Breast Cancer Programs

A choice of 3 full treatment programs for the prevention and treatment of cancer:
1. Cancer Prevention
2. Cancer Treatment
3. Cancer Recovery

More women are being diagnosed with breast cancer, than with any other cancer, today. Obviously, there is a need for alternative solutions since modern oncology is as stumped as ever to what causes cancer and still cannot find a cure.

Alternative cures for cancer have been known and used for the past 100 years with great results and none of the horrible damage to the body that chemo and radiation cause.

REAL choice. My 3 Breast Cancer Programs offer a choice to women who want to heal naturally.  I felt there were no clear alternatives for a woman who does not want to undergo chemo, radiation or aggressive testing and surgery, but still wants a solid treatment program.

REAL prevention. The greatest benefit is for those women who don’t want to get breast cancer at all. My approach eliminates the known triggers for breast cancer, detoxifies the body from known carcinogens, while at the same time building up natural resilience.

REAL insight into cancer. To be able to face a life crisis without fear you need to understand it better. I am comfortable with cancer because I understand it and I know how to deal with it naturally. I have no fear of it. But  this is a result of years of learning and experience. I offer the fruits of this long journey, now that I understand how and why so many women have problems with their body and in particular with their breasts.

Without a good grasp on why we get cancer and how to deal with it, it will be too late to try to figure it out once you get a breast lump and a diagnosis. The fear and panic that ensues, fueled by doctors and loved ones, creates a crisis in your life. And nobody can think straight or learn new things in a crisis. The only real prevention of disease is through knowledge and courage.

For other types of cancer, send me your questions by  email or phone.

3 Breast Cancer Programs

Prevention Program

My advice to all those who care about their health later in life – start here! Don’t wait until you are sick already and time is of the essence. Take a few simple measures to make sure you do not end up in a crisis. Read more»

Treatment Program

This Program is offered to women who have decided to not use traditional medicine for the treatment of breast cancer. It will not work in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation or other medical interventions and drugs. Read more»

Recovery Program

To speed up recovery after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. This program offers gentle yet deep detoxification, restoration of organ function, prevention of post-surgery complications and prevention of cancer recurrence. Read more»