use in liquid form in a 10-25 ml. dropper bottle.
One drop is ONE dose. Several drops or a dropper-full are also one dose. A drop a day is the average dose. For a stronger effect, repeat the drop 2-3 x day or if in acute discomfort – every few minutes (until you achieve desired results).

If you are taking more than one remedy daily, you can take them one after the other without waiting in between. Do not mix them together in a glass of water.

NOTE: Before taking your remedy, tap the bottle against the palm of your hand firmly 4-5 times to mix it well and energize it.


Sipping a diluted remedy allows you to take it repeatedly in ongoing situations without fear of aggravation. Put 3 drops into a water bottle or glass and stir well each time you take a small sip. Each sip is a dose. Repeat often for faster relief. Do not mix different remedies in the same glass.

No Restrictions

There are NO restrictions including food and drink. It is best to take remedies 10-15 min. before or after eating or drinking. Dhynaic remedies do not interact with medical drugs or herbs. You can take them with medication or supplements. They will not alter medical test results.

The remedies have no side effects. The only symptoms you may experience are those of your body healing: inflammation, phlegm, fever, stiffness and tiredness are all symptoms of your organism repairing itself and flushing out toxins and debris.


Store at least 2 feet away from any electrical appliances and magnets (microwave, cell phones, computers, etc.).