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Stomach bloating.
Frequent flu symptoms in 2 1/2 year old child.
Treatment for brain tumor?
My baby does not sleep through the night.
I have the same remedy at home, can I take it? 
Dynamic medicine for arthritis.

Q: I am constantly bloated, why did the remedy stop working?

Bloating has to do with “indigestible conflicts” in life, e.g. something that bothers you and you can’t solve. In this case you are dealing with past trauma that is still in need to be processed and cleared (with remedies) AND the bloating itself, which is so upsetting to you and has now become a new “indigestible issue”.

So  your mind detects this PROBLEM and sends signals to the body to FIX IT. Your  distress causes signals to be sent to the stomach and in its turn it re-doubles its efforts to fix itself, causing extra bloating in the process. It is a vicious circle that has to be broken first in the thinking and then in the physical body.

The remedies do this artificially for you – sending soothing messages to the mind. At first it works like a charm because the remedy is fresh and your body was happy to relax. Over time, as your body resumed its purging and detoxification, it brought up some bloating again. And THAT caused your mind to zoom in once more and resume emergency signals, which “upset” the stomach again.

It does not  matter what is the nature of your “indigestible conflict” – it will hit the stomach and intestine and cause upsets there. The trick is to stop focusing on it so much and take a new remedy to facilitate healing.

Q: Frequent flu symptoms in 2 1/2 year old child.

My son is 2 1/2 years old. He eats (I think) a healthy diet most of the time including variety of fruits, milk, juices, rice and bread. He is a very active kid too. He sleeps well and has not bowl or urine issues. However he gets flu like conditions every 1-3 months. Runny nose, temperature rising to 38 degrees C and sometimes cough and then it takes him 3-7 days to recover. I am not sure what causes it. It could be allergy or something else. Is this normal for some kids to have? Is there any treatment we can use to overcome this problem?

A: Since your child seems to be otherwise healthy, then you are looking at an irritant that stresses his system from time to time. These are 3 typical problems for babies and young children:

1. Vaccine toxicity – the #1 problem at his age are the many complex vaccinations given frequently in the first months of life. At this age, if you vaccinated him, he must have had already 5-6 visits to the doctor for regular shots, with 1-3 needles given all on the same day, with a combined number of vaccines up to 7-8 different ones on the same day sometimes.

Most children suffer from a depressed immune system as a result and start getting sick not from viruses but from the toxic components in the vaccines and the fright and pain of the repeated needles.

2. Antibiotic use. The first reaction to vaccine toxicity is usually a rash and fever. Soon after colds and earaches develop. Those are treated with antibiotics and here we have the second reason for a weak immune system – frequent use of antibiotics. If those were not used much for your son, then you are lucky, he will be stronger. Antibiotics sterilize the body to the point where it cannot function properly and is prone to any infection that comes along. Plus, candida develops in the gut and elsewhere, causing additional weakening of the defenses in the body.

3. Stress. The third prominent cause for repeated flu-like symptoms is emotional distress. If the home environment is not calm, if there is too much change, if the baby misses the mother or is at daycare or people come and go all the time, causing tension all around,a child will respond physically with behavior or health problems.

The flu symptoms and fever are not the problem – they are just a natural defense of the body. High fever triggers production of white blood cells to fight viruses and bacteria in the body – the heat will cook the microbes and viruses. The phlegm will flush out dead matter (bacteria, cells, toxins), so that also should not be suppressed, but alleviated only.

An excellent book on all childhood problems is one by the late Dr. Mendelsohn: “How To Raise a Healthy Child Inspite of Your Doctor”. He was a brilliant pediatrician and all parents of young children should get a copy! In there you will find many more answers like mine above – about much more too.

There are many remedies for flu/cold symptoms, but to choose the right one we need more detailed symptoms and causation. There are many excellent home prescribers listing the main remedies and the signs of when to use one or another.   Back to top>

Q: Treatment for brain tumor?

My sister had a brain tumor which was removed with surgery a month ago. The doctors want her to have chemotherapy and radiation, but we heard that holistic treatment is better and safer

A: Dynamic remedies can help shrink a tumor, and so can biofeedback treatment.

Dynamic remedies can help shrink a tumor. And so can biofeedback treatment with the CoRe. Recently a baby girls was born with a large brain tumor considered untreatable by mainstream medicine. She was sent home to die, but the parents took her for a series of biofeedback treatments that shrunk the tumor.

A tumor in the brain is part of a healing process of the brain tissue. It has to be helped to resolve, of course, to avoid complications, but it is important to view it as part of a healing happening in the brain, and not as a disease.

When cut out, a brain tumor can regrow and sometimes a second one may appear. This happens when the tumor was removed before healing of the affected brain tissue was complete. In that case, the body increases its efforts to heal and produces another tumor. To prevent this from happening, you may want to take dynamic remedies.

