24/7 Energy Therapy

After testing this new approach on several different cases, I am now offering it to everyone who needs some extra hand-holding, support, boost, crisis prevention or resolution – either during a particularly difficult time or because of constant changes that have to be chased around with remedies or therapies without much resolution.

This approach makes use of the powerful healing technology of Inergetix CoRe and the fact that it can be set up to work for you in very precise and easy to adjust ways.

What is it?How does it work? • Who needs 24/7 Treatment • Examples • To order

What is the 24/7 Therapy?

This is a 30-day therapy of constant treatment and monitoring of your needs as they fluctuate. It consists of the remote transmission of healing frequencies directly to your system, via new biofeedback technology. Similar to the distance treatment I offer to all my clients, where I program daily transmissions of their healing remedies, this treatment also involves distance healing, but the specific treatments are monitored daily and adjusted to match your changing needs as we go.

How does it work?

It works the same as all other biofeedback remote treatments do. In this case, we have both a testing of your energy needs and a selection and transmission of specific vibrational rates that are then put into the CoRe system and sent out to you continuously 24 hours a day for 30 days.

Your system is able to detect and receive the treatment and as it does so, it adjusts any mis-alignment of your own energy flow, bringing it back to balance. As a result, any deviations from a healthy vibratory state are caught and corrected before they are able to really distort your field.
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Who needs this type of therapy?

Crisis. This approach can be applied on its own or in addition to your usual treatment with me. I have found it useful in cases where the person is in intense crisis, time is of the essence, and we need to do something to help healing proceed without interruption, to help them use up all the healing energy their body is able to produce in spite of outer interventions or stress.

Sensitivity. Sometimes, very sensitive people cannot respond to the usual therapy and treatment has to go very slowly if they are to b able to handle it. With a 24/7 support their system is constantly supported so that they can benefit from regular treatment fully and without reactions.

Crazy energy. People whose energy is constantly up and down can use this method to regulate proper energy flow and teach their body to manage its energy ebb and flow cycles in a rhythmic way.

Protection. In cases where there is constant irritation from the environment (as in toxicity, allergens, emotional stress, constant medical procedures, frequent changes in life that are upsetting – as in traveling or dealing with school or work changes, etc.) – the 24/7 Treatment can provide protection and at the end of the stressful period, you will be not only unscathed, but actually even better than when you started.

Transition. In times of change (new job, important move, menopause, loss of loved one..new life)  to smooth over the transition, a bit of a buffer to help you anticipate and deal with unexpected situations, to release the anxiety, to give you energy to move forward.

These treatments are not only meant to help you get though a crisis or deal with an irritant but because they actually follow your own energy patterns and needs, they reinforce the natural cycles of your body, improving anything that may have been a little off to begin with.

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Some examples from real cases

~ Brain tumor reduction~ in the case of a newborn baby with brain tumor, hydrocephalus and a shunt inserted from brain to abdomen, this 24/7 treatment was provided in addition to daily healing therapy. The purpose was to help the baby heal faster and to prevent constant medical tests and surgeries to fix the shunt. Result: within a month, doctors established that miracles had happened: the shunt stopped getting blocked, the brain started regenerating tissue and creating new pathways, the skull had shrunk, the fluid in the brain had reduced.

~ Autistic boy at summer camp~ This 18 year old teen was to spend a month at summer camp for children with special needs. The camp was expensive and the problem was that if he were to act inappropriately, he could be sent home, causing distress to the whole family and financial loss. A 24/7 treatment was applied for the duration of the camp and aside from a small incident, the boy had a great time and was much praised for his conduct.

~ Tourette’s syndrome ~ A 5 year old boy with Tourette’s syndrome was going through a stressful time in his life and all his old symptoms which had abated after regular Sequential Treatment, were returning. This caused much disruption at school and concern at home. After 1 month of 24/7 treatment he barely had any tics and his treatment proceeded in a more stable way.

~ Cancer patient in crisis ~ A 46 year old woman healing from post-chemo therapy, suddenly had a crisis and ended up in hospital. The doctors were unable to help her so they sent her home to die. The family gathered in prayer and for last goodbyes. As a last resort, I began 24/7 treatment to support her and alleviate her condition. She improved and lived a few more days. Unfortunately, she was given morphine and after starting to take it, she did not wake up anymore. Back to top↑

To order a 30-day 24/7 energy treatment

Regular clients can order a 24/7 Treatment at any time. Cost: $199

All other clients can do so by contacting me for a short evaluation and discussion of your needs and the results you would like to have. You will receive an intake form to fill out (basic health and medical information). Cost: $249.00