Cosmic Love Reading

The Reading

We all have the capacity to receive Cosmic Love, the energy from the Universe that is readily available for all. And yet sometimes we shut down and close ourselves off, unable to allow it to come in again.

This is a reading for all those who feel stuck in life, either unable to move in the desired direction or totally lost and “out of it”. A peek into the influences that keep you spinning in one spot will help you get going again.

This is also a useful reading for those who want to see the nature of any subtle blockages preventing them from performing a task or achieving a goal.

The Report

First of all, you want to check and see if you are actually open to receiving at all! What is your capacity to receive Universal energy?

– You will discover which blocks are preventing you from feeling fully alive or achieving your goals.
– Past traumas, which are still causing blockages: Once a sudden and shocking event hits us, it can take time to understand and let go of the ramifications and the emotional hurts. In some cases, past trauma can cause chronic blockages at some level, making it hard to use our full capacity.
Which Chakras are in need of balancing? The chakras are energy centers in our body.
– Core beliefs causing blockages: A core belief is a deep assumption about life which is not true and which may be causing tension in your life and the way you relate to people.
– Which ego traits from your shadow side are preventing you from opening up to the flow of divine love?
– How can you increase your capacity to receive Cosmic Love?

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Add a 30 day biofeedback treatment for $30 extra! When you are able to see the patterns and influences that apply to your life, consider using the CoRe to set up a series of energy boosting transmissions to help solidify the positive and move you forward in the desired direction. Price: $129.00

Are you in sync with your Higher Self?

In spiritual teachings it is said that what man suffers is the result of the planning of his own Higher Self. Suffering is seen as a nudge to “wake up” to our spiritual and soul mission here on earth, and it is believed that our soul itself, in its yearning for growth and evolution, creates the hurdles that once overcome, will bring us to the desired results – more peace and inner growth.

On the other hand, joy and happiness are a result of Grace, a gift from Higher Powers to us, which is given to us based on pure love and not based on our achievements. So we don’t earn brownie points in our life – nothing that we do will be rewarded with joy and happiness – it is a free gift, bestowed on all. Of course, as we evolve and purify our selves, we get to experience more bliss than if we are stuck and unwilling to move forward anymore.

With the CoRe you can discover which very specific issues are important for you at this time, some to be overcome, others to be understood and accepted or transformed into their positive counterpart. All this can be done though further learning and the process can be sped up with dynamic and frequency remedies, which are the most advanced form of therapy in our times.

Sequential Therapy can help you neutralize the adverse effects of past trauma in your life, while at the same time keeping you grounded in the present moment so that you can make good choices for yourself at every step of the way. 

Cosmic Love Report and 30 day energy flow support: $129.00