Chemo and radiation are carcinogenic and may give rise to more tumors in the brain and in other parts of the body. They also weaken the body, cause further disease and poisoning, minimizing the chances of the person to heal properly – they simply run out of resources and strength to recover. In my opinion, chemo and radiation are dangerous and should be avoided. They are not a cure and the survival rate after such interventions is very low – 3-5% is the official rate of survival from chemotherapy.

After surgery, she will need remedies to recover and also to heal the brain where surgery was performed. One remedy she can take is Arnica in the 30C or 200C potency. There are others too, but a professional therapist can help you with that.  Back to top>

Q: My baby does not sleep through the night. Are there remedies that can help?

My 9 mo. old baby is not sleeping through the night. He wakes and cries. I have tried everything. He has slept with me since he was born. I tried the cry it out method, then sleeping in the same room with him while he was in the crib. Nothing works, except nursing him – sometimes. He has taken to arching his back backwards and will flail and hit me.

A: Yes, there are many remedies that can help your child.

This may be an adverse reaction to vaccines causing neurological or digestive problems in some babies. Vaccines are given very soon after birth, so if your baby was affected, he would not have slept much all along.

BUT! If you did not vaccinate (good for you!), then here are some very important considerations:

1) Babies do not sleep through the night. Parents believe that babies SHOULD sleep through the night, but it is simply not so, especially for breastfed ones. If you put your baby in bed at 9 pm, then waking in the early morning hours means he IS sleeping through the night.
 Feed him and he will fall asleep right away again.

2) Babies grow so fast that their hunger increases all the time. We cannot say they should not be hungry! So if you fail to notice his increasing need for food, you may feed him too little and he will wake hungry again sooner. Just make a note to feed well at bedtime next time. Once the growth spurt stabilizes you will have peace again (usually in 1-2 days).

3) Anger is a sign of acute discomfort. If baby was not vaccinated and has no health problems, then he is upset. Babies who are MAD will arch and flail once they get going. Most probably he still wants to sleep with mommy (because she started it and now she wants to do anything but sleep with him), but to just be in the same room is not the same as being close where he can hear her heart beat.

When we fail to figure out what to do, all the attempts we make to fix the problem can add up and cause even greater fear and anger that can escalate into a huge event every night. Try bringing him back into your bed.

4) If the nursing works generally, but not all the time, then he may be getting too worked up to nurse, even though that is what he wants and because he is mad he can’t and it makes it worse. Responding promptly to his needs will avoid things getting out of hand. Back to top>

Q: I have the same remedy at home, can I take it?

A: If the remedy you have at home is in the same potency as the one I selected for you, then it is OK to take it. If not, it is best to not try a different potency. The potency of a remedy creates a specific effect and different potencies can have the opposite effect. For example, a lower potency of a remedy may have a stimulating effect, whereas a higher potency may have a suppressive one.

Taking the wrong potency can render a remedy ineffective or may cause an aggravation of symptoms. Back to top>

Q: Can your treatment help with pain in the left shoulder radiating to the neck and also elbow and wrist pain, arthritis in the joints?

A: There are way too many remedies for rheumatism than you can pick from, so I would need more details to choose one that is best for you.

If the arthritis is chronic, it will need a few months of treatment with a series of remedies to obtain a permanent solution. What starts at first as a simple problem usually gets complicated and spreads to other areas, so all of that has to be assessed and reversed with the use of remedies, exercises and herbal or supplement solutions.

Most bone/joint/muscle pain is caused by self-devaluation conflicts – a situation in which the person feels too weak to deal with it. Elbows are about performance, for example in sports or at work. Hands and fingers are also about work or an activity that requires dexterity. When something happens in life and the person feels suddenly unable to cope or keep up with the demands, a weakness in the bones or joints ensues.

Healing can only begin once the conflict is resolved. Joints are fixed through regeneration of cells and tissues, and this happens with inflammation and pain – diagnosed as “arthritis”. Arthritis is actually a good sign that your body has initiated healing and should be encouraged with remedies and therapies.

The problem becomes chronic when anti-inflammatory drugs are used to suppress and slow down healing of the tissues. Another reason for chronic arthritis is the recurrence of similar issues to the initial self-devaluation conflict, on and on in life, keeping the person constantly feeling “not good enough” and cycling through joint weakness and arthritis.

The arthritis itself can impede good quality use of the hands and arms, which can also induce a sense of self-devaluation, a secondary crisis this time caused by the healing process (arthritis is a healing process).

To cure long-term arthritis you also have to see what is the life situation causing this constant distress not just in the body but also in the mind. Most people don’t consider this, so they try to heal only the body in order to continue living in a difficult situation. Unfortunately this is not possible – hence the lack of “cure” for arthritis.

Dynamic therapy can help healing happen better and faster, but if there is a strong emotional component, then that too has to be taken care of or she will always have a tendency toward joint pain.

Nutrition and proper exercise needs to be also looked at to rule out nutrient deficiencies like magnesium or calcium. Also, arthritis pain could be caused by some other condition or by a pinched nerve in the spine or neck. In that case, we are dealing with a different problem.Back to top>