Immunity Reading


This is a reading focused on the strength of your immune systems and the factors affecting it at this time. It is a short and focused reading providing answers to basic but revealing questions about your overall physical strength.
Price: $99.00

What is Immunity?
The immune system is that field of energy, be it measurable or informational, which maintains health and protects the integrity of the organism. Immunity does not depend solely on the physical cells and tissues. There are many other forces at play.

You have learned that viruses, bacteria, and yeast attack your immune system and are the main cause of disease. It is quite the opposite – we consider them agents of healing. On the other hand, negative thoughts, false beliefs and life trauma, as well as inadequate nutrition and other poor lifestyle habits weaken the physical body and make it susceptible to disease.

Good immunity is the result of a healthy body and a balanced mind.

The Reading
A bio-feedback reading is a snapshot of the energy and informational patterns in your system. It senses areas in your bio-field that show unusual activity. It can also point to solutions that your body likes.

The Report
You will receive a written report with comments on the following:

– Find out the strength of your immune system and thymus gland.
– What are the main threats to your health today? Organ weakness, toxicity, stress?
– Are you susceptible to the flu?
– Which common solutions for health improvement are the best for YOU to try?

In addition, if you have had a flu shot, you will know which of the toxic components affected you the most, so that you can detoxify from them!

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Add a 30 day biofeedback treatment for $30 extra! Transform a problem into an improvement. Use the results of your reading to set up a 30-day energy balancing with the CoRE to act on this right away.
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