Weight Reading

Weight Reading

The Reading
This is a reading focused on the reasons for weight gain (or weight loss, anorexia, bulimia) and the factors affecting it at this time. It is a short and focused reading providing answers to basic but revealing questions about your physical and mental balance and how it affects metabolism in the body.

The Report
There can be many reasons to gain (or lose!) weight and not all are caused by poor diet and lifestyle. Plus, somebody else’s problem may not be on the top of your list. You will receive a written report with comments on the following:

– Find out which are your main weight gain/loss triggers: physical, mental or environmental.
–  How your core beliefs may be affecting your weight.
– Food ingredients that may be contributing to weight problems
– Life trauma that may have precipitated the problem?
–  What are the main risks to your health?
– And the solutions your inner intelligence likes best!

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Add a 30 day biofeedback treatment for $30 extra! Transform a problem into an improvement. Use the results of your reading to set up a 30-day energy balancing with the CoRE to act on this right away.
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