To choose the correct medicine, we first need to ask a simple question:

“What is the disease?”

You may be surprised that western medicine does not define disease, nor health. In fact, a leafing through a text on pathology you will quickly realize that the cause for almost all known “diseases” is…unknown!

This is a serious problem in therapy today, the lack of guidelines to properly identify a disease. Which may sound strange in times when there are so many disease names around. Almost any body function today has a syndrome label. But to describe symptoms (or what we perceive) does not mean we have identified the disease.

Yes, we have many “disease names” and no known cures to any of them. Why? Because they are not real diseases, just a description of a group of symptoms. So without knowing the actual disease, you can’t really find its cure.

Dynamic Medicine provides the most advanced understanding of what disease is, the different types of diseases and how to treat them successfully. It is the first system of medicine that perceived the difference between symptoms caused by lifestyle imbalances (and easily corrected) and symptoms caused by an actual disease.

Consider disease similar to a pregnancy. Once it has happened, it has to run its course. It is very definite and obvious. As opposed to a mere bloating of the stomach, you cannot be just a “little pregnant” and fix it with a dietary change. Like a pregnancy, every disease has a definite point of impregnation and a definite course of development over time.

Knowing the many causes of disease and how they express in symptoms and run over time, is crucial to finding a good solution that can eradicate the disease and restore health.

My tools of preference in dealing with disease are dynamic remedies and biofeedback therapy.  This is because they can work at a level at which disease functions. If we consider disease an energy distortion of our field, then we need a remedy that can access the field directly and correct the distortion.

Think of a computer. If disease is a computer virus, then once it infects the system, you can’t use your computer well anymore. A dynamic remedy or biofeedback treatment is like an anti-virus program. It targets the virus and disarms it. And you can use your computer again.

If we compare here nutrition and other balancing therapies to a truly curative approach like dynamic medicine, then once the computer is infected, doing just nutrition is like cleaning the screen and punching the buttons again and again in hopes to restore proper function. It won’t work.

Real Medicine for real disease

I use medicines in 4 different ways:

  1. As a crutch. To alleviate any existing symptoms – until such time as health is restored completely. This includes emotional issues.
  2. For cure of acute disease. In those cases of colds, flu, injuries or infections when the cause is recent and known. Dynamic medicine and CoRe therapy works immediately and brings quick relief in acute cases, including post-traumatic stress and the effects of loss or violence in life.
  3. Disease elimination. For the permanent elimination of disease and chronic conditions. Since the cause is usually deeper and rooted in a past event, Sequential Therapy is most useful for he removal of past trauma.
  4. Post-trauma aid. This is a wonderful and little known tool that we all need to know in our day and age.  Surgery, dental work, x-rays, vaccinations, medical tests and procedures – all of these and more can cause injury to the body and long-term after-effects. With a few doses of dynamic remedies such problems can be avoided. It is easy, efficient and completely safe for anyone to apply and use at home. Best done right after the event.


Hereditary diseases (miasms)

There are two important things to know about hereditary disease:

  1. Your genes do not define your future. Today the genetic cause of disease is much contested. In fact, science shows that the body can create new genes when subjected to extreme mental or physical stress. Read the work of Bruce Lipton, also on YouTube: “The Biology of Belief”.
  2. You do get born with a certain predisposition to disease that is passed on from your parents and ancestors. It can be cancelled out using dynamic remedies. This will help you avoid future diseases based on heredity.
  3. Many of today’s chronic diseases are but a flare-up of such hereditary weaknesses and not a separate disease. Arthritis, colitis, mental disease, chronic skin problems can indicate an activated hereditary disease and until it is cancelled out the conditions cannot be cured completely.

Our heredity pre-disposes us to manifest disease in a way specific to our make-up and family history. We use remedies following a specific protocol to remove the inherited miasms that make us susceptible to disease in our life.



Dynamic remedies can also be applied to prevent disease like childhood infectious diseases (instead of regular vaccine shots), for travel protection, jet lag, sports, radiation, and many other areas where potentially damaging exposure is expected. In our day and age when vaccination is the only official form of prevention, it is not good enough. Vaccines are dangerously toxic and years of use have shown little efficacy (there are piles of studies proving that). With dynamic medicine, you get the effect, without the toxic shock.

There are many other factors taken into account when we choose a treatment for your condition, but the above are some of the major areas of application of medicine in the program.