Cancer Prevention Program

For those who know that cancer runs in the family and may be worried about the possibility of contracting breast cancer at some point. I highly recommend prevention. In fact, most of the work I do with clients is preventive, even when we are treating already existing symptoms.

Here is how it works:

1- Dealing with the fear of cancer. First of all, I teach you to understand cancer in a way that takes away the hear. Mostly we are afraid of cancer because we don’t understand why it appears and what to do about it. We believe that the causes are unknown and that there is no treatment for it. This is not true.

2- Learning the real causes for breast cancer is prevention enough. There are simple and easy to understand principles explaining the appearance of tumors on the breast. German New Medicine describes in great detail the process of growth and elimination of a tumor. It is a biological process and has a logic to it, as everything in nature does. Finding the triggers in your own life can help you eliminate them before they have been activated to the point of causing a tumor to appear.

3- Weeding out past exposure to carcinogenic trauma. The cancer process itself is the same for every person, but the life events that trigger it, the beliefs that fuel our life crises and the reasons for our reactions in such a way that we create a tumor, those differ from one woman to another. We focus on your individual experience and make sure that all past events that qualify to create future cancer, are eradicated from your body.

4. Neutralizing hereditary disease. If you do have family members who have had cancer and it runs in your family, then the Cancer Prevention Program will offer solutions for that as well. There is a way to neutralize the genetic disposition to disease. Together with solid education on cancer and a knowledge of your own issues and how to keep them in check, you should not be worried about cancer ever again.

I do not fear cancer

Since I have had years to investigate and learn all I could about cancer and its treatment, I have lost my fear of this disease. It is treatable. It has a purpose and a benefit to it (as attest all survivors who have managed to transform their lives as a result of cancer).

You can lose the fear as well. But to do that the time is BEFORE you actually find a cancer in your body. Once you do get diagnosed, time shrinks, you are in crisis, our mind stops working and everything takes on an urgency that does not allow for any research and learning to happen – it is too late for that.

Knowledge Is Crucial

Many people change their diet, avoid known toxins, live a healthy lifestyle and … still get cancer. So there was something  missing. This yet another reason why people fear cancer  – it is so hard to predict who and when it will strike.

With this program you not only learn to care for your physical health better, but you also learn about and eradicate your own particular triggers for cancer.

Cancer is a significant biological program in nature. There is nothing mysterious about cancer. It is an adaptive or compensatory mechanism in your body, one used to respond to changes in the environment. A tumor is the result of this adaptive mechanism working overtime. And an indication of a deeper inner conflict.

Once the reason for this reaction in the body (the cancer) is addressed, your body has also built-in mechanisms to dismantle and eliminate the tumor mass. In fact, there are many useful therapies that have all successfully destroyed and eliminated tumors from the body. So that is not really the problem when one knows about the therapies – you just choose one you like.

The problem is when we can’t stop stressing out. When our mind continuously sends signals of distress to our body, it forces our body to react physically. One such reaction may produce a tumor. The key then is to stop the signals from coming. In other words, changing your thinking will reduce the stress and stop the alarm bells. And then your body will let go of the tumor.

What We Will Be Doing

Investigation. First I will investigate your health background, present stress factors and personality characteristics and evaluate them in relation to the typical issues causing breast cancer. I will use German New Medicine, CoRE biofeedback analysis and a series of sessions to put together the complete picture and see what we have to work with.

Sessions. Once we know what the main focus is to be, a strategy is created to eradicate the main problems in a series of treatments involving personal sessions, remedies and biofeedback balancing treatments. Sessions are usually grouped by 3 with a smaller goal identified for each group of 3 sessions.

Remedies. All remedies will be selected based on your particular needs and will be updated every month. This is a very fast process during which you will see many benefits to your health you did not even expect.

The focus of my work is to educate, eradicate damage from past trauma and clear up hereditary tendencies, to make sure that at the end of therapy you no longer have to worry about taking remedies or about disease striking.

You will be well equipped to deal with any health issues once you know what they are about, what symptoms mean, and which therapies you can use to deal with them easily at home, rather than run to the doctor all the time.